WEAKEN: Synonyms and Related Words. What is Another Word for WEAKEN?

Need another word that means the same as “weaken”? Find 58 synonyms and 30 related words for “weaken” in this overview.

The synonyms of “Weaken” are: break, damp, dampen, soften, de-escalate, step down, counteract, countermine, sabotage, subvert, undermine, enfeeble, debilitate, incapacitate, sap one's strength, enervate, tire, exhaust, wear out, reduce, decrease, diminish, lessen, moderate, temper, sap, dilute, water down, thin, blunt, mitigate, deplete, soften up, abate, dwindle, ease up, let up, trail off, wane, ebb, subside, peter out, melt away, fizzle out, taper off, tail off, grow dim, grow faint, impair, compromise, relent, give in, acquiesce, yield, give way, accede, succumb, come round

Weaken as a Verb

Definitions of "Weaken" as a verb

According to the Oxford Dictionary of English, “weaken” as a verb can have the following definitions:

  • Reduce the level or intensity or size or scope of.
  • Destroy property or hinder normal operations.
  • Become weaker.
  • Make or become weaker in power, resolve, or physical strength.
  • Lessen the strength of.
  • Lessen in force or effect.

Synonyms of "Weaken" as a verb (58 Words)

abateBecome less in amount or intensity.
Nothing abated his crusading zeal.
accedeYield to another’s wish or opinion.
By now John had died and Henry III had acceded.
acquiesceAccept something reluctantly but without protest.
Sara acquiesced in his decision.
bluntMake dull or blunt.
Blunt the knives.
breakBecome fractured break or crack on the surface only.
Dawn was just breaking.
come roundCover a certain distance.
compromiseMake a compromise arrive at a compromise.
Last month s leak of source code will not compromise your IT security.
counteractOppose or check by a counteraction.
Should we deliberately intervene in the climate system to counteract global warming.
countermineDig a countermine against.
They countermined the enemies mines so that sometimes they fought hand to hand underground.
dampLessen in force or effect.
Concrete structures damp out any vibrations.
dampenLessen in force or effect.
Nothing could dampen her enthusiasm.
de-escalateReduce the level or intensity or size or scope of.
debilitateMake weak.
He was severely debilitated by a stomach upset.
decreaseDecrease in size extent or range.
He decreased his staff.
depleteDiminish in number or quantity.
Reservoirs have been depleted by years of drought.
diluteReduce the value of (a shareholding) by issuing more shares in a company without increasing the values of its assets.
Bleach can be diluted with cold water.
diminishMake or become less.
The pain will gradually diminish.
dwindleBecome smaller or lose substance.
Her savings dwindled down.
ease upLessen pain or discomfort; alleviate.
ebbHem in fish with stakes and nets so as to prevent them from going back into the sea with the ebb.
The tide began to ebb.
enervateDisturb the composure of.
The heat enervated us all.
enfeebleMake weak.
Sickness had enfeebled me.
exhaustMake (someone) feel very tired.
Her day out had exhausted her.
fizzle outTo state openly and publicly one’s homosexuality.
give inConsent to engage in sexual intercourse with a man.
give wayAfford access to.
grow dimDevelop and reach maturity; undergo maturation.
grow faintGrow emotionally or mature.
impairWeaken or damage (something, especially a faculty or function.
A noisy job could permanently impair their hearing.
incapacitateInjure permanently.
He was incapacitated by a heart attack.
lessenWear off or die down.
The warmth of the afternoon lessened.
let upCause to move; cause to be in a certain position or condition.
melt awayBecome more relaxed, easygoing, or genial.
mitigateLessen or to try to lessen the seriousness or extent of.
There had been a provocation that mitigated the offence to a degree.
moderateLessen the intensity of; temper; hold in restraint; hold or keep within limits.
The weather has moderated considerably.
peter outTo state openly and publicly one’s homosexuality.
reduceReduce in size reduce physically.
Reduce an image.
relentGive in, as to influence or pressure.
She was going to refuse his request but relented.
sabotageDestroy property or hinder normal operations.
Power lines from South Africa were sabotaged by rebel forces.
Her illness had sapped her of energy and life.
sap one's strengthDeplete.
softenMake (images or sounds) soft or softer.
Soften a shock.
soften upMake less severe or harsh.
step downCause (a computer) to execute a single command.
subsideWear off or die down.
The valleys subside.
subvertDestroy completely.
Subvert the ruling class.
succumbDie from the effect of a disease or injury.
After a few blows there the porcupine succumbs.
tail offRemove or shorten the tail of an animal.
taper offDiminish gradually.
temperMake more temperate acceptable or suitable by adding something else.
The way a smith would temper a sword.
thinMake thin or thinner.
The trees began to thin out.
tireExhaust or get tired through overuse or great strain or stress.
The proof of a great story is that people never tire of retelling it.
trail offMove, proceed, or walk draggingly or slowly.
undermineHollow out as if making a cave or opening.
The flow of water had undermined pillars supporting the roof.
wane(of a state or feeling) decrease in vigour or extent; become weaker.
Interest in the project waned.
water downSecrete or form water, as tears or saliva.
wear outBe dressed in.
yieldProduce or provide (a natural, agricultural, or industrial product.
The land yields grapes and tobacco.

Usage Examples of "Weaken" as a verb

  • The fever weakened his body.
  • Fault lines had weakened and shattered the rocks.
  • The prisoner's resistance weakened after seven days.
  • His resistance had weakened.

Associations of "Weaken" (30 Words)

adulterateCorrupt, debase, or make impure by adding a foreign or inferior substance; often by replacing valuable ingredients with inferior ones.
Adulterate remedies.
attenuateReduce the force, effect, or value of.
The first live vaccine was insufficiently attenuated and produced a significant disease.
dampenReduce the amplitude of (a sound source.
The fine rain dampened her face.
deadenMake (someone) insensitive to something.
Diabetes can deaden the nerve endings.
debilitateHinder, delay, or weaken.
Hard drugs destroy families and debilitate communities.
declineA condition inferior to an earlier condition; a gradual falling off from a better state.
This Evening from the Sun s decline arriv d.
diluteLessen the strength or flavor of a solution or mixture.
Diluted alcohol.
diminishMake or become less.
The pain will gradually diminish.
diminishedDiminished in size or strength as a result of disease or injury or lack of use.
A diminished role for local government.
emasculateDeprive of strength or vigor.
In his mind her success emasculated him.
enervateMake (someone) feel drained of energy or vitality.
The heat enervated us all.
enfeebleMake weak or feeble.
The breakdown in law and order enfeebled the government s authority.
fadingWeakening in force or intensity.
fatiguedDrained of energy or effectiveness; extremely tired; completely exhausted.
flaggingFlagstones collectively.
She wants to revive her flagging career.
hydrolyzeUndergo hydrolysis; decompose by reacting with water.
impotentUnable to take effective action; helpless or powerless.
Felt impotent rage.
languid(of a period of time) relaxed and peaceful.
A languid wave of the hand.
languishFail to make progress or be successful.
She still languished after Richard.
lessenWear off or die down.
The years have lessened the gap in age between us.
rarefyLessen the density or solidity of.
As the shell continues to expand and rarefy astronomers may eventually be able to see characteristic gamma rays from the radioactivity within.
reduceReduce in scope while retaining essential elements.
She reduced her niece to a servant.
reducedWell below normal (especially in price.
sabotageDestroy property or hinder normal operations.
A coordinated campaign of sabotage.
slowlyWithout speed slow is sometimes used informally for slowly.
He spoke slowly.
thinnerA diluting agent.
Dampen a clean rag with thinners and carefully wipe any remaining dust from the timber.
undermineLessen the effectiveness, power, or ability of, especially gradually or insidiously.
The flow of water had undermined pillars supporting the roof.
unsettleDisturb the composure of.
The crisis has unsettled financial markets.
waneGrow smaller.
Interest in his novels waned.
witherWither as with a loss of moisture.
It is not true that old myths either die or wither away.

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