INSANITY: Synonyms and Related Words. What is Another Word for INSANITY?

Need another word that means the same as “insanity”? Find 21 synonyms and 30 related words for “insanity” in this overview.

The synonyms of “Insanity” are: madness, insaneness, dementia, dementedness, lunacy, instability, loss of reason, folly, foolishness, foolhardiness, idiocy, stupidity, imbecility, asininity, silliness, senselessness, thoughtlessness, irrationality, illogicality, absurdity, ridiculousness

Insanity as a Noun

Definitions of "Insanity" as a noun

According to the Oxford Dictionary of English, “insanity” as a noun can have the following definitions:

  • The state of being seriously mentally ill; madness.
  • Extreme foolishness or irrationality.
  • Relatively permanent disorder of the mind.

Synonyms of "Insanity" as a noun (21 Words)

absurdityThe quality or state of being ridiculous or wildly unreasonable.
Duncan laughed at the absurdity of the situation.
asininityThe quality of being asinine; stupidity combined with stubbornness.
dementednessMental deterioration of organic or functional origin.
dementiaMental deterioration of organic or functional origin.
follyA stupid mistake.
An act of sheer folly.
foolhardinessThe trait of giving little thought to danger.
foolishnessA stupid mistake.
Adjusting to an insane society is total foolishness.
idiocyExtremely stupid behaviour.
The idiocy of decimating yew forests.
illogicalityInvalid or incorrect reasoning.
imbecilityRetardation more severe than a moron but not as severe as an idiot.
insanenessObsolete terms for legal insanity.
instabilityUnreliability attributable to being unstable.
She showed increasing signs of mental instability.
irrationalityThe state of being irrational; lacking powers of understanding.
The sheer irrationality of continuing a policy doomed to failure.
loss of reasonSomething that is lost.
lunacyObsolete terms for legal insanity.
Such an economic policy would be sheer lunacy.
madnessThe state of having a serious mental illness.
Poetry is a sort of divine madness.
ridiculousnessThe quality or state of deserving or inviting derision or mockery.
I recognize the sheer ridiculousness of being afraid of something the size of my thumbnail.
senselessnessTotal lack of meaning or ideas.
sillinessAn impulsive scatterbrained manner.
Children will love the sheer silliness of the enterprise.
stupidityA poor ability to understand or to profit from experience.
A comedy of infantile stupidity.
thoughtlessnessThe trait of not thinking carefully before acting.

Usage Examples of "Insanity" as a noun

  • He suffered from bouts of insanity.
  • It might be pure insanity to take this loan.
  • The insanities of our time.

Associations of "Insanity" (30 Words)

amokWildly frenzied and out of control.
berserkFrenzied as if possessed by a demon.
A man went berserk with an arsenal of guns.
certifiableCapable of being guaranteed or certified.
It is possible that he will have to return to hospital but at the moment he is not certifiable.
crazy(of an angle) appearing absurdly out of place or unlikely.
The monument leant at a crazy angle.
daftInfatuated with.
Don t ask such daft questions.
dementedBehaving irrationally due to anger, distress, or excitement.
She was demented with worry.
demoniacRelating to or characteristic of a demon or demons.
Demoniac rage.
derangedDriven insane.
A deranged gunman.
disturbedHaving had the normal pattern or functioning disrupted.
The treatment of disturbed children.
dumbMake dumb or unheard silence.
He was born deaf dumb and blind.
follyA theatrical revue with glamorous female performers.
Trying to drive through a blizzard is the height of folly.
fooleryFoolish or senseless behavior.
We endured his foolery all afternoon.
harebrainedVery foolish.
Harebrained ideas.
hubrisOverbearing pride or presumption.
The self assured hubris among economists was shaken in the late 1980s.
idiotA person of subnormal intelligence.
imbecilityA stupid mistake.
indulgenceIn the Roman Catholic Church a grant by the Pope of remission of the temporal punishment in purgatory still due for sins after absolution The unrestricted sale of indulgences by pardoners was a widespread abuse during the later Middle Ages.
In the Middle Ages the unrestricted sale of indulgences by pardoners became a widespread abuse.
lunacyExtreme folly or eccentricity.
It has been suggested that originality demands a degree of lunacy.
lunaticAn extremely foolish or eccentric person.
This lunatic just accelerated out from the side of the road.
madMake someone mad.
She gets mad when you wake her up so early.
maniacWildly disordered.
A maniacal frenzy.
mentallyIn a manner relating to the mind.
Soldiers become physically and mentally exhausted.
The way he turns on the television as soon as he walks in drives me nuts.
psychopathSomeone with a sociopathic personality a person with an antisocial personality disorder psychopath was once widely used but has now been superseded by sociopath.
Playground psychopaths will gather around a fight to encourage the combatants.
ravingIn a raving manner.
She d never been a raving beauty.
sillyInspiring scornful pity.
Don t be a silly.
simpletonA person lacking intelligence or common sense.
Stop grinning at me like a simpleton.
stupidityThe quality of being stupid or unintelligent.
I can t believe my own stupidity.
unbalancedBeing or thrown out of equilibrium.
This may give an unbalanced impression of the competition.

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