UNCONSCIOUS: Synonyms and Related Words. What is Another Word for UNCONSCIOUS?

Need another word that means the same as “unconscious”? Find 28 synonyms and 30 related words for “unconscious” in this overview.

The synonyms of “Unconscious” are: insensible, senseless, insentient, insensate, passed out, comatose, in a coma, inert, unintentional, unintended, accidental, unthinking, unwitting, inadvertent, unpremeditated, unplanned, heedless, unheeding, unmindful, taking no notice, unconscious mind, subconscious mind, subconscious, psyche, ego, superego, id, self

Unconscious as a Noun

Definitions of "Unconscious" as a noun

According to the Oxford Dictionary of English, “unconscious” as a noun can have the following definitions:

  • The part of the mind which is inaccessible to the conscious mind but which affects behaviour and emotions.
  • That part of the mind wherein psychic activity takes place of which the person is unaware.

Synonyms of "Unconscious" as a noun (8 Words)

egoThe conscious mind.
He needed a boost to his ego.
idA card or badge used to identify the bearer.
The conflict between the drives of the id and the demands of the cultural superego.
psyche(Greek mythology) a beautiful princess loved by Cupid who visited her at night and told her she must not try to see him; became the personification of the soul.
How does constant losing affect the psyches of young athletes.
selfUsed ironically to refer to oneself or someone else.
To love in an unpossessive way implies the total surrender of self.
subconsciousThe subconscious part of the mind not in technical use in psychoanalysis where unconscious is preferred.
Uncertainties were lurking around the edge of her subconscious.
subconscious mindPsychic activity just below the level of awareness.
superegoThat part of the unconscious mind that acts as a conscience.
True schizophrenias lack the superego elements present in paranoia.
unconscious mindThat part of the mind wherein psychic activity takes place of which the person is unaware.

Usage Examples of "Unconscious" as a noun

  • Horrific apparitions surfaced out of the recesses of his unconscious.

Unconscious as an Adjective

Definitions of "Unconscious" as an adjective

According to the Oxford Dictionary of English, “unconscious” as an adjective can have the following definitions:

  • Without conscious volition.
  • Not conscious; lacking awareness and the capacity for sensory perception as if asleep or dead.
  • Not awake and aware of and responding to one's environment.
  • (followed by `of') not knowing or perceiving.
  • Not knowing or perceiving- Charles Dickens.
  • Done or existing without one realizing.
  • Unaware of.

Synonyms of "Unconscious" as an adjective (20 Words)

accidentalIncidental; subsidiary.
The character s motives remain accidental to the plot.
comatoseRelating to or associated with a coma.
She lay comatose in the sun listening to a personal stereo.
heedlessMarked by or paying little heed or attention.
Heedless of danger.
in a comaHolding office.
inadvertentHappening by chance or unexpectedly or unintentionally.
An inadvertent administrative error occurred that resulted in an overpayment.
inertLacking the ability or strength to move.
She lay inert in her bed.
insensateLacking sympathy or compassion; unfeeling.
Insensate jabbering.
insensibleUnresponsive to stimulation.
They slept on insensible to the headlight beams.
insentientDevoid of feeling and consciousness and animation.
It s arrogant to presume animals to be insentient.
passed outOf advancing the ball by throwing it.
senseless(of especially persons) lacking sense or understanding or judgment.
Drugged and senseless.
taking no noticeVery attractive; capturing interest.
unheedingNot paying attention.
Mary unheeding watched the television.
unintendedNot deliberate.
The unintended consequences of people s actions.
unintentionalWithout deliberate intent- George Macdonald.
An unintentional pun.
unmindfulNot mindful or attentive- G.B.Shaw.
Danielle seemed unmindful of her parents plight.
unplannedNot done with purpose or intent.
Accepts an unplanned order.
unpremeditatedNot prepared or planned in advance.
It was a totally unpremeditated attack.
unthinkingMentally sluggish.
She was at pains to correct unthinking prejudices.
unwitting(of a person) not aware of the full facts.
We are anxious to rectify the unwitting mistakes made in the past.

Usage Examples of "Unconscious" as an adjective

  • The boy was beaten unconscious.
  • Lay unconscious on the floor.
  • Happily unconscious of the new calamity at home.
  • He would wipe back his hair in an unconscious gesture of annoyance.
  • ‘What is it?’ he said again, unconscious of the repetition.

Associations of "Unconscious" (30 Words)

accidental(in Aristotelian thought) relating to or denoting properties which are not essential to a thing’s nature.
Horn parts are usually written without key signature the necessary accidentals being added.
anestheticCharacterized by insensibility.
The young girls are in a state of possession blind and deaf and anesthetic.
blindMake blind by putting the eyes out.
She was blind to the realities of her position.
bluntMake dull or blunt.
Blunt the knives.
coma(botany) a usually terminal tuft of bracts (as in the pineapple) or tuft of hairs (especially on certain seeds.
She went into a coma.
comatoseRelating to or in a state of coma.
She had been comatose for seven months.
faint(of a sight, smell, or sound) barely perceptible.
Suddenly felt faint from the pain.
freezingThe freezing point of water 0 C.
Strong winds and freezing temperatures.
hospitalA hospice, especially one run by the Knights Hospitaller.
Christ's Hospital.
ignorantUneducated in the fundamentals of a given art or branch of learning; lacking knowledge of a specific field.
This ignorant pin brained receptionist.
insensible(of a person or bodily extremity) without feeling; numb.
Insensible to the suffering around him.
limboAn imaginary place for lost or neglected things.
The legal battle could leave the club in limbo until next year.
numbMake numb or insensitive.
Vodka might numb the pain in my hand.
obliviousNot aware of or concerned about what is happening around one.
Oblivious to the risks she ran.
paralyzedAffected with paralysis.
senselessUnresponsive to stimulation.
A senseless act.
sillyLacking seriousness; given to frivolity.
Come on silly.
stunHit something or somebody as if with a sandbag.
The man was stunned by a blow to the head.
subconsciousThe subconscious part of the mind not in technical use in psychoanalysis where unconscious is preferred.
My subconscious fear.
unaware(often followed by `of’) not aware.
Seemed unaware of the scrutiny.
unconsciouslyWithout awareness.
Ben smiled unconsciously when he heard her voice.
unintendedNot deliberate.
The unintended consequences of people s actions.
unintentionalNot done on purpose.
The offense was unintentional.
unknownBeing or having an unknown or unnamed source.
An unknown source.
unmindfulNot conscious or aware.
Danielle seemed unmindful of her parents plight.
unwillinglyIn an unwilling manner.
He unwillingly went back to the family business in the City.
unwittingUnaware because of a lack of relevant information or knowledge.
An unwitting mistake may be overlooked.
witless(of especially persons) lacking sense or understanding or judgment.
I was scared witless.

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