Adjectives That Start with N: a List of 580+ N Words to Describe Someone (with Definitions and Examples)

Adjectives that start with N are Numerous. With our list of N adjectives, you will be able to express your ideas in a Notable and Natural way! Here’s our huge list of N words you can use to describe someone or something:

Adjectives That Start with NA (56 Words)

nacreousHaving a play of lustrous rainbow colors Celestials with nacreous scales are known but rarely seen.
naiantApplied to a fish depicted horizontally An animal or creature naiant is swimming.
naifMarked by or showing unaffected simplicity and lack of guile or worldly experience One must be impartially naif or impartially critical.
naiveLacking information or instruction The boy is callow and naive.
nakedLacking any cover The naked longing and yearning in his eyes is palpable.
namby-pambyWeak in willpower, courage or vitality
namelessBeing or having an unknown or unnamed source The nameless height is located in the belarusian forests.
namibianOf or relating to namibia or its people Finland has stated it is a staunch supporter of namibian independence.
nanocephalicHaving an abnormally small head and underdeveloped brain
napoleonicOf or relating to or like napoleon bonaparte The napoleonic era and the restoration.
nappyIn small tight curls If we are going to worry about nappy.
narcolepticOf or relating to narcolepsy It sounds like you are narcoleptic.
narcoticInducing mental lethargy It permits the administration of narcotic analgesia and naloxone by paramedics.
narcotisedUnder the influence of narcotics
narcotisingInducing stupor or narcosis I won the bet, narcotising the indescribable agony with a bottle of vodka.
narcotizedUnder the influence of narcotics
narcotizingInducing stupor or narcosis The effect of so much misery isn’t narcotizing, however.
narialOf or relating to or near the nares Its position is not indicative of a narial opening either.
narrativeConsisting of or characterized by the telling of a story Everything in the narrative is veracious.
narrowVery limited in degree Galatea is embedded in an unnamed narrow and faint ringlet.
narrow-bodiedHaving a relatively narrow body The width of the properties was comparatively narrow.
narrow-mindedRigidly adhering to a particular sect or its doctrines Bill’s character is described in an official press release as officious,punctilious, humourless and narrow minded.
narrowedMade narrow; limited in breadth In recent years the achievement test gap has narrowed appreciably.
narrowerLacking tolerance or flexibility or breadth of view The village was famous for its narrow and crisscross road.
narrowingCharacterized by painstaking care and detailed examination Why confine these articles to such a narrow purlieu
naryColloquial for `not a’ or `not one’ or `never a’ In the treaty there is nary a mention of lambs.
nasalOf or in or relating to the nose The nasal capacity remains the same.
nascentBeing born or beginning Copper availability doesn’t affect the translation of the nascent protein.
nasopharyngealOf or relating to or located near the nasopharynx Seizure after local anesthesia for nasopharyngeal angiofibroma.
nastiestOffensive or even (of persons) malicious- ezra pound Plenty of citations exist for the nasty effects of ‘datura’ intoxication.
nastyExasperatingly difficult to handle or circumvent His tone varies from the gently whimsical to the truly nasty.
natalRelating to or accompanying birth Prophylaxis needs antenatal, natal and post natal care.
nationalLimited to or in the interests of a particular nation The school follows the national curriculum.
nationalistDevotion to the interests or culture of a particular nation including promoting the interests of one country over those of others The influx of german nationalist propaganda is disgusting.
nationalisticDevotion to the interests or culture of a particular nation including promoting the interests of one country over those of others Is it that the nationalistic beliefs are centered exclusively on the autocrat
nationwideOccurring or extending throughout a country or nation The case attracted nationwide publicity in the united states.
nativeCharacteristic of or existing by virtue of geographic origin Native speakers use the inflexions intuitively.
nativistOf or relating to or advocating nativism There was a need for a nativist aesthetic.
nativisticOf or relating to or advocating nativism By 1917, germans were the object of much of the american nativistic fervor.
natriureticOf or relating to natriuresis The natriuretic effect of bnp leads to an increase in urine production.
nattyMarked by up-to-dateness in dress and manners I’ve always been partial to natty dread and burnin’
naturalBeing neither raised nor lowered by one chromatic semitone Cooking is one of the natural instincts.
naturalisedPlanted so as to give an effect of wild growth It has widely naturalised elsewhere.
naturalisticRepresenting what is real; not abstract or ideal Trustworthiness and authenticity in naturalistic evaluation.
naturisticIn accord with naturism It endorses a naturistic approach to sports and community living.
naughtySuggestive of sexual impropriety The three naughty wives reappear with giddy greetings all around.
nauruanOf or relating to the island republic of nauru or its residents The origin of the nauruan people has not yet been finally determined.
nauseatingCausing or able to cause nausea I also find the subject matter nauseating.
nauseousFeeling nausea; feeling about to vomit It was like just this emotion and it made you nauseous.
nauticalRelating to or involving ships or shipping or navigation or seamen The names of many of the beers maintain a british nautical theme.
navalConnected with or belonging to or used in a navy Tokyo protests china’s naval incursion off senkakus.
navicularShaped like a boat A very common application is the diagnosis of navicular disease in horses.
navigableAble to be sailed on or through safely The river is navigable within the first of its estuary.
nazareneOf or relating to the nazarenes or their religion Notzri is the earliest form of the word nazarene.
naziRelating to or consistent with or typical of the ideology and practice of nazism or the nazis The article thoroughly underplays the nazi years.

Adjectives That Start with NE (102 Words)

neandertalIll-mannered and coarse and contemptible in behavior or appearance Jose maria basabe studied 5 teeth from a young neandertal found on the site.
neanderthalIll-mannered and coarse and contemptible in behavior or appearance First discovery of a neanderthal tomb.
neanderthalianRelating to or belonging to or resembling neanderthal man
neapolitanOf or relating to or characteristic of naples or its people You could be responsible for the neapolitan section…
nearWith or in a close or intimate relationship Near the scotch barrels, the distillers is talking about the cause of losses.
nearbyClose at hand The brackish water lake of okanj is nearby.
nearerClosely resembling the genuine article The station is near the neighborhood.
nearestBeing on the left side The station is near the neighborhood.
nearsightedUnable to see distant objects clearly I do suffer from astigmatism and i am nearsighted.
neatClean or organized The reason for the link is to keep the infobox clean and neat.
nebularOf or relating to or resembling a nebula That is the case with nebular theory.
nebuloseLacking definite form or limits- h.t.moore
nebulousOf or relating to or resembling a nebula The arrangement was somewhat nebulous.
necessaryUnavoidably determined by prior circumstances The map is extraordinarily necessary.
necessitousPoor enough to need help from others
neck-deepDeeply involved The old man was thin and gaunt with deep wrinkles in the back of his neck.
necklessLacking or apparently lacking a neck They have round neckless heads with two round eyes.
necklikeResembling a neck
necromanticalRelating to or associated with necromancy
nectariferousPossessing nectaries A nectariferous disc is present but inconspicuous.
nectarousExtremely pleasing to the taste; sweet and fragrant
neeUsed to indicate the maiden or family name of a married woman The dynamic and iconoclastic leader of this church was watchman nee.
needfulNecessary for relief or supply I hope that the electrician did whatever was needful.
needlelikeEnding in a sharp point The mouth of the fish is filled with sharp, needlelike, curved teeth.
needlessUnnecessary and unwarranted Further, the clumsy verbosity is needless.
needyPoor enough to need help from others He would help the poor and needy irrespective of race.
nefariousExtremely wicked The word nefarious is creeping into my mind.
negativeCharacterized by or displaying negation or denial or opposition or resistance; having no positive features The negative reviews were mainly scathing.
neglectfulFailing in what duty requires I’ve been neglectful of my friends.
negligentCharacterized by neglect and undue lack of concern The defendant is usually negligent in causing the accident to occur.
negligibleNot worth considering In the bureaucracy, the purge was negligible from the outset.
negotiableCapable of being passed or negotiated The fare is negotiable with the driver before boarding.
negroRelating to or characteristic of or being a member of the traditional racial division of mankind having brown to black pigmentation and tightly curled hair He authored the famous oration ‘the negro element in american life.’
neighboringHaving a common boundary or edge; abutting; touching The children attended school in the neighboring village of barbara.
neighborlyExhibiting the qualities expected in a friendly neighbor I think it would be a bit more neighborly to move it to an appropriate section.
neighbourlyExhibiting the qualities expected in a friendly neighbor It maintains a traditional neighbourly atmosphere with an emphasis on community.
neitherNot either; not one or the other I have neither the time nor the temperament.
neoRecent or new Circuit breaker predates the introduction of the neo knights.
neoclassicCharacteristic of a revival of an earlier classical style The sumptuous foyer contained neoclassic medallions and pilasters.
neoclassicalCharacteristic of a revival of an earlier classical style The building is in neoclassical style.
neoclassicistRelating to or advocating neoclassicism The mansion was built between 1765 and 1770 in the neoclassicist style.
neoclassicisticRelating to or advocating neoclassicism It was rebuilt to neoclassicistic style in the beginning of 19th century.
neocorticalOf or relating to the neocortex of the cerebrum Heterogeneity of phasic cholinergic signaling in neocortical neurons.
neoliberalHaving or showing belief in the need for economic growth in addition to traditional liberalistic values And another is a neoliberal site.
neolithicOf or relating to the most recent period of the stone age (following the mesolithic) The settlement dates back to the neolithic.
neonatalRelating to or affecting the infant during the first month after birth The most common cause of hemolytic disease is neonatal isoerythrolysis.
neoplasticOf or related to or having the properties of a neoplasm These compounds have anti neoplastic activity.
neotenicOf or relating to or characterized by neoteny Neoteny may occur in some individuals, but neotenic populations are not known.
neotenousOf or relating to or characterized by neoteny
nepaleseOf or pertaining to or characteristic of nepal or its people or language or culture Nepalese atc at the time was not equipped with radar.
nepaliOf or pertaining to or characteristic of nepal or its people or language or culture Nepali is the word for the language of the nepali people.
nephriticAffected by nephritis Nephritic syndrome is not a specific diagnosis.
nephrotoxicToxic to the kidney Pegs are nephrotoxic if applied to damaged skin.
neriticOf or relating to the region of the sea over the continental shelf which is less than 200 meters deep They feed almost exclusively on neritic and oceanic squid, mostly nocturnally.
nerve-rackingExtremely irritating to the nerves Diagonal bracing is used to prevent racking of the structure.
nervelessMarked by calm self-control (especially in trying circumstances); unemotional
nervousUnpredictably excitable (especially of horses) Poliomyelitis is a disease of the central nervous system.
nervyOffensively bold She seems to be nervy.
nescientHolding that only material phenomena can be known and knowledge of spiritual matters or ultimate causes is impossible I am fed up with the nescient logic that permeates this article.
nestorianRelating to nestorius or nestorianism But yes, nestorian was much used, but it’s not an ethnic term.
netConclusive in a process or progression The skiff encircles the school with the net.
netherLower He scoops up the kittens on the cart’s nether shelf.
nethermostFarthest down I have added all the information about tourism and nethermost pike.
netlikeHaving open interstices or resembling a web The skirt’s netlike openings may be polyhedral or round in shape.
nettRemaining after all deductions They represent a nett loss of functionality.
nettedRemaining after all deductions The skiff encircles the school with the net.
nettlesomeCausing irritation or annoyance As the picture shows, that route can be somewhat nettlesome.
networklikeHaving a network of veins or ribs
neuralOf or relating to the nervous system Pessimism bias has been described as the neural basis of depression.
neuralgicOf or relating to or suffering from neuralgia
neurasthenicOf or relating to or suffering from neurasthenia On the basis of this, they are often labelled neurotic or neurasthenic.
neuroanatomicOf or relating to neural tissue or the nervous system We report here both neuroanatomic and genetic quantitative evidence that the size of the striatum and the number of neurons contained within it are modulated independently.
neuroanatomicalOf or relating to neural tissue or the nervous system Neuroanatomical correlates of extraversion and neuroticism.
neurobiologicalOf or relating to the biological study of the nervous system Attempting to dress up prejudice as a neurobiological disorder is a disaster.
neuroendocrineOf or relating to the nervous and endocrine systems (especially as they function together) Neuroendocrine perspectives on social attachment and love.
neurogenicArising in or stimulated by nerve tissues Recurrent neurogenic sarcoma of the paranasal sinuses.
neuroglialRelating to or consisting of neuroglia
neurologicOf or relating to or used in or practicing neurology Neurologic findings in vitamin e deficiency.
neurologicalOf or relating to or used in or practicing neurology Functional neurological deficit.
neuromatousOf or relating to or caused by neuromas
neuromotorRelating to a nerve fiber or impulse passing toward motor effectors
neuromuscularAffecting or characteristic of both neural and muscular tissue Requested citation for the neuromuscular reference.
neuronalOf or relating to neurons It may promote neuronal survival.
neuronicOf or relating to neurons
neuropsychiatricOf or relating to neuropsychiatry Here the young neuropsychiatric technician saw his first oil paintings.
neuropsychologicalOf or concerned with neuropsychology Neuropsychological assessment and illness.
neuroticCharacteristic of or affected by neurosis Mickey, another of allen’s neurotic characters, provides the comic relief.
neurotropicTending to attack or affect the nervous system preferentially As such, this neurotropic virus is not found in the blood.
neuterHaving no or imperfectly developed or nonfunctional sex organs The holy spirit is treated with the neuter pronoun.
neuteredOf grammatical gender Apparently, it is the neuter gerundive.
neutralNot supporting or favoring either side in a war, dispute, or contest Incrimination is hardly neutral.
neutralisedMade neutral in some respect; deprived of distinctive characteristics It needs to be neutralised, so to speak.
never-endingUninterrupted in time and indefinitely long continuing What is truly puerile is the never ending racist crudity of dbachmann.
newIn use after medieval times Beginning in 2006, hill offered a new statecraft.
newbornRecently born Newborn quilts and basket of baby items for expectant mothers.
newerHarvested at an early stage of development; before complete maturity Beginning in 2006, hill offered a new statecraft.
newestOriginal and of a kind not seen before Hence, the time to start a new charter airline seemed opportune.
newfangledGratuitously new He constantly speaks in a stylish, newfangled dialect.
newfoundNewly discovered The death of his brothers gave him newfound purpose in the senate.
newsworthySufficiently interesting to be reported in a newspaper Again newsworthy, but not encyclopedic.
newtonianOf or relating to or inspired by sir isaac newton or his science There are newtonian counterparts to the gr outlook.
nextNearest in space or position; immediately adjoining without intervening space The next section invokes the following.

Adjectives That Start with NI (37 Words)

nibbedHaving a writing point or nib especially of a certain kind Triart markers feature a refillable 3 nibbed marker design.
nicaeanOf or relating to the ancient city of nicaea in asia minor This controversy led to the convention of the nicaean council in 325 ce.
nicaraguanOf or relating to nicaragua or is people Ser is a nicaraguan magazine of fashion and lifestyle.
niceExcessively fastidious and easily disgusted Grandma is very tender and nice.
niceneOf or relating to the ancient city of nicaea in asia minor The nicene creed is the fundamental statement of the christian faith.
nicerExcessively fastidious and easily disgusted The melody sounds nice.
nidicolousRemaining in the nest for a time after hatching However, the concepts of altricial and nidicolous are not identical.
nidifugousLeaving the nest shortly after hatching The chicks are nidifugous and accompany the female after hatching.
niffyMalodorous But thank you for praising me on my niffy fact or theory.
niftyVery good The exposition is swift, nifty and joyously unclunky.
nigerianOf or relating to nigeria List of nigerian states by area.
nigerienOf or relating to the people of nigeria Nigerien footballers who have played abroad at any time during their career.
nighBeing on the left side This is well nigh impossible to decipher.
nightedOvertaken by night or darkness He was nighted after saving a whole family from a ship wreck, single handedly.
nightlongLasting, open, or operating through the whole night
nightlyHappening every night C set also planned a nightly sportscast.
nightmarishExtremely alarming Bacon’s portraits are notable for their nightmarish quality.
nihilisticOf or relating to nihilism Dalton would appear to be somewhat nihilistic.
niloticOf or relating to or constituting the nilotic group of languages A list of nilotic languages would be very useful in this article.
nilpotentEqual to zero when raised to a certain power A nilsquare or nilpotent infinitesimal can then be defined.
nimbleMoving quickly and lightly They are not nimble or adaptable enough to be pacesetters.
niminy-piminyAffectedly dainty or refined
nineDenoting a quantity consisting of one more than eight and one less than ten A polygon with nine sides is called a nonagon.
nine-year-oldBelonging to some prior time At an old age, frailty is a fact of life.
ninefoldHaving nine units or components This deity shines his torch over the ninefold darkness.
ninepennyUsed of nail size; 2 3/4 in or 7 cm long
nineteenBeing one more than eighteen She began acting in the film studios at the age of nineteen.
nineteenthComing next after the eighteenth in position In the nineteenth century a dissension arose over the nature of sanctification.
ninetiethThe ordinal number of ninety in counting order He died three days before his ninetieth birthday.
ninetyBeing ten more than eighty The usable portion of the tube is ninety feet deep.
ninthComing next after the eighth and just before the tenth in position The eighth and ninth are the stars and stripes and the presidential flag.
nipponeseOf or relating to or characteristic of japan or its people or their culture or language All in all, you have been sweet enough in your nipponese way.
nippyA sharp biting taste Glad to see puppy up and giving suitably painful nippy bites to miscreants.
nisiNot final or absolute A decree of divorce is initially granted ‘nisi’, i.e.
nitidBright with a steady but subdued shining
nitricOf or containing nitrogen What are the physical properties of nitric oxide
nitwittedLacking sense or understanding or judgment Although very beautiful, she is somewhat proud and nitwitted.

Adjectives That Start with NO (351 Words)

noQuantifier; used with either mass nouns or plural count nouns for indicating a complete or almost complete lack or zero quantity of As there is no supercilious attitude, i’ve got nothing to lose.
no-frillsCharacterized by the absence of inessential features No sign of ellipse, no sign of aphelion, no sign of perihelion.
no-nonsenseNot tolerating irrelevancies The speech was infantile nonsense.
no-winCertain to end in failure and disappointment The vantage of the armies made them win.
noachianOf or relating to noah or his time I linked noachian era to an edit page because there is no existing article.
nobleImpressive in appearance Man isn’t a noble savage, he’s an ignoble savage.
nocentHaving a tendency to cause harm
nociceptiveCaused by or in response to pain Cellular memory in spinal nociceptive circuitry.scand.
noctilucentShining or glowing by night The care will be the first space viewing of an artificial noctilucent cloud.
nocturnalOf or relating to or occurring in the night The pacific seahorse is nocturnal.
nodularHaving nodules or occurring in the form of nodules Other types include nodular regenerative hyperplasia and hamartoma.
nodulatedHaving nodules or occurring in the form of nodules The genus lupinus is nodulated by the soil microorganism bradyrhizobium sp.
noduledHaving nodules or occurring in the form of nodules
noduloseHaving minute nodules Nodulose roots become swollen near the tips; example turmeric.
noeticOf or associated with or requiring the use of the mind Since they are stating that intellectual is the same word as noetic.
noiselessMaking no sound- shakespeare The human sensory system is not noiseless.
noisomeOffensively malodorous Meanwhile, the allies awaited reinforcements and supplies in the noisome swamps, dying meantime by thousands of fever.
noisyFull of or characterized by loud and nonmusical sounds The guggenheim is a noisy extrovert that craves attention.
nomadicMigratory The figures excludes the nomadic bedouin population.
nominalPertaining to a noun or to a word group that functions as a noun The number indicates the nominal power rating.
nominalisticOf or relating to nominalism It can also be traced to the nominalistic tradition of illiam of ockham.
nominativeAppointed by nomination The esperanto cases are nominative and accusative.
nomotheticRelating to or involving the search for abstract universal principles The structure of mood change an idiographic/nomothetic analysis.
nonabsorbentNot capable of absorbing or soaking up (liquids)
nonabsorptiveNot capable of absorbing or soaking up (liquids)
nonadaptiveFailing to serve an adjustive purpose
nonaddictiveNot causing or characterized by addiction It has been medically proven to be nonaddictive and safe to ingest.
nonadhesiveNot tending to adhere Eggs are nonadhesive and range in size from 2.6 to 2.9 mm.
nonadjacentNot adjacent; not next A chord is an edge between nonadjacent nodes in the cycle.
nonadsorbentLacking a capacity to adsorb or cause to accumulate on a surface
nonadsorptiveLacking a capacity to adsorb or cause to accumulate on a surface
nonagedNot of legal age
nonagenarianBeing from 90 to 99 years old Just wondering why you removed the nonagenarian category.
nonaggressiveNot aggressive; not given to fighting or assertiveness The culture is pacifistic and nonaggressive, though dwarma peoples eat meat.
nonalcoholicCharacterized by the absence of alcohol Also, pumpkin can be used to flavor both alcoholic and nonalcoholic beverages.
nonalignedNot affiliated with any faction, party, or cause Yemen participates in the nonaligned movement.
nonappointiveFilled by popular election rather than by appointment
nonarbitrableNot appropriate for or subject to arbitration
nonarbitraryNot subject to individual determination Starting at zero is a natural, nonarbitrary point.
nonarborealNot inhabiting or frequenting trees
nonassertiveNot aggressively self-assured, though not necessarily lacking in confidence None of the above theories give a formal semantics for nonassertive speech acts.
nonassociativeNot associative Find a nonassociative finite simple a loop, if such a loop exists.
nonastringentNot astringent
nonautonomousControlled by outside forces It may also be nice to use a nonautonomous equation.
nonbearingSupporting no vertical weight other than its own
nonbelligerentNot directly at war
noncaloricOf food have no (or few) calories
noncarbonatedNot having carbonation
noncausalNot causative
noncausativeNot causative It thus relates a causative and a noncausative form.
noncellularNot made up of or divided into cells
nonchalantMarked by blithe unconcern Josh was a mellow and nonchalant young man.
nonchristianNot believing in christ The stuff about offending the nonchristian is utter bollocks.
nonchurchgoingNo longer active or practicing
noncivilisedNot having a high state of culture and social development
noncivilizedNot having a high state of culture and social development
nonclassicalNot classical The name ‘nonclassical’ is derived from the label’s approach to classical music.
noncollapsableNot capable of collapsing
noncollapsibleNot capable of collapsing
noncolumnedNot having columns
noncombatantMember of armed forces whose duties do not include fighting as e.g. a chaplain or surgeon Its major problem is a misreporting of combatant casualties as noncombatant.
noncombinativeNot involving combination
noncombiningNot able to combine
noncombustibleNot capable of igniting and burning The box is stuffed with noncombustible materials.
noncommercialNot connected with or engaged in commercial enterprises The program is free for noncommercial use.
noncommissionedAppointed from enlisted personnel His temporary replacement was a noncommissioned officer.
noncommittalRefusing to bind oneself to a particular course of action or view or the like Some sources use agnostic in the sense of noncommittal.
noncommunicableNot capable of being passed on Noncommunicable diseases such as cancer also are a major health issue in jordan.
noncompetitiveNot involving competition or competitiveness Admission is noncompetitive and the academic year is divided into quarters.
noncompliantBoldly resisting authority or an opposing force The noncompliant tag is a request for the article to be improved.
noncomprehensiveNot comprehensive
nonconcentricNot having a common center; not concentric
nonconductingNot able to conduct heat or electricity or sound
nonconductiveNot able to conduct heat or electricity or sound A selected region of a conductive elastomer is made relatively nonconductive by subjecting said region to ultrasonic vibration and pressure.
nonconformingNot conforming to established customs or doctrines especially in religion Implied intent exists if the landowner fails to exercise the nonconforming use.
nonconformistNot conforming to established customs or doctrines especially in religion Greenacres has long been the site of a nonconformist chapel and congregation.
nonconsciousRelating to the lack of consciousness of inanimate things On the development, mechanisms, and ecology of nonconscious social behavior.
noncontagiousNot capable of being passed on
noncontentiousOf persons; not given to controversy
noncontinuousNot continuing without interruption in time or space This type of program is usually noncontinuous.
noncontroversialNot likely to arouse controversy Faqs are supposed to be noncontroversial.
nonconvergentNever meeting or crossing
noncriticalNot in a state of crisis or emergency The assembly of this simple device requires a minimum of noncritical steps.
noncrucialNot in a state of crisis or emergency
noncrystallineNot crystalline
noncurrentNot current or belonging to the present time
noncyclicNot cyclic Let c be the number of noncyclic sorts in the language.
noncyclicalNot cyclic The causes for noncyclical breast pain are very varied and hard to establish.
nondeductibleNot allowable as a deduction
nondenominationalNot restricted to a particular religious denomination He seems to be some kind of nondenominational christian.
nondescriptLacking distinct or individual characteristics; dull and uninteresting The whole complex is pretty nondescript.
nondigestibleNot digestible
nondisposableUnavailable for use
noneNot any None of the rivers are perennial.
nonechoicNot echoic or imitative of sound
noneffervescentNot sparkling
nonelectedFilled by appointment rather than by election
nonelectiveFilled by appointment rather than by election
nonenterprisingLacking in enterprise; not bold or venturesome
nonenzymaticNot relating to or produced by enzymes
nonequivalentNot equal or interchangeable in value, quantity, or significance Computerized mastery testing with nonequivalent testlets.
nonessentialNot of prime or central importance- pubs.mla Cdc4 can be essential, or nonessential, depending on the organism.
nonexemptNot exempt from an obligation or liability
nonexistentNot having existence or being or actuality Nonexistent creature from a nonexistent mythology.
nonexplorativeNot exploratory
nonexploratoryNot exploratory
nonexplosiveNot explosive
nonextantNo longer existing or inaccessible through loss or destruction- g.b.saul
nonextensileNot extensile
nonfatWithout fat or fat solids I’m eating nonfat coconut sorbet with godiva liqueuer on it.
nonfatalNot bringing death This benefit was driven primarily by a reduction in nonfatal mi.
nonfictionalNot fictional The opposite of a nonfictional character is a fictional character.
nonfigurativeNot representing or imitating external reality or the objects of nature He also started painting nonfigurative art.
nonfinancialNot involving financial matters
nonfissileNot fissile
nonfissionableNot capable of undergoing fission
nonflammableImpossible to ignite It is nonflammable, but iodine may be released during a fire.
nonflavoredWithout flavoring added
nonflavouredWithout flavoring added
nonfloweringWithout flower or bloom and not producing seeds Nonflowering plants include reindeer moss and glade moss.
nonfunctionalNot having or performing a function The line had an nonfunctional parameter in it.
nonglutinousNot resembling glue in texture
nongranularNot having granules
nongregariousOf plants and animals; not growing or living in groups or colonies
nonhairyWithout hair
nonharmonicNot harmonic You have to say what the next chord is in the example for nonharmonic bass.
nonhereditaryNot acquirable by inheritance Ollier disease is a rare nonhereditary sporadic disorder.
nonheritableNot inheritable
nonhierarchicNot classified hierarchically
nonhierarchicalNot classified hierarchically There are two main varieties hierarchical and nonhierarchical.
nonhumanNot human; not belonging to or produced by or appropriate to human beings I see no reason not to include notable nonhuman deaths.
nonimitativeNot marked by or given to imitation
nonimmuneLikely to be affected with The cause of refractoriness may be either immune or nonimmune based.
nonindulgentCharacterized by strictness, severity, or restraint
nonindustrialNot having highly developed manufacturing enterprises The health effects of nonindustrial indoor air pollution.
noninfectiousNot infectious Avian flu viruses are noninfectious for most species.
noninflammatoryNot inflammatory It can refer to a process that is inflammatory or noninflammatory.
noninheritableNot inheritable
noninstitutionalNot institutional The sample represents the civilian noninstitutional population.
noninstitutionalisedNot committed to an institution
noninstitutionalizedNot committed to an institution
nonintegratedNot integrated; not taken into or made a part of a whole Paper mills can be fully integrated mills or nonintegrated mills.
nonintellectualNot intellectual That is a nonintellectual view of our purpose here.
noninterchangeableSuch that the terms of an expression cannot be interchanged without changing the meaning
nonintersectingNever meeting or crossing
noninvasiveRelating to a technique that does not involve puncturing the skin or entering a body cavity And this is an excellent, noninvasive way to do so.
nonionicNot converted into ions It is a member of the nonoxynol family of nonionic surfactants.
nonionisedNot converted into ions
nonionizedNot converted into ions
nonjudgmentalRefraining from making judgments especially ones based on personal opinions or standards There, she was nurtured in a welcoming and nonjudgmental environment.
nonkosherNot conforming to dietary laws
nonleadedNot containing tetraethyl lead Development of nonleaded technology.
nonlegalNot regulated or sanctioned by law
nonlethalNot capable of causing death The m84 is classified as a nonlethal weapon.
nonlexicalNot relating to words There are clearly cases where a prepositional phrase can occur in a clause not by virtue of the lexical entry of the verb but rather by virtue of nonlexical facts of english syntax.
nonlinearDesignating or involving an equation whose terms are not of the first degree Experimental ultrasonic nonlinear acoustics.
nonlinguisticNot consisting of or related to language We ask subjects to segment discourse using a nonlinguistic criterion in order to avoid circularity when we later investigate the correlation of linguistic devices with segments derived from the segmentation task results.
nonliteralNot literal; using figures of speech They lack a theory connecting the nonliteral and literal readings.
nonliteraryMarked by lack of affectation or pedantry- w.d.howells In fact, it can be performed for any expression, nonliterary or literary.
nonliterateUsed of a society that has not developed writing Daily life was infused with this mixture of nonliterate/literate.
nonlivingNot endowed with life Pct also applies to nonliving autonomic systems.
nonmagneticNot capable of being magnetized It is almost nonmagnetic and corrosion resistant.
nonmandatoryNot required by rule or law
nonmaterialNot consisting of matter Culture is both material and nonmaterial.
nonmeaningfulHaving no meaning or direction or purpose
nonmechanicalLacking mechanical skills
nonmechanisticNot mechanistic
nonmedicinalNot having a medicinal effect or not medically prescribed
nonmetalNot containing or resembling or characteristic of a metal A mott transition is a metal nonmetal transition in condensed matter.
nonmetallicNot containing or resembling or characteristic of a metal Nonmetallic conductors, such as conductive plastic, are sometimes used.
nonmetamorphicNot metamorphic
nonmigratoryUsed of animals that do not migrate Akepa is a nonmigratory passerine bird endemic to hawaii.
nonmilitaryNot associated with soldiers or the military That technology also has nonmilitary applications, particularly in sports.
nonmodernNot modern; of or characteristic of an earlier time
nonmonotonicNot monotonic Nonmonotonic reasoning by minimal belief revision.
nonmotileNot capable of movement They are oxidase negative, nonmotile and usually nitrate negative.
nonmovingNot in motion The party opposing the motion is the nonmovant or nonmoving party.
nonmusicalNot musical in nature Improvisation can be carried out with both musical and nonmusical references.
nonnativeOf plants or animals originating in a part of the world other than where they are growing Nonnative bullfrogs may be the worst predator on small waterbird chicks.
nonnaturalExisting outside of or not in accordance with nature-aldous huxley The distinction between natural and nonnatural meaning.
nonnegativeEither positive or zero Rk is both smooth and nonnegative.
nonnomadicNot nomadic or wandering
nonnormativeNot based on a norm But don’t leave the nonnormative group unmodified or it won’t make sense.
nonobjectiveNot representing or imitating external reality or the objects of nature You seem to be nonobjective in my case.
nonobligatoryNot required by rule or law
nonobservantFailing or refusing to observe religious customs Anyone is free to be nonobservant.
nonopeningNot open; not opening
nonoperationalNot involved in military operations The unit became nonoperational for a short time.
nonoscillatoryNot having periodic vibrations Uniformly high order accurate nonoscillatory schemes.
nonparallelOf or relating to the sequential performance of multiple operations An ir approach for translating new words from nonparallel, comparable texts.
nonparametricNot involving an estimation of the parameters of a statistic Mantel nonparametric test calculator.
nonparasiticNot parasitic on another organism Several other worms may be free living, or nonparasitic.
nonpareilEminent beyond or above comparison The general scene recorded itself; of all the magnificent evenings which my voyage had brought forth this was perhaps the nonpareil.
nonparticulateNot composed of distinct particles
nonpartisanFree from party affiliation or bias The magazine is basically nonpolitical and nonpartisan.
nonpartizanFree from party affiliation or bias
nonpasserineRelating to or characteristic of birds that are not perching birds
nonperiodicNot recurring at regular intervals Quasicrystals are structural forms that are both ordered and nonperiodic.
nonpersonalLacking personality Especially if the changes are consistent in being nonpersonal in nature.
nonphotosyntheticNot photosynthetic
nonphysicalLacking substance or reality; incapable of being touched or seen Objects can be nonphysical and nonmoving, or actively physical and movable.
nonplusedFilled with bewilderment
nonplussedFilled with bewilderment This is something that has always left me nonplussed.
nonpoisonousNot producing poison
nonpolarNot ionic It is classified as a nonpolar amino acid.
nonpoliticalNot political Every source i’ve found describes the hippie subgroup as nonpolitical.
nonporousNot porous; especially not having vessels that appear as pores Vinyl is not flexible, but very smooth and nonporous so it’s easy to clean.
nonpregnantNot pregnant A nonpregnant uterus that enlarges quickly is suspicious.
nonprehensileNot prehensile
nonprescriptionPurchasable without a doctor’s prescription All prescription and nonprescription drugs are the cause of disease.
nonproductiveNot directly productive Roughly one third of patients had nonproductive cough.
nonprofessionalNot professional; not engaged in a profession or engaging in as a profession or for gain The role of nonprofessional volunteers in a suicide prevention center.
nonprofitNot commercially motivated The playground was developed by the nonprofit boundless playgrounds.
nonprognosticativeNot offering prognostications
nonprogressiveOld-fashioned and out of date
nonproprietaryNot protected by trademark or patent or copyright
nonprotractileNot extensile
nonpsychoactiveNot affecting the mind or mental processes
nonpublicNot invested with or related to prominent position or status etc. I guess i’m not seeing any nonpublic information being outed here.
nonpurulentNot containing pus Eucalyptol is an effective treatment for nonpurulent rhinosinusitis.
nonracialNot racial; having nothing to do with race or races Natal also briefly had a nonracial franchise, although this ended in 1896.
nonracistUnprejudiced about race Nonracist uncivil jerks deserve to be treated the same way.
nonradioactiveNot radioactive
nonrandomNot random A judgment sample is a type of nonrandom sample.
nonrationalObtained through intuition rather than from reasoning or observation The interpretation given above is valid for a nonrational bezier curve.
nonreciprocalNot reciprocal The geometry of nonreciprocal propagation may at first appear paradoxical.
nonreciprocatingNot moving alternately forward and backward
nonrecreationalInvolving gainful employment in something often done as a hobby
nonreflectingNot capable of physical reflection
nonreflectiveNot capable of physical reflection Note the nonreflective backing of the day speed limit number.
nonrenewableThat can not be renewed Coal, oil, natural gas, and nuclear fuels such as uranium are nonrenewable.
nonrepetitiveMarked by the absence of repetition
nonrepresentationalOf or relating to a style of art in which objects do not resemble those known in physical nature Hard edged painting can be both figurative or nonrepresentational.
nonrepresentativeNot standing for something else The excerpts in wikipedia seem inconsistent and nonrepresentative.
nonresidentNot living in a particular place or owned by permanent residents A number of other countries have nonresident ambassadors.
nonresidentialNot residential
nonresilientNot resilient
nonresinousNot having resin
nonresinyNot having resin
nonresistantLikely to be affected with It acts quickly and can kill up to 99% of nonresistant cells within 2 days.
nonresonantNot reverberant; lacking a tendency to reverberate
nonrestrictiveNot limiting the reference of a modified word or phrase The use of commas can indicate a restrictive or nonrestrictive sense.
nonreticulateNot resembling or forming a network
nonretractableNot capable of being retracted
nonretractileNot capable of being retracted
nonreturnableThat may not be returned
nonreversibleNot reversible or capable of having either side out
nonrhythmicDeliberately not rhythmic A tic is a sudden, repetitive, stereotyped, nonrhythmic movement or sound.
nonrigidDesignating an airship having a shape maintained only by internal gas pressure and without a supporting structure
nonruminantNot ruminant
nonsectarianNot restricted to one sect or school or party- bertrand russell Carden schools are largely nonsectarian and always independent.
nonsegmentalHaving a body that is not divided into segments
nonsegregatedRid of segregation; having had segregation ended
nonsenseHaving no intelligible meaning The contents themselves are just abject nonsense.
nonsensicalHaving no intelligible meaning The contents themselves are just abject nonsense.
nonsensitiveNever having had security classification
nonsexualNot having or involving sex Affection between males was supposed to be expressed in a nonsexual way.
nonsignificantAttributable to chance But that is not viable information and in my opinion nonsignificant.
nonskidDesigned to reduce or prevent skidding The deck has sections of molded in nonskid.
nonslipDesigned to reduce or prevent slipping One change was the switch to nonslip soles.
nonslipperyNot slippery; not likely to slip or skid
nonsocialOf plants and animals; not growing or living in groups or colonies The second category focuses on nonsocial or general processing.
nonsovereignControlled by outside forces Its an official government website listing it as a nonsovereign dependency.
nonspatialNot spatial
nonspeakingNot capable of or especially not involving speech or spoken lines Tions made by five nonspeaking adults over 14 days.
nonspecificNot caused by a specific agent; used also of staining in making microscope slides Let’s not use nonspecific language.
nonsphericalNot spherical You wouldn’t see the distinct colors if the raindrops were nonspherical.
nonstandardNot conforming to the language usage of a prestige group within a community- a. Redirect is pointless as the term is nonstandard.
nonsteroidalNot steroidal or not having the effects of steroid hormones Cox 1 is inhibited by nonsteroidal anti inflammatory drugs such as aspirin.
nonstickPermitting easy removal of adherent food particles This results in a semi nonstick surface which has heat and scratch resistance.
nonstopAt all times Total nonstop action and the independent circuit.
nonstructuralNot structural
nonsubjectiveUndistorted by emotion or personal bias; based on observable phenomena I think a wording along my lines can be made workable and nonsubjective.
nonsubmergibleNot submersible or submergible
nonsubmersibleNot submersible or submergible
nonsuppurativeNot suppurative
nonsurgicalNot surgical The treatment choice, whether surgical or nonsurgical, also plays a role.
nonsweetNot containing sugar
nonsyllabicNot forming a syllable or the nucleus of a syllable; consisting of a consonant sound accompanied in the same syllable by a vowel sound or consisting of a vowel sound dominated by other vowel sounds in a syllable (as the second vowel in
nonsymbioticNot parasitic on another organism
nonsynchronousNot occurring together A quantized nonsynchronous clipped speech multi channel coded 1.
nonsyntheticInvolving or derived from living organisms; free from chemical treatments or additives
nontaxableNot subject to taxation
nontechnicalNot characteristic of or skilled in applied arts and sciences Or perhaps some kind of nontechnical issues were involved.
nontelescopicNot telescopic
nontelescopingNot telescopic
nonterritorialNot displaying territoriality
nonthermalNot involving heat
nontoxicNot producing or resulting from poison Tfm is nontoxic to humans and other mammals.
nontraditionalNot conforming to or in accord with tradition As any nontraditional remedy salesman knows,
nontransferableIncapable of being transferred
nontranslationalOf or relating to movement that is not uniform or not without rotation
nontransmissibleNot acquirable by inheritance
nonturbulentNot turbulent The free atmosphere is usually nonturbulent, or only intermittently turbulent.
nonuniformNot homogeneous Shock wave propagation in the nonuniform interstellar medium.
nonunionNot belonging to or not allowing affiliation with a trade union These tactics succeeded in keeping the many nonunion miners away.
nonunionisedNot affiliated in a trade union
nonunionizedNot affiliated in a trade union
nonupleHaving nine units or components
nonvenomousNot producing venom Even nonvenomous snake bites like any animal bite will cause tissue damage.
nonverbalInvolving little use of language Essentials of nonverbal communication.
nonviableNot capable of living or developing successfully Also, in regards to the nonviable word.
nonviolentAchieved without bloodshed There is nonviolent resistance to the occupation.
nonviscidNot resembling glue in texture
nonvisualNot resulting in vision These include nonvisual sensory messages, such as pain, or motor nerves.
nonvolatileNot volatilizing readily A low voltage write, avalanche breakdown, nonvolatile mnosfet memory device.
nonvolatilisableNot volatilizing readily
nonvolatilizableNot volatilizing readily
nonvoluntaryNot subject to the control of the will- john f.kennedy Let the community enact a nonvoluntary one if it sees the need.
nonwashableNot washable
nonwoodyNot woody; not consisting of or resembling wood
nordicResembling peoples of scandinavia However, this effect is neutralized among nordic or liberalist countries.
normalIn accordance with scientific laws This is normal and is called postprandial anorexia.
normanOf or relating to or characteristic of the normans Some of the nave’s pillars are norman piers cased in perpendicular panelling.
normativePertaining to giving directives or rules The view is a normative form of egoism.
normotensiveHaving normal blood pressure
norseOf or relating to scandinavia or its peoples or cultures The norse arrived in ad 980 and began to colonize the island.
northSituated in or facing or moving toward or coming from the north The list runs anticlockwise from north east to south east wales.
northboundMoving toward the north Northbound the next stations are .
northeastSituated in or oriented toward the northeast The epicenter was located approximately northeast of the town of carmel.
northeasterlySituated in or oriented toward the northeast It continues a northeasterly course for about as a freeway.
northeasternOf a region of the united states generally including the new england states; new york; and sometimes new jersey and pennsylvania Plimoth plantation is in the northeastern part of the village.
northeastwardToward the northeast A cold front pushed the storm northward, then northeastward.
northerlyComing from the north; used especially of wind The lobsters in tysfjord are the most northerly in the world.
northernIn or characteristic of a region of the united states north of (approximately) the mason-dixon line The northern meseta is constituted of paleozoic plinths.
northernmostSituated farthest north Mesquite springs is located in the northernmost part of death valley.
northmostSituated farthest north Prawn island is a small island located northmost and center on the city map.
northwardMoving toward the north The revolt rapidly spread northward.
northwestSituated in or oriented toward the northwest Earthquakes continue to rumble the pacific northwest coast sunday.
northwesterlySituated in or oriented toward the northwest The highway then leaves galena on a northwesterly direction.
northwesternSituated in or oriented toward the northwest Hillam was trained as a dentist and an orthodontist at northwestern university.
northwestwardToward the northwest Thus diverting more of the gulf stream northwestward.
norwegianOf or relating to norway or its people or culture or language This category lists the editors of the official norwegian almanac.
noselessHaving no nose The story would be more clear if the noseless nun were not mentioned.
noseyOffensively curious or inquisitive I tend to be rather nosy myself.
nosocomialTaking place or originating in a hospital To prevent nosocomial myiasis, hospital rooms must be kept free of flies.
nosohusialTaking place related or acquired under home healthcare
nostalgicUnhappy about being away and longing for familiar things or persons All nostalgic tram routes are on unreserved tracks.
nosyOffensively curious or inquisitive Ask the disabled nosy questions and stare.
not-too-distantSeparated in space or coming from or going to a distance The tardis materializes on a distant planet in the far future.
notableWorthy of notice The subject is only marginally notable.
notedWidely known and esteemed He is noted for wearing a toupee.
noteworthyWorthy of notice The noteworthy thing is the arrest and surrounding incident.
noticeableUndesirably noticeable The dubbing is particularly noticeable during the train scene.
noticedBeing perceived or observed I’ve noticed another strident voice.
notifiableRequiring that official notification be given Just because he’s autistic doesn’t mean he isn’t relevant or notifiable.
notionalBeing of the nature of a notion or concept The notional functional syllabus.
notoriousKnown widely and usually unfavorably; She was a notorious hypochondriac.
nourishingOf or providing nourishment The cord disappears once the young are capable of nourishing themselves.
novelPleasantly new or different She later proved this in her supplementary book about the writing of the novel.
noxiousInjurious to physical or mental health The beak contains nociceptors that sense pain and noxious stimuli.

Adjectives That Start with NU, NY (34 Words)

nubblyOf textiles; having a rough surface
nubbyOf textiles; having a rough surface Thanks for letting me borrow your nubby clamps.
nubileOf girls or women who are eligible to marry Such was the ideal of wifely purity in an isle where nubile virgins went naked as in paradise.
nuclearDeriving destructive energy from the release of atomic energy The nuclear envelope disassembles and microtubules invade the nuclear space.
nucleateHaving a nucleus or occurring in the nucleus Sites in eastern iowa appeared to nucleate, vacating much of the hinterlands.
nucleatedHaving a nucleus or occurring in the nucleus Public services are nucleated in the centre of either of these areas.
nudeCompletely unclothed He had her recite the famous sleepwalking soliloquy in the nude.
nugatoryOf no real value He studied the laws of the state, but favored such interpretations thereof as rendered them nugatory.
nullLacking any legal or binding force The pseudoinverse of the null vector is the transposed null vector.
numbNot showing human feeling or sensitivity; unresponsive Larger doses can cause the user to become numb and even fully insensate.
numberlessToo numerous to be counted We hear of numberless other ventures, but these are the principal.
numbingSo frightened as to be unable to move; stunned or paralyzed with terror; petrified The clinician may first use a local anesthetic to numb the cervix.
numerableThat can be counted Miserable beetles may sometimes be seen eaten almost hollow within by in numerable parasites.
numeralOf or relating to or denoting numbers The roman numeral system was clumsy and inefficient.
numerateAble to understand and use numbers We started to numerate the numbers.
numericMeasured or expressed in numbers The table can effectively replace the numeric content of the section.
numericalMeasured or expressed in numbers In these cases, the numerical order of the rankings is accurate.
numerologicalOf or relating to numerology A lot of the age spans are probably numerological.
numerousAmounting to a large indefinite number The photojournalism department has won numerous awards.
numidianOf or relating to ancient numidia or its people or culture Regarding numidian foot soldiers, by unarmoured i mean without metal armour.
numinousOf or relating to or characteristic of a numen These facts are far more numinous than his or any other artistic output.
nuptialOf or relating to a wedding A pre nuptial agreement, probably.
nurturalResulting from nurture
nurturantProviding physical and emotional care and nourishment
nutbrownOf the color of nuts
nutlikeResembling a nut in shape and size They did indeed have a pleasant nutlike flavor.
nutrientOf or providing nourishment Increases in nutrient loading may lead to eutrophication.
nutritionalOf or relating to or providing nutrition First, the nutritional basis of the indigenous population is directly weakened.
nutritiousOf or providing nourishment The roots or bulbs cooked make palatable and nutritious food.
nutritiveOf or providing nourishment Now colostrum is very thick and has a high nutritive concentration.
nutsInformal or slang terms for mentally irregular But going nuts and overindulging can lead to extra pounds.
nuttyHaving the flavor of nuts It has a nutty, artichoke like flavor.
nymphomaniacAffected with excessive sexual desire The magdalene is a lusty, nymphomaniac ectoplasm.
nymphomaniacalAffected with excessive sexual desire

That’s plenty of N adjectives, isn’t that right? Now, go and start using all these words in your speech and writing to express the qualities of people, places or things.

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