RUTHLESS: Synonyms and Related Words. What is Another Word for RUTHLESS?

Need another word that means the same as “ruthless”? Find 21 synonyms and 30 related words for “ruthless” in this overview.

The synonyms of “Ruthless” are: pitiless, remorseless, unpitying, merciless, cruel, heartless, hard, stony, cold-blooded, harsh, callous, severe, unmerciful, unrelenting, unsparing, unforgiving, unfeeling, uncaring, unsympathetic, uncharitable, lacking compassion

Ruthless as an Adjective

Definitions of "Ruthless" as an adjective

According to the Oxford Dictionary of English, “ruthless” as an adjective can have the following definitions:

  • Having or showing no pity or compassion for others.
  • Without mercy or pity.

Synonyms of "Ruthless" as an adjective (21 Words)

callousHaving calluses; having skin made tough and thick through wear.
A callous indifference to suffering.
cold-bloodedWithout compunction or human feeling.
cruelAble or disposed to inflict pain or suffering.
A cruel remark.
hardUnfortunate or hard to bear.
Why is it so hard for you to keep a secret.
harshUnkind or cruel or uncivil.
The harsh facts of court delays.
heartlessDisplaying a complete lack of feeling or consideration.
Heartless thieves stole the pushchair of a two year old boy.
lacking compassionInadequate in amount or degree.
mercilessHaving or showing no mercy.
Gave him a merciless beating.
pitilessDeficient in humane and kindly feelings.
A night of pitiless rain.
remorselessWithout regret or guilt.
Remorseless poverty.
severeSeverely simple.
A parent severe to the pitch of hostility.
stonyAbounding in rocks or stones.
Stony ground.
uncaringNot feeling interest in or attaching importance to something.
An uncaring person.
uncharitable(of a person’s behaviour or attitude towards others) unkind; unsympathetic.
All pious words and uncharitable deeds.
unfeelingLacking physical sensation or sensitivity.
He lowered his numb unfeeling body into a seat and closed his eyes.
unforgivingUnwilling or unable to forgive or show mercy.
The moor can be a wild and unforgiving place in bad weather.
unmercifulCruel or harsh; showing no mercy.
Deceptively inflated incomes expose many couples to unmerciful taxes.
unpityingWithout mercy or pity.
A flat unpitying voice.
unrelentingPunishingly harsh.
The heat was unrelenting.
unsparingGiven freely and generously.
She had won her mother s unsparing approval.
unsympathetic(of characters in literature or drama) tending to evoke antipathetic feelings.
A job temperamentally unsympathetic to him.

Usage Examples of "Ruthless" as an adjective

  • A ruthless manipulator.
  • An act of ruthless ferocity.

Associations of "Ruthless" (30 Words)

abrasiveTending to rub or graze the skin.
The trees were abrasive to the touch.
asperitySomething hard to endure.
The asperity of northern winters.
austerePracticing great self-denial.
The cathedral is impressive in its austere simplicity.
bitingCapable of wounding.
A biting wind.
bloodthirsty(of a story or film) containing or depicting much violence.
A bloodthirsty dictator.
brutalAble or disposed to inflict pain or suffering.
The brutal honesty of his observations.
brutishResembling or characteristic of a brute.
He was coarse and brutish.
corrosiveA corrosive substance.
Corrosive cristism.
cruelWilfully causing pain or suffering to others, or feeling no concern about it.
People who are cruel to animals.
draconianOf or relating to Draco or his harsh code of laws.
The Nazis destroyed the independence of the press by a series of draconian laws.
ferociousSavagely fierce, cruel, or violent.
A ferocious headache.
goryCovered in blood.
A gory horror film.
harshUnkind or cruel or uncivil.
The harsh facts of court delays.
inexorableImpervious to pleas, persuasion, requests, reason.
The seemingly inexorable march of new technology.
inhumaneWithout compassion for misery or suffering; cruel.
Biological weapons are considered too inhumane to be used.
machiavellianOf or relating to Machiavelli or the principles of conduct he recommended.
mercilessHaving or showing no mercy.
A merciless attack with a blunt instrument.
notoriousKnown widely and usually unfavorably.
A notorious gangster.
persecutorSomeone who torments.
He became known as a persecutor of dissidents.
pitilessWithout mercy or pity.
A pitiless executioner.
remorselessWithout regret or guilt.
A remorseless killer.
repressionThe restraint, prevention, or inhibition of a feeling, quality, etc.
His goal was the repression of insolence.
rigorous(of a person) adhering strictly to a belief or system.
Rigorous application of the law.
sadisticDeriving pleasure or sexual gratification from inflicting pain on another.
She took a sadistic pleasure in tormenting him.
sanguinaryMarked by eagerness to resort to violence and bloodshed-G.W.Johnson.
They lost heavily in the sanguinary campaigns that followed.
stringentlyIn a stringent manner.
The laws are stringently enforced.
truculenceObstreperous and defiant aggressiveness.
truculentDefiantly aggressive.
The truculent attitude of farmers to cheaper imports.
unkindDeficient in humane and kindly feelings.
You were terribly unkind to her.

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