HARASS: Synonyms and Related Words. What is Another Word for HARASS?

Need another word that means the same as “harass”? Find 33 synonyms and 30 related words for “harass” in this overview.

The synonyms of “Harass” are: beset, chevvy, chevy, chivvy, chivy, harry, hassle, molest, plague, provoke, pester, badger, hound, torment, bedevil, persecute, bother, annoy, exasperate, worry, disturb, trouble, agitate, vex, attack repeatedly, raid, press hard, beleaguer, set upon, assail, maraud, ravage, oppress

Harass as a Verb

Definitions of "Harass" as a verb

According to the Oxford Dictionary of English, “harass” as a verb can have the following definitions:

  • Make repeated small-scale attacks on (an enemy.
  • Annoy continually or chronically.
  • Exhaust by attacking repeatedly.
  • Subject to aggressive pressure or intimidation.

Synonyms of "Harass" as a verb (33 Words)

agitateCause to be agitated excited or roused.
They agitated for a reversal of the decision.
annoyCause annoyance in disturb especially by minor irritations.
A gallant Saxon who annoyed this Coast.
assail(of an unpleasant feeling or physical sensation) come upon (someone) suddenly and strongly.
The Scots army assailed Edward s army from the rear.
attack repeatedlyBegin to injure.
badgerRepeatedly ask (someone) to do something; pester.
Journalists badgered him about the deals.
bedevil(of a person) torment or harass.
Projects like this are bedevilled by a shortage of cash.
beleaguerAnnoy persistently.
Our leaders decided to beleaguer the city.
besetAnnoy continually or chronically.
I was beset by clouds of flies.
botherCause annoyance in; disturb, especially by minor irritations.
He wasn t to bother himself with day to day things.
chevvyAnnoy continually or chronically.
chevyAnnoy continually or chronically.
chivvyTell (someone) repeatedly to do something.
An association which chivvies government into action.
chivyAnnoy continually or chronically.
disturbInterrupt the sleep, relaxation, or privacy of.
Take the rollers out carefully so as not to disturb the curls too much.
exasperateExasperate or irritate.
This futile process exasperates prison officers.
harryPersistently harass.
He is known to harry his staff when he is overworked.
hassleHarass; pester.
You want to sit and relax and not get hassled.
houndHarass, persecute, or pursue relentlessly.
She was hounded by the Italian press.
maraudRaid and plunder (a place.
War parties crossed the river to maraud.
oppressCause to suffer.
He was oppressed by some secret worry.
persecuteHarass or annoy (someone) persistently.
His followers were persecuted by the authorities.
pesterAnnoy persistently.
She constantly pestered him with telephone calls.
plagueCause to suffer a blight.
He has been plagued by ill health.
press hardAsk for or request earnestly.
provokeEvoke or provoke to appear or occur.
Her behavior provoked a quarrel between the couple.
raidConduct a raid on.
T Boone Pickens raided many large companies.
ravageCause extensive destruction or ruin utterly.
The hurricane ravaged southern Florida.
set uponUrge to attack someone.
tormentTorment emotionally or mentally.
He was tormented by jealousy.
troubleTake the trouble to do something concern oneself.
My legs started to trouble me.
vexMake (someone) feel annoyed, frustrated, or worried, especially with trivial matters.
Thou shalt not vex a stranger.
worry(of a dog) chase and attack (livestock, especially sheep.
There was no need to worry her.

Usage Examples of "Harass" as a verb

  • Harass the enemy.
  • Being harassed at work can leave you feeling confused and helpless.
  • The squadron's task was to harass the retreating enemy forces.
  • This man harasses his female co-workers.

Associations of "Harass" (30 Words)

afflictCause great unhappiness for; distress.
She was afflicted by the death of her parents.
annoyCause annoyance in disturb especially by minor irritations.
The decision really annoyed him.
beleaguerCause problems or difficulties for.
He attempts to answer several questions that beleaguer the industry.
besetSurround and harass.
Springy grass all beset with tiny jewel like flowers.
bloomingInformal intensifiers.
I didn t learn a blooming thing.
He marries Edgar s sister Isabella and cruelly ill treats her.
distressBring into difficulties or distress especially financial hardship.
She was the classic maiden in distress.
disturbDestroy the peace or tranquility of.
I am disturbed by the document I have just read.
harryPersistently carry out attacks on (an enemy or an enemy’s territory.
He is known to harry his staff when he is overworked.
importunateExpressing persistant and earnest entreaty.
Importunate creditors.
intenselyWith extreme force or strength.
She has the ability to concentrate intensely for long periods.
irkIrritate; annoy.
It irks her to think of the runaround she received.
irritableCapable of responding to stimuli.
The seeds have been reputed to help conditions such as irritable bladder.
irritateMake (someone) annoyed or a little angry.
Sprays and polishes can irritate dry sensitive skin.
nagA person who nags someone.
He s always nagging at her for staying out late.
nettleUsed in names of other plants with leaves of a similar appearance to those of the nettle e g dead nettle.
I was only asking Jess said nettled.
offendCause to feel upset, annoyed, or resentful.
Those activities which offend against public order and decency.
oppressCause distress or anxiety to.
The government oppresses political activists.
peeveAn annoyed or irritated mood.
Another peeve of mine is these so called reality shows.
persecuteCause to suffer.
No one should be persecuted for their religious beliefs.
persistentlyIn a persistent manner; continuously.
The rules are persistently flouted.
pesterAnnoy persistently.
She constantly pestered him with telephone calls.
ragGive a decorative effect to a painted surface by applying paint typically of a different colour with a rag.
The deputy ragged the Prime Minister.
ravageActs of destruction.
The hurricane ravaged southern Florida.
rileMake (someone) annoyed or irritated.
He has been riled by suggestions that his Arsenal future is in doubt.
teaseBackcomb (hair) in order to make it appear fuller.
I used to tease her about being so house proud.
throesViolent pangs of suffering.
He convulsed in his death throes.
tormentA feeling of intense annoyance caused by being tormented.
The journey must have been a torment for them.
vexMake (someone) feel annoyed, frustrated, or worried, especially with trivial matters.
A vexing problem.
vexationThe act of troubling or annoying someone.
The vexations of life under canvas.

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