LIFELESS: Synonyms and Related Words. What is Another Word for LIFELESS?

Need another word that means the same as “lifeless”? Find 33 synonyms and 30 related words for “lifeless” in this overview.

The synonyms of “Lifeless” are: exanimate, dead, deceased, defunct, departed, late, extinct, gone, no more, passed away, passed on, stiff, cold, dead as a doornail, lacklustre, spiritless, lacking vitality, apathetic, torpid, lethargic, lank, lustreless, barren, sterile, bare, desolate, stark, arid, infertile, uncultivated, empty, uninhabited, unoccupied

Lifeless as an Adjective

Definitions of "Lifeless" as an adjective

According to the Oxford Dictionary of English, “lifeless” as an adjective can have the following definitions:

  • Lacking vigour, vitality, or excitement.
  • Dead or apparently dead.
  • Lacking animation or excitement or activity.
  • Deprived of life; no longer living.
  • Destitute or having been emptied of life or living beings.
  • Not having the capacity to support life.
  • Devoid of living things.

Synonyms of "Lifeless" as an adjective (33 Words)

apatheticShowing or feeling no interest, enthusiasm, or concern.
An apathetic audience.
aridLacking vitality or spirit; lifeless-C.J.Rolo.
An arid climate.
bareJust barely adequate or within a lower limit.
Bare wood.
barren(of a tree or plant) not producing fruit or seed.
He scored yesterday to end his barren spell.
coldExtended meanings especially of psychological coldness without human warmth or emotion.
A cold unfriendly nod.
dead(of a cricket pitch or other surface) lacking springiness or bounce.
The note sounds dead compared to all others on the keyboard.
dead as a doornailNot surviving in active use.
deceasedRecently dead.
The will of Christopher Smith deceased.
defunctHaving ceased to exist or live.
A defunct organization.
A dear departed relative.
desolate(of a place) uninhabited and giving an impression of bleak emptiness.
I suddenly felt desolate and bereft.
emptyNeeding nourishment.
Empty hours.
exanimateShowing no sign of life; lifeless.
His exanimate body.
extinct(of a species, family, or other group of animals or plants) having no living members; no longer in existence.
The red wolf became extinct in the wild in 1980.
goneHaving reached a specified time in a pregnancy.
Gone with the wind.
infertile(of land) unable to sustain crops or vegetation.
Barren and infertile soils.
lacking vitalityInadequate in amount or degree.
lacklustreLacking luster or shine.
No excuses were made for the team s lacklustre performance.
lankOf a person lanky.
The man had lank brown greasy hair.
lateAt or toward an end or late period or stage of development.
They won the game with a late goal.
lethargicAffected by lethargy; sluggish and apathetic.
Bullfrogs became lethargic with the first cold nights.
lustrelessLacking brilliance or vitality.
Her uncombed lustreless black hair.
no moreQuantifier; used with either mass nouns or plural count nouns for indicating a complete or almost complete lack or zero quantity of.
passed awayOf advancing the ball by throwing it.
passed onOf advancing the ball by throwing it.
spiritlessLacking courage, vigour, or vivacity.
A spiritless reply to criticism.
starkDevoid of any qualifications or disguise or adornment.
A stark contrast.
sterileLacking in imagination, creativity, or excitement; uninspiring or unproductive.
A sterile needle and syringes.
stiff(of an alcoholic drink) strong.
A stiff breeze stirring the lake.
torpidIn a condition of biological rest or suspended animation.
We sat around in a torpid state.
uncultivatedLacking art or knowledge.
These meadowlands have lain uncultivated for centuries.
uninhabited(of a place) without inhabitants.
Gaping doors of uninhabited houses.
unoccupied(of a person) not busy or active.
Unoccupied areas of France.

Usage Examples of "Lifeless" as an adjective

  • It was a lifeless party until she arrived.
  • The lifeless landscapes of the moon.
  • After the dance the littered and lifeless ballroom echoed hollowly.
  • His lifeless body was taken from the river.
  • Dull and lifeless hair.
  • A lifeless planet.
  • A lifeless body.

Associations of "Lifeless" (30 Words)

abortiveCausing or resulting in abortion.
Abortive medusae.
ascensionA movement upward.
His ascension to the presidency.
autopsyPerform an autopsy on a body or organ.
A Home Office pathologist carried out the autopsy.
carcassThe remains of something.
My obsession will last while there s life in this old carcass.
deadCompletely and without qualification; used informally as intensifiers.
The pitch was so utterly dead that Pollock could hardly get the ball bail high.
deceaseA person’s death.
He held the post until his untimely decease in 1991.
deceasedSomeone who is no longer alive.
He is deceased.
defunctNo longer in force or use; inactive.
A defunct law.
dieDie one after another until few or none are left.
Their anger died.
doomDecree or designate beforehand.
Fuel was spilling out of the damaged wing and the aircraft was doomed.
dormant(of an animal) having normal physical functions suspended or slowed down for a period of time; in or as if in a deep sleep.
A dormant volcano.
drabClothes especially trousers made of drab.
Her drab personality.
extinct(of a volcano) not having erupted in recorded history.
An extinct language.
finisThe end (printed at the end of a book or shown at the end of a film).
The market was up at the finish.
inactiveNot erupting and not extinct.
The device remains inactive while the computer is started up.
inanimateShowing no sign of life; lifeless.
The word car is inanimate.
inelastic(of demand or supply) insensitive to changes in price or income.
Economists speak of an inelastic price structure.
inoperativeNot working or taking effect.
An inoperative law.
necrologyA list of people who died recently.
obituaryA notice of a death, especially in a newspaper, typically including a brief biography of the deceased person.
His obituary of Samuel Beckett.
perishDie, especially in a violent or sudden way.
Must these noble hopes perish so soon.
resurrectReturn from the dead.
He resurrected the tango in this remote part of Argentina.
soulA person’s moral or emotional nature or sense of identity.
It was bad news for some poor soul.
stillborn(of an infant) born dead.
A stillborn baby.
suffocationThe condition of being deprived of oxygen (as by having breathing stopped.
The occupants died of suffocation inside the airtight compartment.
taxidermistA person who practises taxidermy.
taxidermyThe art of preparing, stuffing, and mounting the skins of animals with lifelike effect.
tombstoneA stone that is used to mark a grave.
Thrill seeking lads tombstoned off the rocks.
torpidSlow and apathetic.
We sat around in a torpid state.
unanimated(of an image) not moving; still.
The backgrounds are simple unanimated and monochrome.

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