MONSTROSITY: Synonyms and Related Words. What is Another Word for MONSTROSITY?

Need another word that means the same as “monstrosity”? Find 14 synonyms and 30 related words for “monstrosity” in this overview.

The synonyms of “Monstrosity” are: freak, lusus naturae, monster, eyesore, horror, blot on the landscape, carbuncle, excrescence, mutant, mutation, freak of nature, abortion, malformation, grotesque sight

Monstrosity as a Noun

Definitions of "Monstrosity" as a noun

According to the Oxford Dictionary of English, “monstrosity” as a noun can have the following definitions:

  • The state or fact of being monstrous.
  • A person or animal that is markedly unusual or deformed.
  • A thing, especially a building, which is very large and unsightly.
  • A grossly malformed animal or plant.
  • A thing which is outrageously evil or wrong.
  • Something hideous or frightful.

Synonyms of "Monstrosity" as a noun (14 Words)

abortionThe arrest of the development of a seed, fruit, or other organ.
Concerns such as abortion and euthanasia.
blot on the landscapeAn act that brings discredit to the person who does it.
carbuncleA severe abscess or multiple boil in the skin, typically infected with staphylococcus bacteria.
excrescence(pathology) an abnormal outgrowth or enlargement of some part of the body.
The bony excrescence between its horns.
eyesoreSomething very ugly and offensive.
The office crumbled into an eyesore.
freakA person addicted to a particular drug.
A freak red cabbage with side shoots coming from the leaves.
freak of natureA person or animal that is markedly unusual or deformed.
grotesque sightArt characterized by an incongruous mixture of parts of humans and animals interwoven with plants.
horrorA literary or film genre concerned with arousing feelings of horror.
Horrors two buttons were missing.
lusus naturaeA person or animal that is markedly unusual or deformed.
malformationSomething abnormal or anomalous.
The drug may cause malformations in the developing embryo.
monsterA rude or badly behaved person, typically a child.
He was an unfeeling treacherous monster.
mutantA mutant form.
Frequently only a small percentage of the offspring of mutants resemble their parents.
mutationA distinct form resulting from genetic mutation.
Whether his goats were a new mutation or part of an older breed remains unclear.

Usage Examples of "Monstrosity" as a noun

  • How could anyone be capable of such monstrosities?
  • Had my tone of reason in the face of monstrosity finally registered?
  • They regarded the atom bomb as a monstrosity.
  • The shopping centre, a multi-storey monstrosity of raw concrete.

Associations of "Monstrosity" (30 Words)

affrayNoisy quarrel.
Lowe was charged with causing an affray.
alarmFill with apprehension or alarm cause to be unpleasantly surprised.
The empty house alarmed him.
alarmingFrightening because of an awareness of danger.
Our countryside is disappearing at an alarming rate.
chillingHorrifying or frightening.
A chilling account of the prisoners fate.
colossusA person or thing of enormous size, importance, or ability.
The Russian Empire was the colossus of European politics.
disserviceA harmful action.
You have done a disservice to the African people by ignoring this fact.
Jane was dreading the party.
dreadfulExceptionally bad or displeasing.
A dreadful storm.
fearBe afraid of (someone or something) as likely to be dangerous, painful, or harmful.
I cowered in fear as bullets whizzed past.
fearsomeCausing fear or dread or terror.
The cat mewed displaying a fearsome set of teeth.
freakLose one’s nerve.
The teacher says the accident was a total freak.
frighteningMaking someone afraid or anxious; terrifying.
A frightening experience.
frightfulUsed for emphasis, especially of something bad.
A frightful mistake.
A gargantuan appetite.
ghastlyExtremely unwell.
She had sobered up but she felt ghastly.
giantUsed in names of very large animals and plants e g giant hogweed giant tortoise.
Giant multinational corporations.
giganticOf very great size or extent; huge or enormous.
Gigantic disappointment.
hideousSo extremely ugly as to be terrifying.
A hideous pattern of injustice.
horribleProvoking horror- Winston Churchill.
A horrible massacre.
horrificCausing horror.
Horrific conditions in the mining industry.
horrorSomething that inspires horror something horrible.
The horrors of civil war.
hugeOf great importance or seriousness.
A huge wave.
monsterA large, ugly, and frightening imaginary creature.
A monster 36lb carp.
ogreA cruel wicked and inhuman person.
It is clear that I am no ogre.
petrifyMake (someone) so frightened that they are unable to move.
Slogans petrify our thinking.
terribleExtremely bad or serious.
The terrible conditions in which the ordinary people lived.
terrifyingCausing extreme fear.
The terrifying events of the past few weeks.
trollA fisherman s lure that is used in trolling.
He used a spinner as his troll.
vibeA person’s emotional state or the atmosphere of a place as communicated to and felt by others.
We ve been picking up some bad vibes on that guy.

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