UNSOUND: Synonyms and Related Words. What is Another Word for UNSOUND?

Need another word that means the same as “unsound”? Find 56 synonyms and 30 related words for “unsound” in this overview.

The synonyms of “Unsound” are: bad, unfit, fallacious, unstable, rickety, flimsy, shaky, wobbly, tottery, defective, crumbling, decaying, broken, broken-down, damaged, rotten, ramshackle, insubstantial, jerry-built, unsafe, unreliable, dangerous, disordered, diseased, deranged, disturbed, troubled, demented, unbalanced, unhinged, insane, crazed, distracted, untenable, flawed, faulty, weak, questionable, dubious, tenuous, suspect, illogical, irrational, unfounded, ungrounded, unsubstantiated, unsupported, specious, hollow, spurious, false, fallible, erroneous, wrong, sophistic, casuistic

Unsound as an Adjective

Definitions of "Unsound" as an adjective

According to the Oxford Dictionary of English, “unsound” as an adjective can have the following definitions:

  • Not safe or robust; in poor condition.
  • Not based on sound or reliable evidence or reasoning.
  • Not acceptable.
  • Suffering from severe mental illness.
  • Not healthy or well.
  • Of e.g. advice.
  • Physically unsound or diseased.
  • Containing or based on a fallacy.
  • Not sound financially.
  • (of a person) not holding acceptable views.
  • Not in good condition; damaged or decayed.

Synonyms of "Unsound" as an adjective (56 Words)

badFeeling physical discomfort or pain tough is occasionally used colloquially for bad.
Bad behaviour.
brokenOut of working order busted is an informal substitute for broken.
A broken tooth.
broken-downNot in working order.
casuisticOf or relating to the use of ethical principles to resolve moral problems.
Overly subtle casuistic reasoning.
crazed(of porcelain) characterized by a network of fine cracks in the glaze.
Crazed china should not be used for serving food as the tiny cracks can harbour bacteria.
crumblingBreaking or falling apart into small fragments, especially as part of a process of deterioration.
He was trying to escape financial problems and a crumbling marriage.
damagedHarmed or injured or spoiled.
Her damaged reputation.
dangerousCausing fear or anxiety by threatening great harm.
A dangerous operation.
decayingDeclining in quality, power, or vigour.
Old decaying buildings.
defectiveHaving a defect.
Complaints over defective goods.
dementedSuffering from dementia.
She was demented with worry.
derangedMad; insane.
A deranged gunman.
diseasedAbnormal and corrupt.
Diseased trees.
disorderedSuffering from an illness or condition that disrupts normal physical or mental functions.
The small disordered room.
distractedHaving the attention diverted especially because of anxiety.
Charlotte seemed too distracted to give him much attention.
disturbedAfflicted with or marked by anxious uneasiness or trouble or grief.
Disturbed sleep.
dubiousNot convinced.
Timeshare has been brought into disrepute by dubious sales methods.
erroneousWrong; incorrect.
Employers sometimes make erroneous assumptions.
fallaciousBased on an incorrect or misleading notion or information.
Fallacious testimony.
fallibleWanting in moral strength, courage, or will; having the attributes of man as opposed to e.g. divine beings.
Experts can be fallible.
falseUsed in names of plants animals and gems that superficially resemble the thing properly so called e g false oat.
False eyelashes.
faultyHaving a defect.
He submitted a faulty report.
flawedHaving a blemish or flaw.
A flawed hero.
flimsy(of clothing) very light and thin.
A flimsy table.
hollowAs if echoing in a hollow space.
A hollow wall.
illogicalLacking orderly continuity.
An illogical fear of the supernatural.
insaneIn a state of mind which prevents normal perception, behaviour, or social interaction; seriously mentally ill.
He had gone insane.
insubstantialLacking in nutritive value.
Insubstantial evidence.
irrationalOf a number quantity or expression not expressible as a ratio of two integers and having an infinite and non recurring expansion when expressed as a decimal Examples of irrational numbers are the number and the square root of 2.
Irrational fears.
jerry-builtOf inferior workmanship and materials.
questionableAble to be refuted.
A questionable reputation.
ramshackleIn deplorable condition.
A ramshackle old pier.
ricketyInclined to shake as from weakness or defect.
We went carefully up the rickety stairs.
rottenVery bad.
He s had rotten luck this year.
shakyVibrating slightly and irregularly; as e.g. with fear or cold or like the leaves of an aspen in a breeze.
A shaky marriage.
sophisticOf or pertaining to sophists.
speciousBased on pretense; deceptively pleasing.
A specious argument.
spurious(of a line of reasoning) apparently but not actually valid.
Spurious inferences.
suspectNot as expected.
Her motives were suspect.
tenuousVery slender or fine; insubstantial.
A tenuous fluid.
totteryUnsteady in gait as from infirmity or old age.
A tottery old man.
troubledCharacterized by or indicative of distress or affliction or danger or need.
A troubled expression.
unbalanced(of a person) emotionally or mentally disturbed.
This may give an unbalanced impression of the competition.
unfitBelow the required standards for a purpose.
Certified as unfit for army service.
unfoundedWithout a basis in reason or fact.
Unfounded suspicions.
ungroundedNot electrically earthed.
An ungrounded screen can act as an antenna.
unhingedAffected with madness or insanity.
The violent acts of unhinged minds.
unreliableLacking a sense of responsibility.
Unreliable information.
unsafeInvolving or causing danger or risk; liable to hurt or harm.
Drinking water in some areas may be unsafe.
unstableProne to psychiatric problems or sudden changes of mood.
The tower proved to be unstable in the high wind.
unsubstantiatedNot supported or proven by evidence.
Unsubstantiated claims.
unsupportedNot given financial or other assistance.
Removal of the central post left the roof unsupported.
untenableIncapable of being defended or justified.
This argument is clearly untenable.
weakRelating to or denoting the weakest of the known kinds of force between particles which acts only at distances less than about 10 cm is very much weaker than the electromagnetic and the strong interactions and conserves neither strangeness parity nor isospin.
A weak market for oil stocks.
wobbly(of a line or handwriting) not straight or regular.
A wobbly soprano.
wrongBased on or acting or judging in error.
The clock showed the wrong time.

Usage Examples of "Unsound" as an adjective

  • The tower is structurally unsound.
  • Unsound teeth.
  • An unsound limb.
  • This line of argument is unsound.
  • Unsound banking practices.
  • An unsound argument.
  • An unsound foundation.
  • Activities deemed to be environmentally unsound.
  • Of unsound mind.
  • Dorinda was mentally unsound.

Associations of "Unsound" (30 Words)

absurdAn absurd state of affairs.
The incidents that followed bordered on the absurd.
absurdityA message whose content is at variance with reason.
The crowd laughed at the absurdity of the clown s behavior.
disorderedNot arranged in order.
She went to comb her disordered hair.
disqualifyDeclare (someone) ineligible for an office, activity, or competition because of an offence or infringement.
A heart murmur disqualified him for military service.
fallibleWanting in moral strength, courage, or will; having the attributes of man as opposed to e.g. divine beings.
I m only a fallible human.
garbledLacking orderly continuity.
I got a garbled set of directions.
illogicalLacking orderly continuity.
An illogical fear of the supernatural.
imperfectThe imperfect tense.
Drainage here is imperfect.
improperNot conforming to legality, moral law, or social convention.
Improper banking practices.
inappropriateNot in keeping with what is correct or proper.
Inappropriate shoes for a walk on the beach.
incongruentNot congruent.
incongruityThe state of being incongruous; incompatibility.
The incongruity of his fleshy face and skinny body disturbed her.
incongruousLacking in harmony or compatibility or appropriateness.
Incongruous behavior.
indefensibleIncapable of being defended or justified.
This behaviour is morally indefensible.
ineligibleNot eligible.
They were ineligible for jury service.
inexcusableWithout excuse or justification.
Matt s behaviour was inexcusable.
invalidA person made weak or disabled by illness or injury.
Invalid reasoning.
irrationalOf a number quantity or expression not expressible as a ratio of two integers and having an infinite and non recurring expansion when expressed as a decimal Examples of irrational numbers are the number and the square root of 2.
Irrational fears.
irresponsible(of a person, attitude, or action) not showing a proper sense of responsibility.
It would have been irresponsible just to drive on.
unbecoming(of behaviour) not fitting or appropriate; unseemly.
It was unbecoming for a university to do anything so crass as advertising its wares.
uncertainAmbiguous (especially in the negative.
An uncertain recollection of events.
unfaithfulDisloyal, treacherous, or insincere.
You haven t been unfaithful to him have you.
unfitMake unfit or unsuitable.
The increase in the number of unfit and overweight children is alarming.
unjustifiableIncapable of being justified or explained.
An unjustifiable restriction on their freedom.
unreasonableBeyond normal limits.
She knew she was being unreasonable but she resented his domesticity.
unreliableLacking a sense of responsibility.
In the early 1950s computers were large and expensive and unreliable.
unstableAffording no ease or reassurance.
His rather unstable religious convictions.
unsuitableNot worthy of being chosen (especially as a spouse.
A solvent unsuitable for use on wood surfaces.
untenable(of theories etc) incapable of being defended or justified.
This argument is clearly untenable.
untrustworthyNot able to be relied on as honest or truthful.
An untrustworthy person.

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