OBSEQUIOUS: Synonyms and Related Words. What is Another Word for OBSEQUIOUS?

Need another word that means the same as “obsequious”? Find 16 synonyms and 30 related words for “obsequious” in this overview.

The synonyms of “Obsequious” are: bootlicking, fawning, sycophantic, toadyish, servile, ingratiating, unctuous, oily, oleaginous, greasy, grovelling, cringing, subservient, submissive, slavish, abject

Obsequious as an Adjective

Definitions of "Obsequious" as an adjective

According to the Oxford Dictionary of English, “obsequious” as an adjective can have the following definitions:

  • Attentive in an ingratiating or servile manner.
  • Attempting to win favor from influential people by flattery.
  • Obedient or attentive to an excessive or servile degree.

Synonyms of "Obsequious" as an adjective (16 Words)

abject(of a situation or condition) extremely unpleasant and degrading.
Abject surrender.
bootlickingAttempting to win favor by flattery.
A mindless herd of bootlicking sycophants.
cringingBent in fear or apprehension.
He lugged his carry on bag and computer case past cringing passengers wary of being hit.
fawningAttempting to win favor by flattery.
Fawning interviews with Hollywood celebs.
greasyProducing excessive body oil.
Greasy hamburgers.
grovellingTotally submissive.
His grovelling references to great historians.
ingratiatingCapable of winning favor.
A smooth ingratiating manner.
oilyContaining oil.
An oily rag.
oleaginousContaining an unusual amount of grease or oil.
Oleaginous seeds.
servileRelating to or involving slaves or appropriate for slaves or servants.
The servile condition of the peasants.
slavishAbjectly submissive; characteristic of a slave or servant- S.H.Adams.
A slavish adherence to protocol.
submissiveAbjectly submissive characteristic of a slave or servant.
A submissive almost sheeplike people.
subservientServing as a means to an end.
Editors and journalists who express opinions in print that are opposed to the interests of the rich are dismissed and replaced by subservient ones.
sycophanticAttempting to win favor by flattery.
A sycophantic interview.
toadyishAttempting to win favor from influential people by flattery.
unctuousExcessively flattering or ingratiating; oily.
He seemed anxious to please but not in an unctuous way.

Usage Examples of "Obsequious" as an adjective

  • Obsequious shop assistants.
  • They were served by obsequious waiters.

Associations of "Obsequious" (30 Words)

adulationExcessive admiration or praise.
He found it difficult to cope with the adulation of the fans.
bribeA sum of money or other inducement offered or given to bribe someone.
Lawmakers were caught accepting bribes to bring in legalized gambling.
briberyThe giving or offering of a bribe.
His opponent had been guilty of bribery and corruption.
cajoleryCoaxing or flattery intended to persuade someone to do something.
She uses cajolery deception and manipulation to get what she wants.
charmProtect through supernatural powers or charms.
Inscribed around its base is a charm in Balinese.
epigoneAn inferior imitator of some distinguished writer or artist of musician.
The humdrum compositions of some of Beethoven s epigones.
fantasyThe faculty or activity of imagining impossible or improbable things.
His researches had moved into the realms of fantasy.
fawningDisplaying exaggerated flattery or affection; obsequious.
Fawning interviews with Hollywood celebs.
flatteringEnhancing someone’s appearance.
It was flattering to have a pretty girl like Fiona so obviously fond of him.
flatteryExcessive or insincere praise.
She allowed no hint of flattery to enter her voice.
grovelingTotally submissive.
hypocriticalBehaving in a way that suggests one has higher standards or more noble beliefs than is the case.
Hypocritical praise.
ingratiateBring oneself into favour with someone by flattering or trying to please them.
A sycophantic attempt to ingratiate herself with the local aristocracy.
ingratiatingCapable of winning favor.
An ingratiating manner.
insincereNot expressing genuine feelings.
A charming but thoroughly insincere woman.
lackeyA brownish European moth of woods and hedgerows, the caterpillars of which live communally in a silken tent on the food tree.
He denied that he was the lackey of the Chief Secretary to the Treasury.
minionA follower or underling of a powerful person, especially a servile or unimportant one.
He gets oppressed minions like me to fob them off.
parasiteA follower who hangs around a host (without benefit to the host) in hope of gain or advantage.
The parasite attaches itself to the mouths of fishes.
persuade(of a situation or event) provide a sound reason for (someone) to do something.
You can t persuade me to buy this ugly vase.
servantIn a subordinate position.
He was a great servant of the Labour Party.
servileSubmissive or fawning in attitude or behavior.
Brown s attempt at servile insurrection.
slavishBlindly imitative.
He noted the slavish feudal respect they had for her.
slimyCovered by or resembling slime.
A slimy substance covered the rocks.
smarmyIngratiating and wheedling in a way that is regarded as insincere or excessive.
A smarmy unctuous reply.
submissiveAbjectly submissive characteristic of a slave or servant.
A submissive reply.
subservientPrepared to obey others unquestioningly.
She was subservient to her parents.
sycophantA person who acts obsequiously towards someone important in order to gain advantage.
sycophanticBehaving or done in an obsequious way in order to gain advantage.
A sycophantic interview.
toadyA person who behaves obsequiously to someone important.
She imagined him toadying to his rich clients.
unctuousExcessively flattering or ingratiating; oily.
The unctuous Uriah Heep.

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