ABJECT: Synonyms and Related Words. What is Another Word for ABJECT?

Need another word that means the same as “abject”? Find 34 synonyms and 30 related words for “abject” in this overview.

The synonyms of “Abject” are: unhopeful, low, low-down, miserable, scummy, scurvy, wretched, hopeless, pathetic, pitiful, pitiable, piteous, stark, sorry, forlorn, woeful, lamentable, degrading, appalling, atrocious, awful, obsequious, grovelling, creeping, fawning, toadyish, servile, cringing, snivelling, ingratiating, sycophantic, submissive, craven, humiliating

Abject as an Adjective

Definitions of "Abject" as an adjective

According to the Oxford Dictionary of English, “abject” as an adjective can have the following definitions:

  • Most unfortunate or miserable.
  • Of the most contemptible kind.
  • (of a person or their behaviour) completely without pride or dignity; self-abasing.
  • (of a situation or condition) extremely unpleasant and degrading.
  • (of something bad) experienced or present to the maximum degree.
  • Showing humiliation or submissiveness.
  • Showing utter resignation or hopelessness.

Synonyms of "Abject" as an adjective (34 Words)

appallingCausing shock or dismay; horrific.
His conduct was appalling.
atrociousProvoking horror- Winston Churchill.
Atrocious taste.
awfulExceptionally bad or displeasing.
An awful risk.
cravenLacking even the rudiments of courage; abjectly fearful- Spenser.
A craven abdication of his moral duty.
creeping(of a plant) growing along the ground or other surface by means of extending stems or branches.
The creeping onset of crass commercialism.
cringingExperiencing embarrassment or disgust.
He was left cringing with embarrassment after stumbling over his lines during a West End performance of Macbeth.
degradingUsed of conduct; characterized by dishonor.
The prisoners were subjected to cruel and degrading treatment.
fawningDisplaying exaggerated flattery or affection; obsequious.
Fawning adoration.
forlornMarked by or showing hopelessness.
A forlorn attempt to escape.
grovellingTotally submissive.
His grovelling references to great historians.
hopelessFeeling or causing despair.
With a hopeless sigh he sat down.
humiliatingMaking someone feel ashamed and foolish by injuring their dignity and pride.
A humiliating defeat.
ingratiatingCapable of winning favor.
An ingratiating manner.
lamentableFull of or expressing sorrow or grief.
A lamentable decision.
lowRanking below other people or things in importance or class.
The reservoir is low.
low-downOf the most contemptible kind.
miserableCausing unhappiness or discomfort.
Their happiness made Anne feel even more miserable.
obsequiousObedient or attentive to an excessive or servile degree.
Obsequious shop assistants.
patheticInspiring scornful pity- Dashiell Hammett.
The shabby room struck her as extraordinarily pathetic.
piteousDeserving or inciting pity- Galsworthy.
A piteous cry.
pitiableDeserving or inciting pity.
Pitiable homeless children.
pitifulDeserving or inciting pity- Galsworthy.
A pitiful attempt to impress her.
scummyCovered with scum.
A scummy rabble.
scurvyWorthless or contemptible.
A scurvy trick.
servileSubmissive or fawning in attitude or behavior.
The servile wars of Sicily.
snivellingCrying and sniffing in a feeble or fretful way.
Families with snivelling children.
sorryFeeling or expressing regret or sorrow or a sense of loss over something done or undone.
A sorry state of affairs.
starkPhysically strong or powerful.
A stark landscape.
submissiveAbjectly submissive characteristic of a slave or servant S H Adams.
A submissive almost sheeplike people.
sycophanticAttempting to win favor from influential people by flattery.
A sycophantic interview.
toadyishAttempting to win favor from influential people by flattery.
unhopefulShowing utter resignation or hopelessness.
woefulCharacterized by, expressive of, or causing sorrow or misery.
Woeful errors of judgment.
wretchedDeserving or inciting pity- Galsworthy.
A wretched life.

Usage Examples of "Abject" as an adjective

  • Abject poverty.
  • The most abject slaves joined in the revolt.
  • The abject condition of the peasants.
  • An abject apology.
  • Abject surrender.
  • Abject cowardice.
  • His letter plunged her into abject misery.

Associations of "Abject" (30 Words)

contemptibleDeserving of contempt or scorn.
A display of contemptible cowardice.
degradedTreated or regarded with contempt or disrespect.
She had felt cheap and degraded.
deplorableOf very poor quality or condition.
My finances were in a deplorable state.
deprivedSuffering a severe and damaging lack of basic material and cultural benefits.
I was so sleep deprived I was bumping into walls.
despicableMorally reprehensible.
Would do something as despicable as murder.
disadvantaged(of a person or area) in unfavourable circumstances, especially with regard to financial or social opportunities.
Disadvantaged groups such as the unemployed.
disgracefulGiving offense to moral sensibilities and injurious to reputation- Thackeray.
It is disgraceful that they should be denied unemployment benefits.
dishonorableDeceptive or fraudulent; disposed to cheat or defraud or deceive.
Dishonorable in thought and deed.
hapless(especially of a person) unfortunate.
The hapless victims of the disaster.
humiliatingCausing awareness of your shortcomings.
A humiliating defeat.
ignobleNot of the nobility.
Of ignoble or ungentle birth.
ignominiousDeserving or causing public disgrace or shame.
An ignominious retreat.
indigenceA state of extreme poverty or destitution.
He did valuable work towards the relief of indigence.
indigentPoor enough to need help from others.
A charity for the relief of indigent artists.
miserableCausing unhappiness or discomfort.
He felt depressed and miserable.
needinessA state of extreme poverty.
He recognized her neediness but had no time to respond to it.
needyNeedy people collectively.
Needy and elderly people.
pauperA person who is very poor.
He died a pauper.
penuryA state of extreme poverty or destitution.
He couldn t face another year of penury.
piteousDeserving or arousing pity.
Piteous appeals for help.
pitifulDeserving or arousing pity.
A pitiful attempt to impress her.
poorPeople without possessions or wealth (considered as a group.
The jejune diets of the very poor.
privationA state in which food and other essentials for well-being are lacking.
Cold is the privation of heat.
reprehensibleDeserving censure or condemnation.
His complacency and reprehensible laxity.
squalorThe state of being extremely dirty and unpleasant, especially as a result of poverty or neglect.
They lived in squalor and disease.
underprivileged(of a person) not enjoying the same standard of living or rights as the majority of people in a society.
The plight of the underprivileged.
unfortunateA person who is considered immoral or lacking in religious faith or instruction, especially a prostitute.
Those unfortunates whose lives are marred by poverty.
unhappyMarked by or producing unhappiness.
The unhappy truth.
unluckyHaving or bringing misfortune.
The visitors were unlucky to have a goal disallowed.
wretchedUsed to express anger or annoyance.
She disliked the wretched man intensely.

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