STACKED: Synonyms and Related Words. What is Another Word for STACKED?

Need another word that means the same as “stacked”? Find 17 synonyms and 30 related words for “stacked” in this overview.

The synonyms of “Stacked” are: bosomy, busty, buxom, curvaceous, curvy, full-bosomed, sonsie, sonsy, voluptuous, well-endowed, full, filled, laden, packed, burdened, stuffed, brimming

Stacked as an Adjective

Definitions of "Stacked" as an adjective

According to the Oxford Dictionary of English, “stacked” as an adjective can have the following definitions:

  • (of a pack of cards) shuffled or arranged dishonestly so as to gain an unfair advantage.
  • Having sections that are arranged vertically.
  • (of a place or surface) filled or covered with goods.
  • Having a large bosom and pleasing curves.
  • (of a number of things) put or arranged in a stack or stacks.
  • (of a woman) having large breasts.
  • (of a woman's body) having a large bosom and pleasing curves.
  • (of a heel) made from thin layers of material glued one on top of the other.
  • (of a stream of data) stored in such a way that the most recently stored item is the first to be retrieved.
  • Arranged in a stack.
  • (of a task) placed in a queue for subsequent processing.

Synonyms of "Stacked" as an adjective (17 Words)

brimmingFilled to capacity.
A child brimming over with curiosity.
burdenedBearing a heavy burden of work or difficulties or responsibilities.
Tree limbs burdened with ice.
buxom(of a female body) healthily plump and vigorous.
A buxom blonde.
curvaceousHaving a large bosom and pleasing curves.
Stephanie s body became curvaceous and beautifully toned.
curvy(of a woman’s figure) shapely and voluptuous.
Curvy lines.
filledOf purchase orders that have been filled.
A large hall filled with rows of desks.
fullConstituting the full quantity or extent complete.
We were all pretty well full when the van rolled into Mittagong.
full-bosomedHaving a large bosom and pleasing curves.
ladenFilled with a great quantity.
Ladened is not current usage.
packedFilled to capacity.
A packed theater.
sonsieHaving a large bosom and pleasing curves.
sonsyHaving a large bosom and pleasing curves.
stuffedOf a toy made of fabric stuffed with a soft filling.
A stuffed parrot.
voluptuousDisplaying luxury and furnishing gratification to the senses.
Long curtains in voluptuous crimson velvet.
well-endowedHaving a large bosom and pleasing curves.

Usage Examples of "Stacked" as an adjective

  • The stacked chairs.
  • A stacked deck of a political system.
  • The new boots you buy will be leather with stacked heels.
  • The stacked shelves.
  • You were playing against a stacked deck.
  • MIDI interface featuring stacked MIDI note numbers.
  • An operating system that allows for stacked jobs.
  • Full-sized washer/dryers are replacing stacked units.

Associations of "Stacked" (30 Words)

abundanceThe state or condition of having a copious quantity of something; plentifulness.
Estimates of the abundance of harp seals.
bountifulLarge in quantity; abundant.
The ocean provided a bountiful supply of fresh food.
bountifulnessThe property of copious abundance.
bountyGenerosity evidenced by a willingness to give freely.
They do not qualify for their bounty because they have spent insufficient time at summer camp.
bundleMake into a bundle.
He bundled up his few possessions.
buxom(of a female body) healthily plump and vigorous.
A generation ago buxom actresses were popular.
clusterGather or cause to gather into a cluster.
There were dozens of people clustered around me.
copiousProfuse in speech or ideas.
I had been a little too copious in talking of my country.
epicureanOf Epicurus or epicureanism.
Epicurean pleasures.
heapPut objects or a loose substance in a heap.
Heaped up in one corner was a pile of junk.
lotDivide into lots as of land for example.
A lot of money.
luxuriousExtremely comfortable or elegant, especially when involving great expense.
Enjoyed a luxurious suite with a crystal chandelier and thick oriental rugs.
manyThe majority of people.
The temptations are many.
Who has the most apples.
Thanks very much.
multiplicityThe property of being multiple.
The demand for higher education depends on a multiplicity of factors.
pilePlace or lay as if in a pile.
She piled all the groceries on the counter.
plenitudeAn abundance.
The plenitude of the Pope s powers.
plenteousAffording an abundant supply.
The meal was astonishingly plenteous.
plentifulProducing in abundance.
A plentiful year.
plentitudeA full supply.
plentyA large number or amount or extent.
There was plenty of food for everyone.
profusionThe property of being extremely abundant.
The profusion of detail.
sheafA bundle of grain stalks laid lengthways and tied together after reaping.
The corn and barley had to be sheafed and stooked.
stackLoad or cover with stacks.
He spent most of the time stacking shelves.
sybariteA person addicted to luxury and pleasures of the senses.
tonA unit of weight or volume of sea cargo equal to a metric ton 1 000 kg or 40 cu ft.
All of a sudden I had tons of friends.
voluptuousRelating to or characterized by luxury or sensual pleasure.
A voluptuous woman.
welterRoll around.
The streams foam and welter.

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