LUDICROUS: Synonyms and Related Words. What is Another Word for LUDICROUS?

Need another word that means the same as “ludicrous”? Find 15 synonyms and 30 related words for “ludicrous” in this overview.

The synonyms of “Ludicrous” are: farcical, ridiculous, absurd, cockeyed, derisory, idiotic, laughable, nonsensical, preposterous, risible, foolish, stupid, inane, silly, asinine

Ludicrous as an Adjective

Definitions of "Ludicrous" as an adjective

According to the Oxford Dictionary of English, “ludicrous” as an adjective can have the following definitions:

  • Incongruous;inviting ridicule.
  • So unreasonable as to invite derision.
  • Broadly or extravagantly humorous; resembling farce.
  • So foolish, unreasonable, or out of place as to be amusing.

Synonyms of "Ludicrous" as an adjective (15 Words)

absurdArousing amusement or derision; ridiculous.
The absurd predicament of seeming to argue that virtue is highly desirable but intensely unpleasant.
asinineExtremely stupid or foolish.
Lydia ignored his asinine remark.
cockeyedTurned or twisted toward one side- G.K.Chesterton.
That s a cockeyed idea.
derisoryIncongruous;inviting ridicule.
They were given a derisory pay rise.
farcicalBroadly or extravagantly humorous; resembling farce.
He considered the whole idea farcical.
foolishDevoid of good sense or judgment.
Foolish remarks.
idioticSo unreasonable as to invite derision.
I was able to hum its idiotic theme tune.
inaneExtremely silly or stupid.
Don t badger people with inane questions.
laughableIncongruous;inviting ridicule.
If it didn t make me so angry it would be laughable.
nonsensicalHaving no intelligible meaning.
A nonsensical jumble of words.
preposterousSo unreasonable as to invite derision.
A preposterous attempt to turn back the pages of history.
ridiculousInspiring scornful pity- Dashiell Hammett.
That ridiculous tartan cap.
risibleArousing or provoking laughter.
A risible scene of lovemaking in a tent.
sillyLacking seriousness; given to frivolity.
Don t be silly she said.

Usage Examples of "Ludicrous" as an adjective

  • Every night he wore a ludicrous outfit.
  • It's ludicrous that I have been fined.
  • It is ludicrous to call a cottage a mansion.
  • Ludicrous green hair.

Associations of "Ludicrous" (30 Words)

absurdAn absurd state of affairs.
The absurd is the essential concept and the first truth.
amusingProviding enjoyment; pleasantly entertaining.
An amusing fellow.
comedyThe style or genre represented by comedy films plays and broadcast programmes.
Satiric comedy.
comicalArousing or provoking laughter.
A series of comical misunderstandings.
derisiveExpressing contempt or ridicule.
He gave a harsh derisive laugh.
drollCurious or unusual in a way that provokes dry amusement.
A droll little man with a quiet tongue in cheek kind of humor.
exhilarationA feeling of excitement, happiness, or elation.
They felt the exhilaration of victory.
farcicalRelating to or resembling farce, especially because of absurd or ridiculous aspects.
The wild farcical exuberance of a clown.
foolishHaving or revealing stupidity.
He was foolish enough to confide in her.
funnyUnusual, especially in such a way as to arouse suspicion.
It s a funny old world.
goofy(in surfing and other board sports) having the right leg in front of the left on the board.
A goofy grin.
humorThe trait of appreciating and being able to express the humorous.
He was in a bad humor.
humorousFull of or characterized by humor.
In a humorous vein.
idioticVery stupid.
An idiotic idea.
illogicalLacking in correct logical relation.
An illogical fear of the supernatural.
incongruent(of melting, dissolution, or other process) affecting the components of an alloy or other substance differently.
incongruityThe state of being incongruous; incompatibility.
The incongruity of his fleshy face and skinny body disturbed her.
incongruousLacking in harmony or compatibility or appropriateness.
Incongruous behavior.
irrationalAn irrational number or quantity a surd.
Irrational feelings of hostility.
laughableSo ludicrous as to be amusing.
A contribution so small as to be laughable.
mockingPlayfully vexing (especially by ridicule)- Lawrence Durrell.
He got jeers and mocking laughter as he addressed the marchers.
preposterousContrary to reason or common sense; utterly absurd or ridiculous.
A preposterous attempt to turn back the pages of history.
ridiculousSo unreasonable as to invite derision.
It seems absolutely ridiculous that anyone would try to pull a stunt like this.
risibleArousing or provoking laughter.
Risible courtroom antics.
satiricExposing human folly to ridicule.
A persistent campaign of mockery by the satirical fortnightly magazine.
skitA short theatrical episode.
Students will create skits about bullying and go to each elementary school to perform them.
slapstickAcoustic device consisting of two paddles hinged together; used by an actor to make a loud noise without inflicting injury when striking someone.
Slapstick humour.
unreasonableBeyond the limits of acceptability or fairness.
She knew she was being unreasonable but she resented his domesticity.
unwiseShowing or resulting from lack of judgment or wisdom.
An unwise investor is soon impoverished.
wittyShowing or characterized by quick and inventive verbal humour.
Marlowe was charming and witty.

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