SERF: Synonyms and Related Words. What is Another Word for SERF?

Need another word that means the same as “serf”? Find 8 synonyms and 30 related words for “serf” in this overview.

The synonyms of “Serf” are: helot, villein, bondsman, slave, servant, menial, thrall, ceorl

Serf as a Noun

Definitions of "Serf" as a noun

According to the Oxford Dictionary of English, “serf” as a noun can have the following definitions:

  • A person who is bound to the land and owned by the feudal lord.
  • (Middle Ages) a person who is bound to the land and owned by the feudal lord.
  • An agricultural labourer bound by the feudal system who was tied to working on his lord's estate.

Synonyms of "Serf" as a noun (8 Words)

bondsmanA person who stands surety for a bond.
ceorl(in Anglo-Saxon England) a freeman of the lowest class, ranking directly below a thane.
helotA person who is bound to the land and owned by the feudal lord.
menialA person with a menial job.
servantA person working in the service of another (especially in the household.
A government servant.
thrallA slave, servant, or captive.
The town in thrall to a villain.
villeinA person who is bound to the land and owned by the feudal lord.

Associations of "Serf" (30 Words)

agriculturalRelating to rural matters.
Agricultural land.
agricultureThe science or practice of farming, including cultivation of the soil for the growing of crops and the rearing of animals to provide food, wool, and other products.
botanistAn expert in or student of the scientific study of plants.
A botanist announced he d bred a new and beautiful variety of orchid.
bucolicA pastoral poem.
A pleasant bucolic scene.
countrysideThe inhabitants of countryside areas.
They explored the surrounding countryside.
cowhandA hired hand who tends cattle and performs other duties on horseback.
cropYield crops.
He wore his hair closely cropped.
cultivatorA farm implement used to break up the surface of the soil (for aeration and weed control and conservation of moisture.
Rotary cultivators are ideal in the kitchen garden.
dairyA farm where dairy products are produced.
I rely on soya as a substitute for dairy.
farmerAn expert on cooking whose cookbook has undergone many editions (1857-1915.
farmhouseHouse for a farmer and family.
A farmhouse kitchen.
gardenerSomeone employed to work in a garden.
I m a keen gardener.
harvestGather a crop as a harvest.
In terms of science Apollo yielded a meagre harvest.
intelligentsiaIntellectuals or highly educated people as a group, especially when regarded as possessing culture and political influence.
A distrust of the intelligentsia and of theoretical learning.
laityIn Christianity, members of a religious community that do not have the priestly responsibilities of ordained clergy.
peasantAn ignorant, rude, or unsophisticated person.
That is a civilized drink you peasant.
peon(in South and SE Asia) a low-ranking worker such as an attendant, orderly, or assistant.
Racing drivers aren t exactly nine to five peons.
plantationGarden consisting of a small cultivated wood without undergrowth.
New conifer plantations.
provincialOf or concerning a province of a country or empire.
The general of the Jesuits receives monthly reports from the provincials.
rancherA person who owns or runs a ranch.
reaperA person or machine that harvests a crop.
ruralLiving in or characteristic of farming or country life.
Unpaved rural roads.
rusticMade of untrimmed branches or rough timber.
A rustic oak bench.
scytheCut with a scythe.
You may want hardy infantry troops to scythe down the opposition.
serfdomThe state of a serf.
The liberation of the peasants from serfdom.
servitudeThe state of being a slave or completely subject to someone more powerful.
You ve got thousands of years of peasant servitude to make up for.
shopkeeperA merchant who owns or manages a shop.
vassalageThe state of a serf.
vendibleFit to be offered for sale.
yeomanA member of the yeomanry force.

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