670+ E Adjectives. A Collection of Adjectives That Start with E (with definitions and examples)

A lot of adjectives in English start with the letter E. Here, we have compiled a list of over 670 words, providing definitions and example sentences. For your convenience, we organized the list by the first two letters, so if you need to find words that begin with EA- etc., it will be easy to do. Enjoy!

Adjectives That Begin with EA (32 Words)

eachEvery one considered individually. The newlyweds are able to visit each other in person every few months, relying heavily on skype in the meantime.
eagerHaving or showing keen interest or intense desire or impatient expectancy. I’m most acquiescent and eager to please.
eagle-eyedCapable of seeing to a great distance. She was a dark eyed beauty, lithe and winsome.
earedWorn or shabby from overuse or (of pages) from having corners turned down-clifton fadiman. Ear inflammations are common in drop eared breeds of dog.
earlessLacking external ears. A baby koala is referred to as a joey and is hairless, blind, and earless.
earlierAt or near the beginning of a period of time or course of events or before the usual or expected time. The architect john billing designed the new church in the early english style.
earliestBeing or occurring at an early stage of development. In the early 1960s the couple found a new avocation.
earlyVery young. In the premier season of 1936, superlatives came early for the new team.
earlyishBeing somewhat early.
earnedGained or acquired; especially through merit or as a result of effort or action. He earned a lot of money by investing that company.
earnestEarnest. He was an earnest soul, hankering for truth.
earsplittingLoud enough to cause (temporary) hearing loss. The uproar would be earsplitting and i would be deemed a vandal.
earthbornConnected with earthly life; of earthly origin. Here orion is described as earthborn and enormous in stature.
earthboundConfined to the earth. Ancient astronaut theories also may include the idea that civilization may have evolved on earth twice, and that the visitation of ancient astronauts may reflect the return of descendants of ancient humans whose population was separated from earthbound humans.
earthenMade of earth (or baked clay). A submersible earthen dike extends from the movable dam to the illinois shore.
earthlikeEarth colored; of something having a color of soil or earth. Earthlike plate tectonics does not appear to be active on mars today.
earthlyOf or belonging to or characteristic of this earth as distinguished from heaven. His masterpiece is the triptych ‘the garden of earthly delights’.
earthshakingLoud enough to shake the very earth. Nearly two years later, it’s no longer earthshaking.
earthySensible and practical. The idol here is unique and is earthy.
easierAffording pleasure. It’s easy to be a holiday grouch.
easiestNot hurried or forced. Is it easy to knead the seat
eastSituated in or facing or moving toward the east. Hummock island is almost long in a north west to south east direction.
eastboundMoving toward the east. Only the eastbound exit was removed.
easterlyFrom the east; used especially of winds. It is the most easterly port in suffolk.
easternFrom the east; used especially of winds. The eastern church asserted that the holy.
easternmostFarthest to the east. Porcupine represents the easternmost part of the city’s urban core.
eastmostFarthest to the east. The evsc headquarters is in the eastmost building.
eastsideOf the eastern part of a city e.g. manhattan. At this location, it crosses to the left bank eastside .
eastwardMoving toward the east. Or eastward of afghanistan’s borderline.
easyObtained with little effort or sacrifice, often obtained illegally. The merchandising must be easy to find.
easygoingNot burdensome or demanding; borne or done easily and without hardship. He actually is easygoing and somewhat shy.
eatableSuitable for use as food. O twice born, eatable offerings should be made for three days.

Adjectives That Begin with EB (5 Words)

ebioniteOf or relating to the ebionites or their religion. Epiphanius highlights development as well as diversity in ebionite teaching.
ebonOf a very dark black. We come in the darkest ebon to the lightest ivory and everything in between.
ebonyOf a very dark black. The mozzies suggest to ebony that she left to meet the adults.
ebracteateWithout bracts. The flowers form ebracteate racemose inflorescences, often apically corymb like.
ebullientJoyously unrestrained. Sometimes castor oil can also be used as an ebullient.

Adjectives That Begin with EC (25 Words)

eccentricConspicuously or grossly unconventional or unusual. The cycloid gear is supported for eccentric rotation within the ring gear.
ecclesiasticOf or associated with a church (especially a christian church). He worked with the ecclesiastic mint.
ecclesiasticalOf or associated with a church (especially a christian church). The times of fasting are dependent on the ecclesiastical calendar.
eccrineProducing a clear aqueous secretion without releasing part of the secreting cell; important in regulating body temperature. Humans have eccrine sweat glands all over our body.
ecdemicOf or relating to a disease that originates outside the locality in which it occurs.
echoicFormed in imitation of a natural sound- harry hoijer. In echoic behavior, the stimulus is auditory and response is vocal.
echolessHaving or producing no echo.
echolikeLike or characteristic of an echo.
echtNot fake or counterfeit. The government sought to retry echt on 14 charges.
eclecticSelecting what seems best of various styles or ideas. She also is the owner of the eclectic restaurant in utrecht.
ecologicOf or relating to the science of ecology. Measures of the amount of ecologic as sociation between species.
ecologicalOf or relating to the science of ecology. Hasty generalization is the opposite of the ecological fallacy.
econometricOf or relating to econometrics. The econometric goal is to estimate .
economicOf or relating to the science of economics. Economic revival policies initiated.
economicalUsing the minimum of time or resources necessary for effectiveness. He was responsible for the economical program of the party.
ecstaticFeeling great rapture or delight. Locke finds the guitar, and charlie is ecstatic.
ectodermalOf or relating to the ectoderm. Hypohidrotic ectodermal dysplasia.
ectodermicOf or relating to the ectoderm.
ectomorphicHaving a build with little fat or muscle but with long limbs. A tall, lanky, ectomorphic man who wore dark rimmed eyeglasses.
ectopicExhibiting ectopia. Ectopic pregnancy is a complication after a tuboplasty.
ectothermicOf animals except birds and mammals; having body temperature that varies with the environment. Most fish are ectothermic or cold blooded .
ectozoanOf or relating to epizoa.
ecuadorianOf or relating to or characteristic of ecuador or its people. They were a team to fear in the ecuadorian league.
ecumenicConcerned with promoting unity among churches or religions. He would later state that his baptism had had an ecumenic character .
ecumenicalConcerned with promoting unity among churches or religions. In 1920 he became the archdeacon of to the ecumenical patriarchate itself.

Adjectives That Begin with ED (14 Words)

edaciousDevouring or craving food in great quantities.
edematousSwollen with an excessive accumulation of fluid. The affected part is edematous, soft, putrid, rotten and dark.
edentalHaving few if any teeth.
edentateHaving few if any teeth. Also, i think the term edentate is obsolete.
edentulateHaving few if any teeth.
edentulousHaving lost teeth. No alveoli are found in the mandible, indicating that it was likely edentulous.
edgelessLacking a cutting edge. The buffista suite definitely has that edgeless bathroom porn tub.
edgyBeing in a tense state. I see edgy edit summaries and some blunt, edgy rhetoric.
edibleSuitable for use as food. The pulp surrounded the seeds is edible.
editorialOf or relating to an article stating opinions or giving perspectives. He is a member of the editorial board of the antarctica journal of mathematics.
educatedPossessing an education (especially having more than average knowledge). Donatello was educated in the house of the martelli family.
educationalProviding knowledge. Lack of educational program provides youth with unending hours of idleness.
educativeResulting in education. Most of them were educative and supportive for the right of the public.
edwardianOf or relating to or characteristic of the era of edward vii in england. After this, she pursued a career in edwardian musical comedy.

Adjectives That Begin with EE (3 Words)

eellikeResembling an eel in being long and thin and sinuous.
eerieSuggestive of the supernatural; mysterious. In the second the eerie sense of separation is stronger.
eeryInspiring a feeling of fear; strange and frightening. Yet i feel a bit eery about handing this candidate the tools.

Adjectives That Begin with EF (16 Words)

effaceableCapable of being effaced.
effectiveWorks well as a means or remedy. Everything the hypnotist says deeply effective.
effectualHaving legal efficacy or force. Charles then brought forward a charge of sorcery which was more effectual.
effeminateHaving unsuitable feminine qualities. The series has often featured androgynous or effeminate male main characters.
efferentOf nerves and nerve impulses; conveying information away from the cns. Of the somatic efferent neurons, there exist subtypes.
effervescentGiving off bubbles. She is very effervescent and passionate about dancing.
effervescingEmitting or filled with bubbles as from carbonation or fermentation.
effeteMarked by excessive self-indulgence and moral decay. He was too effete to do that work.
efficaciousMarked by qualities giving the power to produce an intended effect-aldous huxley. In other cases, they are efficacious and helpful.
efficientBeing effective without wasting time or effort or expense. The liver is responsible for efficient detoxification of the body.
efflorescentBursting into flower. The men drew the efflorescent picture.
effluentThat is flowing outward. The effluent conduit feeds water back to the globular boiler.
effortfulRequiring great physical effort. The selective effects of alcohol on automatic and effortful memory processes.
effortlessRequiring or apparently requiring no effort. Her rendering of higher octaves and sruti were remarkably with effortless ease.
effulgentRadiating or as if radiating light. Meteors, effulgent like indra’s thunder bolt, fall with loud hisses . . .
effusiveExtravagantly demonstrative. Fellow writers could be effusive in their tributes.

Adjectives That Begin with EG (8 Words)

egalitarianFavoring social equality. It very much reflects the democratic or egalitarian inclination of the celts.
egg-shapedRounded like an egg. The sperm binds with the egg.
egocentricLimited to or caring only about yourself and your own needs. He was condemned as egocentric, chauvinistic and technocratic.
egoisticalLimited to or caring only about yourself and your own needs. He is quite egoistical and mischievous.
egotisticCharacteristic of false pride; having an exaggerated sense of self-importance. She is very egotistic and self centered.
egotisticalCharacteristic of those having an inflated idea of their own importance. Calisto is a very egotistical character.
egregiousConspicuously and outrageously bad or reprehensible. Probably the most egregious is that the title does not match the contents.
egyptianOf or relating to or characteristic of egypt or its people or their language. He met an egyptian at the airport.

Adjectives That Begin with EI (11 Words)

eideticOf visual imagery of almost photographic accuracy. A lot of mathematicians do have eidetic numerical memory.
eightBeing one more than seven. Only seven of the eight justices of the court heard the appeal.
eighteenBeing one more than seventeen. The single spent eighteen weeks in the chart.
eighteenthComing next after the seventeenth in position. Bedlam was the hospital for the insane in eighteenth century london.
eightfoldHaving eight units or components. Right speech is the first principle of ethical conduct in the eightfold path.
eighthComing next after the seventh and just before the ninth in position. Hello, i’m in eighth grade.
eightiesBeing ten more than seventy. The first class consisted of eighty of the 170 centuries.
eightiethThe ordinal number of eighty in counting order. It was built over the site of the eightieth milecastle.
eightpennyUsed of nail size; 2 1/2 in or 6.4 cm long.
eightyBeing ten more than seventy. Eighty years on, brought together by maclean in this handsome book, his pictures and captions have a supernal glow.
einsteinianOf or relating to albert einstein or his theories. I am talking about measuring rotation with respect to einsteinian space.

Adjectives That Begin with EL (57 Words)

elaborateDeveloped or executed with care and in minute detail- john buchan. Elaborate molding could grace the top of the walls.
elaboratedDeveloped or executed with care and in minute detail- john buchan. As the 1970s and 1980s progressed, these became more elaborate and exuberant.
elasticAble to adjust readily to different conditions. The elastic member is fixed to the driving shaft.
elasticisedMade with strands or inserts of elastic.
elasticizedMade with strands or inserts of elastic. Auspicious elasticized nappies are heard to beat since they hardly leak.
elatedFull of high-spirited delight. The men elated the townsmen.
elatingMaking lively and joyful.
elderUsed of the older of two persons of the same name especially used to distinguish a father from his son. The elder brother of naomi is the musical prodigy stephen.
elderlyAdvanced in years; (`aged’ is pronounced as two syllables). A senior carer told a jury she did not mistreat or neglect six elderly residents at the nursing home where she worked.
eldestFirst in order of birth. Turner was the eldest son of the shropshire barrister thomas turner.
eldritchSuggesting the operation of supernatural influences- john galsworthy. Moondark can cast illusions and fire bolts of eldritch energy from his hands.
electSelected as the best. Don’t the shareholders own the club and elect the president
electedSubject to popular election. The convention delegates elected him as the president of the convention.
electiveNot compulsory. Mayor brown was overwhelmingly elected as the first elective mayor of the city.
electoralRelating to or composed of electors. The extremist right wing group won an electoral foothold in parliament.
electricUsing or providing or producing or transmitting or operated by electricity. The cameraman has the electric power turned on.
electricalUsing or providing or producing or transmitting or operated by electricity. The above ignores the position dependence of the electrical fields.
electrocardiographicOf or relating to an electrocardiograph. Apparatus for the acquisition and pre processing of electrocardiographic data.
electrochemicalOf or involving electrochemistry. A battery is a collection of electrochemical cells.
electroencephalographicOf or relating to an electroencephalograph. Intracranial electroencephalographic changes in deep anesthesia.
electrolyticOf or relating to or containing an electrolyte. The process may be electroless or electrolytic.
electromagneticPertaining to or exhibiting magnetism produced by electric charge in motion. The electric current is the divergence of the electromagnetic displacement.
electromechanicalOf or relating to or involving an electrically operated mechanical device. An electrostatically driven electromechanical display device is disclosed.
electromotiveConcerned with or producing electric current. Tension is used for mechanical force and voltage for electromotive force.
electronegativeHaving a negative charge. This electronegative atom is usually fluorine, oxygen, or nitrogen.
electroneutralHaving no net electric charge. The initially electroneutral acceptor becomes negatively charged ionised .
electronicOf or concerned with electrons. The band is considered relentlessly electronic.
electrophoreticOf or relating to electrophoresis. Process of electrophoretic painting.
electropositiveHaving a positive charge. But francium may not necessarily be more electropositive.
electrostaticConcerned with or producing or caused by static electricity. The electrostatic approximation.
eleemosynaryGenerous in assistance to the poor. This is an eleemosynary fund.
elegantDisplaying effortless beauty and simplicity in movement or execution. The furniture is tasteful and elegant, but not costly.
elegiacExpressing sorrow often for something past. Motifs of emptiness and absence haunt the novel and establish its elegiac feel.
elementalRelating to severe atmospheric conditions- j.k.howard. The elemental weapon of earth is the pentacle.
elementalismOf or being the essential or basic part. Another approach is the reaction of gallium with elemental bromine.
elementaryOf or pertaining to or characteristic of elementary school or elementary education. Bancroft is home to the bancroft elementary school.
elephantineOf great mass; huge and bulky. The cult of hapi was mainly located at the first cataract named elephantine.
elevatedOf high moral or intellectual value; elevated in nature or style- oliver franks. In 1925 the metropolitanate was elevated to the rank of patriarchate.
elevenBeing one more than ten. There are eleven courts in three magisterial districts.
eleventhComing next after the tenth and just before the twelfth in position. The eleventh day is the last day of the vratha.
elfinRelating to or made or done by or as if by an elf. Another colloquial name is the brown elfin saddle.
elfishUsually good-naturedly mischievous. Solid article contributor, gnomish and elfish combined.
elflikeSmall and delicate.
eligibleQualified for or allowed or worthy of being chosen. Every citizen of india is eligible to become the president of the country.
eliteSelected as the best. His role as the chosen cartoonist of the intellectual elite
elizabethanOf or relating to elizabeth i of england or to the age in which she ruled as queen. The elizabethan mansion was dovetailed around the pele.
ellipsoidHaving the nature or shape of an ellipsoid. An ellipsoid is a three dimensional surface.
ellipsoidalHaving the nature or shape of an ellipsoid. Rotating ellipsoidal variables are a class of variable star.
ellipticIn the form of an ellipse. The composition of weakly elliptic operators is weakly elliptic.
ellipticalRounded like an egg. The orbit of mars is much more elliptical then the earth’s.
elongateHaving notably more length than width; being long and slender. They are unicellular, globose, and ellipsoid to elongate in shape.
elongatedDrawn out or made longer spatially. An elongated flame aureole is popular.
eloquentExpressing yourself readily, clearly, effectively. Priestley was the more eloquent, in my opinion.
elucidativeThat makes clear. Maps can be very elucidative about some details.
elusiveDifficult to describe. During the expedition, the enemy proved elusive.
elvishUsually good-naturedly mischievous. Exceptions would be stuff like elvish language.
elysianBeing of such surpassing excellence as to suggest inspiration by the gods. The elysian tower, ireland’s tallest building, can be seen in the background.

Adjectives That Begin with EM (45 Words)

emaciatedVery thin especially from disease or hunger or cold. Saint pierre led this envoy of emaciated volunteers to the city gates.
emancipativeTending to set free.
emarginateHaving a notched tip. The apex of the lamina is emarginate.
emasculateHaving unsuitable feminine qualities. They free both girls and hand them a knife so they can emasculate him.
emasculatedHaving unsuitable feminine qualities. So it seems a shame to emasculate a very good summing up.
embarrassedFeeling or caused to feel uneasy and self-conscious. The result was embarrassed silence.
embarrassingHard to deal with; especially causing pain or embarrassment. Eddie responded by heckling the heckler and embarrassing him.
embattledPrepared for battle. The nave and aisles are also embattled.
embeddedEnclosed firmly in a surrounding mass. They embedded the color into the pillow.
emblematicBeing or serving as an illustration of a type;. I thought it was somehow emblematic.
emblematicalServing as a visible symbol for something abstract. He painted historical and emblematical subjects.
embodiedPossessing or existing in bodily form- shakespeare. The animal embodied mysterious colors.
embolicOf or relating to an embolism or embolus. Such bubbles are responsible for the most serious of gas embolic symptoms.
embonpointSufficiently fat so as to have a pleasing fullness of figure;.
embossedEmbellished with a raised pattern created by pressure or embroidery. The embossed concrete is cured in the mold to produce the building panel.
embryologicOf an organism prior to birth or hatching. It has a distinct embryologic origin.
embryonalOf an organism prior to birth or hatching. That the embryonal development of related species is similar is obvious.
embryonicOf an organism prior to birth or hatching. It is an adult version of the embryonic forebrain germinal zone.
embryoticIn an early stage of development. During embryotic development, humans have a tail for a short period of time.
emendedImproved or corrected by critical editing. Qian collected and emended ang’s philosophical works.
emergentComing into existence. In addition, it determines the geometry of the emergent beam.
emergingComing into existence. In the view of higher education nohar is the emerging town.
emeritusHonorably retired from assigned duties and retaining your title along with the additional title `emeritus’ as in `professor emeritus’. He is presently on the emeritus staff at the university.
eminentOf imposing height; especially standing out above others. Below is the list of eminent personalities from the sengunthar caste.
emmetropicOf or relating to the normal condition of the eye in which visual images are in clear focus on the retina. Briefly, the total refractive power of the emmetropic eye is approximately 60.
emollientHaving a softening or soothing effect especially to the skin. In cosmetics, dodecanol is used as an emollient.
emotionalOf or pertaining to emotion. Their marriage was tempestuous and emotional.
emotionlessUnmoved by feeling-margaret deland. Ruth recoils, and smailey and fred watch, emotionless.
emotiveCharacterized by emotion. But there is a great difference between emotive and non emotive language.
empatheticShowing empathy or ready comprehension of others’ states. I have skimmed phil and am empathetic to most of what he says.
empathicShowing empathy or ready comprehension of others’ states. It is not very true either that aspies are not empathic.
emphasisedSpoken with emphasis. He emphasized strongly the need for effort and idleness.
emphasizedSpoken with emphasis. The article emphasized her achievement and dwarfished the counterargument.
emphaticSpoken with emphasis. The emphatic particle can be added.
emphysematousRelating to or resembling or being emphysema. Perhaps clubbing is a late change in severe emphysematous disease.
empiricDerived from experiment and observation rather than theory. Buchanan asserted that his particular psychism would supersede empiric science.
empiricalDerived from experiment and observation rather than theory. It is the way the empirical scientific method works.
employablePhysically and mentally capable of working at a regular job and available. Some of them who would have been unemployable may remain employable.
employedPut to use. Most of the populations are employed in agriculture.
emptyDevoid of significance or point. The streets are empty and desolate.
empty-handedCarrying nothing in the hands. Gwon bop is the only empty handed fighting method of the twenty four.
empurpledExcessively elaborate or showily expressed.
empyrealInspiring awe- m.s.dworkin- hamilton basso.
empyreanOf or relating to the sky or heavens. He has since continued to release music under the empyrean label.
emulousCharacterized by or arising from emulation or imitation.

Adjectives That Begin with EN (98 Words)

enablingProviding legal power or sanction. Enabling aero transparency can degrade the performance of the system.
enamoredMarked by foolish or unreasoning fondness. He become completely enamored of the slim gauge railroads of colorado.
enateRelated on the mother’s side.
enaticRelated on the mother’s side.
enceinteIn an advanced stage of pregnancy. The is the northern enceinte next to the honmaru.
enchainedBound with chains.
enchantingCapturing interest as if by a spell. The village of greyton is an enchanting place.
enclosedClosed in or surrounded or included within. The city is enclosed by the province of benguet.
encomiasticFormally expressing praise.
encouragedInspired with confidence. Quietness is encouraged in preparation beforehand.
encouragingGiving courage or confidence or hope. The government is encouraging production of plywood and veneer.
encrustedHaving a hardened crust as a covering. They are often encrusted with salt secretions.
encyclicalIntended for wide distribution. The encyclical is an important element of the mariology of pope pius xii.
encyclopaedicBroad in scope or content. The tone is encyclopedic and reassuring.
encyclopedicBroad in scope or content. The basic concept of the article is encyclopedic.
encystedEnclosed in (or as if in) a cyst. Encysted metacercarial stages and free living cercarial stages do not feed.
endangeredIn imminent danger of extinction. Some of these are globally endangered species such as black faced spoonbill.
endearingLovable especially in a childlike or naive way. Thanks for the endearing support fellas.
endemicOf or relating to a disease (or anything resembling a disease) constantly present to greater or lesser extent in a particular locality. The genus is endemic to the caribbean region.
endemicalOf or relating to a disease (or anything resembling a disease) constantly present to greater or lesser extent in a particular locality.
endergonicOf a process accompanied by or requiring the absorption of energy; the products of the process are of greater free energy than the reactants. An endergonic reaction is, in essence, the opposite of an exergonic reaction.
endermaticActing by absorption through the skin.
endermicActing by absorption through the skin. The endermic species of bauhinia blakeana was first discovered near the bay.
endlessTiresomely long; seemingly without end. Conflating the two ideas is the source of endless confusion.
endocentricFulfilling the grammatical role of one of its constituents. The endocenter is composed of the verb root plus the endocentric suffixes.
endocrinalOf or belonging to endocrine glands or their secretions.
endocrineOf or belonging to endocrine glands or their secretions. What is the biggest endocrine gland
endodonticOf or relating to or involving or practicing endodontics. A precision endodontic syringe is provided of leak proof construction which is adapted for precise injection of a paste root canal sealer into the apical part of root canal of a tooth as in root canal work.
endoergicOccurring with absorption of energy.
endogeneticOf rocks formed or occurring beneath the surface of the earth.
endogenicDerived or originating internally. No evidence of any endogenic activity has been discovered.
endogenousOf or resembling an endogen. Immunoassay of endogenous plasma insulin in man.
endometrialOf or relating to the endometrium. An endometrial biopsy is the only procedure used to discover endometrial cancer.
endomorphicHaving a squat and fleshy build.
endoparasiticOf or relating to parasites that live in the internal organs of animals. A note on endoparasitic fauna in gulls around lake van region.
endothelialOf or relating to or located in the endothelium. Endothelial lipase is a form of lipase secreted by the endothelial cells.
endothermalOccurring or formed with absorption of heat.
endothermicOccurring or formed with absorption of heat. Cementitious and gypsum based plasters tend to be endothermic.
endovenousWithin or by means of a vein. Do you have extensive training for endovenous techniques.
endozoanOf or relating to entozoa.
endozoicLiving within a living animal usually as a parasite.
endurableCapable of being borne though unpleasant. The pain caused by the accident was endurable.
enduringUnceasing. Broglie founded one of the enduring families of the french aristocracy.
energeticWorking hard to promote an enterprise. His on air manner was energetic and faintly smarmy.
energisingSupplying motive force- h.o.taylor. The uranus half return can be stressful and tense, but also energising.
enervatingCausing debilitation. I can’t believe you, this is extremely enervating.
enfeeblingCausing debilitation.
enforceableCapable of being enforced. So, the agreement was enforceable.
enforcedForced or compelled or put in force. Monogamy was enforced both by the civil and ecclesiastical law.
engagedHaving ones attention or mind or energy engaged. People engaged in the academic practice of ethnography.
engagingAttracting or delighting. The book he wrote is unbelievably engaging and detailed.
englishOf or relating to or characteristic of england or its culture or people. The whole english language is inexact.
english-speakingAble to communicate in english. How does the rest of the english speaking world parse it
engorgedOverfull as with blood. When engorged the breasts may swell, throb, and cause mild to extreme pain.
engravedCut or impressed into a surface. The sayings were engraved into the notebooks.
engrossedWritten formally in a large clear script, as a deed or other legal document. They were engrossed into the movies.
engrossingCapable of arousing and holding the attention. This is the most engrossing story about johnson i’ve ever heard.
enhanciveIntensifying by augmentation and enhancement.
enigmaticNot clear to the understanding. The other,the outsider, is highly mysterious and enigmatic.
enigmaticalNot clear to the understanding. I have to hand it to you enigmatical.
enjoyableAffording satisfaction or pleasure. His evocation of country life is enjoyable.
enkindledSet afire. The man’s emotions enkindled his love for her.
enlightenedCharacterized by full comprehension of the problem involved. It is the cutting edge of the enlightened mind.
enmeshedCaught as if in a mesh. The man enmeshed the crowds.
enolicOf or relating to or consisting of enol.
enormousExtraordinarily large in size or extent or amount or power or degree. The tires screech and the cost must be enormous.
enoughSufficient for the purpose. There are not enough neutrons to transmute any significant amount of material.
enragedMarked by extreme anger. The deceitful act enraged the townsmen.
enrapturedFeeling great rapture or delight. Critics were enraptured with the work, some calling it levett’s finest.
ensiformShaped like a sword blade.
ensorcelledUnder a spell.
ensuantFollowing or accompanying as a consequence. The azd subsequently played a major role in the ensuant islamic conquests.
ensuingFollowing immediately and as a result of what went before. The ensuing silence was deafening.
enteralOf or relating to or inside the intestines. Control infants were on full enteral feedings at the time of study.
entericOf or relating to the enteron. Another area is the enteric nervous system in itself.
enterprisingMarked by imagination, initiative, and readiness to undertake new projects. Obliging actresses and enterprising photographers must be co operating.
entertainingAgreeably diverting. It is one of the most entertaining sites on the web.
enthralledFilled with wonder and delight. Goldie’s escape enthralled the british public.
enthrallingCapturing interest as if by a spell. Extremely thought provoking but nevertheless, enthralling.
enthusiasticHaving or showing great excitement and interest. He was enthusiastic about the script and eager to accept the role.
enticingHighly attractive and able to arouse hope or desire. The bottom section on that page looks very enticing.
entireSexually competent. It’s the entire thesis of the book.
entomologicOf or relating to the biological science of entomology.
entomologicalOf or relating to the biological science of entomology. On the upside, i have a good start to entomological warfare.
entomophilousOf flowering plants (especially orchids etc) that are pollinated by insects. Entomophilous species include the sunflower, orchid, and cycad.
entozoanLiving within a living animal usually as a parasite.
entozoicLiving within a living animal usually as a parasite.
entrancingCapturing interest as if by a spell. Costumes were often bright in color and visually entrancing.
entrenchedEstablished firmly and securely. Only in 1971 did the club become firmly entrenched in the community.
entrepreneurialWilling to take risks in order to make a profit. David musial is an entrepreneurial multimedia producer and educator.
enumerableThat can be counted. They are all assumed to be enumerable and pmrwise disjoint.
enuredMade tough by habitual exposure- robert lynd- v.s.pritchett. The question is how this can be enured, and what to do if it cannot be ensured.
enviableCausing envy. Finland was not in a enviable position.
enviousShowing extreme cupidity; painfully desirous of another’s advantages. In the seventh stanza, he is envious of the nightingale’s immortality.
environmentalConcerned with the ecological effects of altering the environment. The main advantage of phytoextraction is environmental friendliness.
enwrappedGiving or marked by complete attention to- walter de la mare. In composing and improvising he felt ‘enwrapped in a sheath of music’.
enzooticOf a disease that is constantly present in an animal community but only occurs in a small number of cases. Many veterinarians routinely test for the disease, especially in enzootic areas.
enzymaticOf or relating to or produced by an enzyme. A genetic disorder which prevents enzymatic production of lactase.

Adjectives That Begin with EO (4 Words)

eolithicOf or relating to the earliest period of the stone age (characterized by the use of eoliths).
eolotropicHaving properties with different values along different axes.
eonianOf or relating to a geological eon (longer than an era). In this text is spoken of eonian life,not eternal life.
eosinophilicOf or relating to eosinophil. Eosinophilic pneumonia induced by dapsone.

Adjectives That Begin with EP (41 Words)

eparchialOf or relating to an eparchy. He serves as the promoter of justice of the eparchial tribunal of mavelikkara.
epentheticOf or pertaining to epenthesis. Certain word compounds show an epenthetic /w/.
ephemeralLasting a very short time. The partial veil forms an ephemeral ring on the upper part of the stem.
ephesianOf or relating to ancient ephesus or its people or language or culture. Timothy, who led the ephesian church is apparently familiar with these acts.
epicVery imposing or impressive; surpassing the ordinary (especially in size or scale). Tragedy is the truest mimesis, followed by epic, comedy and lyric.
epicalConstituting or having to do with or suggestive of a literary epic. His epical hope inducing rhymes are many times more famous than his own name.
epicarpalOf or relating to the epicarp.
epiceneHaving unsuitable feminine qualities. The word ‘epicene’ is placed in bold type in the following examples.
epicureanOf epicurus or epicureanism. The dialogue concentrates on discussion of stoic and epicurean theologies.
epicyclicOf or relating to an epicycle. Gear hubs use internal planetary or epicyclic gearing.
epicyclicalOf or relating to an epicycle.
epideicticDesigned primarily for rhetorical display. Currently this is the best surviving example of epideictic oratory.
epideicticalDesigned primarily for rhetorical display.
epidemicOf disease or anything resembling a disease; attacking or affecting many individuals in a community or a population simultaneously. He died in the influenza epidemic of 1918.
epidemiologicOf or relating to epidemiology. In epidemiologic studies, the potential for bias is very large and important.
epidemiologicalOf or relating to epidemiology. An epidemiological study of histrionic personality disorder.
epiduralOn or outside the dura mater. Benefits of epidural analgesia after surgery.
epigastricLying on or over the stomach. It is situated in the epigastric and left hypochondriac regions.
epigrammaticTerse and witty and like a maxim. No doubt many modern authors have written in the epigrammatic idiom.
epilepticOf or relating to or characteristic of epilepsy. Pew died of an epileptic seizure in 1986.
epilithicGrowing on stone. Photosynthesis and production of epilithic algal communities in thingvallavatn.
epimorphicCharacterized by incomplete metamorphosis; having the same number of body segments in successive stages.
epiphysealRelating to the epiphysis of a bone. Epiphyseal lesions include chondroblastoma and giant cell tumor.
epiphysialRelating to the epiphysis of a bone.
epiphyticOf or relating to epiphytes. The plants are epiphytic, or sometimes rupicolous.
epiphytoticEpidemic among plants of a single kind especially over a wide area.
episcopalOf or pertaining to or characteristic of the episcopal church. Episcopal government maintained.
episcopalianOf or pertaining to or characteristic of the episcopal church. The pastor of the episcopalian church that the smiths attend.
episodicOf writing or narration; divided into or composed of episodes. Depth of processing and the retention of words in episodic memory.
epistemicOf or relating to epistemology. This effort is part of a recently initiated research project at the computing research laboratory at new mexico state university which aims to develop a system that will automatically construct an epistemic knowledge base from text.
epistemologicalOf or relating to epistemology. Epistemological role of empathy.
epistolaryWritten in the form of or carried on by letters or correspondence. The book is an epistolary novel.
epistolatoryWritten in the form of or carried on by letters or correspondence.
epithelialOf or belonging to the epithelium. Ependyma cover the inside of the lateral ventricles and are epithelial cells.
epitheliodResembling epithelium.
epizoanOf or relating to epizoa.
epizoicLiving or growing on the exterior surface of an animal usually as a parasite. The epizoic species, sometimes considered as ectoparasites, are wingless.
epizooticEpidemic among animals of a single kind within a particular region. Epizootic deal with disease in animal.
epochalHighly significant or important especially bringing about or marking the beginning of a new development or era. It ‘felt like’ an epochal moment.
eponymicBeing or relating to or bearing the name of an eponym. It is common to drop the possessive in proper names that are eponymic.
eponymousBeing or relating to or bearing the name of an eponym. The park is the focal point of the eponymous neighborhood.

Adjectives That Begin with EQ (17 Words)

equableNot varying. The climate in panaji is hot in summer and equable in winter.
equalHaving the same quantity, value, or measure as another. Equal treatment is a matter of equity.
equatorialOf or relating to conditions at the geographical equator. The equatorial groups are perfectly visible in the southern sky.
equestrianOf or relating to or featuring horseback riding. She used to be a equestrian trainer.
equiangularHaving all angles equal. The only equiangular triangle is the equilateral triangle.
equidistantThe same distance apart at every point. The other labels are equidistant.
equilateralHaving all sides or faces equal. This make equilateral triangles a subset of the larger set.
equineOf or belonging to the family equidae. The most common species of tapeworm in the equine is anoplocephala perfoliata.
equinoctialRelating to the vicinity of the equator. He invented a universal equinoctial ring dial of two rings.
equipoisedLacking lateral dominance; being neither right-handed nor left-handed.
equipotentHaving equal strength or efficacy. Based on equipotent dosages mescaline is much more toxic.
equippedProvided or fitted out with what is necessary or useful or appropriate. The cabinets may be equipped with air defrost systems.
equiprobableEqually probable. Furthermore, all source vectors are assumed to be equiprobable.
equiptProvided or fitted out with what is necessary or useful or appropriate. The titanium comes equipt with a memory system that keeps track of your score.
equitableFair to all parties as dictated by reason and conscience. The govenment focused on the issue of equitable society.
equivalentBeing essentially equal to something. An equivalent formulation is the congruence.
equivocalUncertain as a sign or indication. In australia, the boxcutters podcast was more equivocal.

Adjectives That Begin with ER (30 Words)

eradicableAble to be eradicated or rooted out. It has, of course, creating a potentially non eradicable weed.
erasableCapable of being effaced. Because the coated surface does not absorb ink, erasable paper is apt to smudge.
erasmianOf or relating to or in the manner of erasmus. Estienne made only a few changes in erasmian text.
erectUpright in position or posture. I assume flaccid, but does anyone know the erect size
erectileCapable of being raised to an upright position. Erectile woes can precede heart disease.
eremiticCharacterized by ascetic solitude. Eremitic style catholic living that is not a form of consecrated life.
eremiticalCharacterized by ascetic solitude. About 1227 he resigned it to lead an austere eremitical life.
ergodicPositive recurrent aperiodic state of stochastic systems; tending in probability to a limiting form that is independent of the initial conditions. Non ergodic behavior, and applications.
ergonomicOf or relating to ergonomics. The purpose of meta data is ergonomic.
ergoticRelating to or produced by ergot.
ergotropicOf or relating to ergotropism.
eristicGiven to disputation for its own sake and often employing specious arguments. But the ‘aggregate’ of his underhanded, eristic abuses is driving me nuts.
eristicalGiven to disputation for its own sake and often employing specious arguments. It’s waste our time with eristical dialectic.
eritreanOf or relating to or characteristic of eritrea or its people. It came to be supported by a growing eritrean diaspora.
erogenousSensitive to sexual stimulation. Some consider the armpits to be an erogenous zone.
eroseHaving an irregularly notched or toothed margin as though gnawed.
erosiveWearing away by friction. However, erosive forces are also powerful shapers of the mountains.
eroticGiving sexual pleasure; sexually arousing. Erotic transference happens all the time.
errantStraying from the right course or from accepted standards. It is an inertial barrier system for attenuating the energy of errant vehicles.
erraticHaving no fixed course. The patient’s erratic breathing alarmed the doctors.
errhineCausing nasal discharge.
erroneousContaining or characterized by error. The assertion is both too facile and erroneous.
error-proneCapable of making an error. Australian inferno previews fire prone future.
errorlessFree from error. It was the longest errorless streak by an outfielder in red sox history.
ersatzArtificial and inferior. Replacement products, ‘les ersatz’, were used to fill the gap in demand.
erstwhileBelonging to some prior time. It was a port of the erstwhile travancore.
eruditeHaving or showing profound knowledge. The research was excellent and the writing erudite.
erythematousRelating to or characterized by erythema. There are erythematous patches and plaques of dry, scaly skin.
erythroidRelating to erythrocytes. Myeloid and erythroid nuclear termination stage specific protein.
erythropoieticOf or relating to the formation of red blood cells. Defects in ferrochelatase are associated with erythropoietic protoporphyria.

Adjectives That Begin with ES (18 Words)

escapedHaving escaped, especially from confinement. All of the convicts escaped unscathed.
eschatologicalOf or relating to or dealing with or regarding the ultimate destiny of mankind and the world. The contents of the gathas are essentially eschatological.
esotericConfined to and understandable by only an enlightened inner circle. Some of the definitions in the lead are pretty esoteric.
especialSurpassing what is common or usual or expected. The area had no especial importance in illyrian and classical times.
esseneSaid of or relating to the essenes. Essene sect of jews sprang up from buddhism.
essentialAbsolutely necessary; vitally necessary. Abraham is the essential wayfarer, benedict writes.
establishedBrought about or set up or accepted; especially long established;. The town has recently established.
estheticConcerning or characterized by an appreciation of beauty or good taste. In this case picture is not irreplaceable and just has some esthetic sense.
estheticalConcerning or characterized by an appreciation of beauty or good taste. But my user page esthetical impact is a bit of ruined…
estimableDeserving of esteem and respect. The man was a estimable person.
estivalOf or occurring in summer. The demonstration will he given by dominique estival.
estonianOf or pertaining to estonia or the people or culture of estonia. Estonian nationalism refers to the estonian version of nationalism.
estrangedCaused to be unloved. At the time of his murder in 1999, the couple were estranged.
estrangingMaking one feel out of place or alienated. His themes have an estranging, violent and medieval feel to them.
estrousShowing or in a state of estrus; in heat. P4 is highest in the proestrus estrus phase of the estrous cycle.
estuarialOf or relating to or found in estuaries. Much of the land was estuarial in nature and mangrove swamps.
estuarineOf or relating to or found in estuaries. Barizo is also known as an estuarine site.
esurientExtremely hungry. They view the organo as esurient and parasitic.

Adjectives That Begin with ET (13 Words)

eternalContinuing forever or indefinitely. The atoms and the void are eternal.
etherealCharacterized by lightness and insubstantiality; as impalpable or intangible as air- thomas carlyle. The rest of the song is very beautiful and ethereal.
ethicalConforming to accepted standards of social or professional behavior-. Ethical responsiveness responds to the basic moral characteristic as valuable.
ethiopianOf or relating to or characteristic of ethiopia or its people or languages. This is the only ethiopian eggplant grown in europe in significant quantities.
ethnicDenoting or deriving from or distinctive of the ways of living built up by a group of people- j.f.kennedy. In ethnic discussions, the two are incomparable.
ethnicalDenoting or deriving from or distinctive of the ways of living built up by a group of people- j.f.kennedy. Shameful disregard for ethnical propriety.
ethnocentricCentered on a specific ethnic group, usually one’s own. It appears to be ethnocentric to the west.
ethnographicOf or relating to ethnography. It has remnants of the castro culture, and elements of ethnographic interest.
etiolateDeveloped without chlorophyll by being deprived of light. In winter, plants will etiolate, or become thin, due to lower levels of light.
etiolatedDeveloped without chlorophyll by being deprived of light. In the absence of light, plants develop an etiolated growth pattern.
etiologicRelating to the etiology of a disease. An etiologic approach to management.
etiologicalRelating to the etiology of a disease. Orion also has etiological connection to the city of messina in sicily.
etymologicalBased on or belonging to etymology. Brocade has the same etymological origins as broccoli.

Adjectives That Begin with EU (27 Words)

eucaryoticHaving cells with `good’ or membrane-bound nuclei. Quinolones also appear to effect the growth of eucaryotic cells and hela cells.
eucharisticOf or relating to the sacrament of the eucharist. This was the full meaning of eucharistic koinonia in the early church.
euclideanRelating to geometry as developed by euclid. A manifold must be locally euclidean.
euclidianRelating to geometry as developed by euclid. However, general relativity isn’t newtonian, and it isn’t euclidian.
eudaemonicProducing happiness and well-being. I appreciate your trust, and will attempt to be eudaemonic.
eudemonicProducing happiness and well-being.
eugenicPertaining to or causing improvement in the offspring produced. The nazis had clearly seperated eugenic and racial programs.
eukaryoticHaving cells with `good’ or membrane-bound nuclei. Eukaryotic initiation factors are proteins used in eukaryotic translation.
eulogisticFormally expressing praise. Rather eulogistic article on a relatively non notable lawyer.
euphemisticSubstituting a mild term for a harsher or distasteful one. This is not so much weasly as euphemistic.
euphonicOf or relating to or characterized by euphony. Irish may have similar euphonic features .
euphonicalOf or relating to or characterized by euphony.
euphoniousHaving a pleasant sound. The words combined are euphonious.
euphonousHaving a pleasant sound.
euphoriantTending to produce euphoria.
euphoricExaggerated feeling of well-being or elation. Euphoric with ambition, they renamed it the westland music company.
eupneicPassing or able to pass air in and out of the lungs normally; sometimes used in combination.
eupnoeicPassing or able to pass air in and out of the lungs normally; sometimes used in combination.
eurafricanRelating to or coming from europe and africa. Many people are obviously unhappy with the term eurafrican.
eurasianRelating to, or coming from, europe and asia. It is closely related to the eurasian jackdaw.
eurasiaticRelating to, or coming from, europe and asia. Eurasiatic and nostratic include many of the same language families.
eurocentricFocussed on europe and the europeans. English are already eurocentric.
europeanOf or relating to or characteristic of europe or the people of europe. European parliament threatens to scuttle eu 2013 budget.
europocentricFocussed on europe and the europeans. Only in europocentric person could ever state that aesop was most likely white.
eusporangiateHaving sporangia that arise from a group of epidermal cells. Eusporangiate ferns do not generally have specialized dehiscence mechanisms.
eutherianOf or relating to or belonging to the subclass eutheria. Epitherians comprise all the eutherian mammals except the xenarthra.
eutrophicOf a lake or other body of water rich in nutrients and subject to eutrophication. The lake is predominantly eutrophic due to the inflow of sewage.

Adjectives That Begin with EV (27 Words)

evacuantStrongly laxative. The active ingredients in the plant are useful as utero evacuant agents.
evaluativeExercising or involving careful evaluations. You need to avoid making evaluative judgments of teams.
evanescentTending to vanish like vapor. Matter radiates both propagating and evanescent electromagnetic waves.
evangelicalOf or pertaining to or in keeping with the christian gospel especially as in the first 4 books of the new testament. Due to the reformation, the community became evangelical.
evangelisticRelating to or promoting the preaching and dissemination of the christian gospel. This is an encyclopedia, not an evangelistic tract.
evaporableCapable of being volatilized. Each duct contains evaporable heat transport medium.
evaporativeRelating to or causing or being caused by evaporation. Evaporative cooling is minor at this stage.
evasiveAvoiding or escaping from difficulty or danger especially enemy fire. In fact, you are starting to appear downright evasive on the matter.
evenBeing level or straight or regular and without variation as e.g. in shape or texture; or being in the same plane or at the same height as something else (i.e. even with). Many of these can and do interbreed even at the genus level.
evenhandedWithout partiality. So in the future, perhaps try to be more evenhanded
eventfulHaving important issues or results. The equally eventful seventeenth century found the lairds in royal favour.
eventualExpected to follow in the indefinite future from causes already operating. This resulted in the decline and eventual ruin of the city.
ever-changingMarked by continuous change or effective action. Is it the putative definition of module changing
ever-presentBeing always present. Have you ever seen the jimmy
evergreenBearing foliage throughout the year. The grave yard is called the evergreen cemetery.
everlastingWithout qualification; used informally as (often pejorative) intensifiers;. Then, the everlasting perdition can only be avoided by christ’s mercy.
everyEach and all of the members of a group considered singly and without exception. Just like the images and videos on every topic, these are all imaginable.
everydayCommonplace and ordinary. James is known to reveler everyday.
evidentClearly revealed to the mind or the senses or judgment. The parallelism between the two delineation criteria is evident.
evidentialServing as or based on evidence. As an example of an evidential in english is one use of ‘like’.
evidentiaryServing as or based on evidence. An arbitration hearing can be either procedural or evidentiary.
evilMorally bad or wrong. Here too a man discovers to his amazement that the negative is the evil.’
evil-mindedHaving evil thoughts or intentions. It’s the syllogism of the simple minded.
eviscerateHaving been disembowelled. Its effect is to eviscerate the older concept of its anachronistic elements.
evitableCapable of being avoided or warded off. Once this happens futility to convince is evitable and i opt out.
evocativeServing to bring to mind- wilder hobson. A misty morning makes the scene even more evocative of the past.
evolutionaryOf or relating to or produced by evolution. Styling was evolutionary from the sleek 1957 models.

Adjectives That Begin with EX (178 Words)

exOut of fashion. In addition you have my ex wife lisa newman as a co stock swindler.
exactCharacterized by perfect conformity to fact or truth ; strictly correct. Devaluation is the exact opposite of revaluation.
exactingSevere and unremitting in making demands. He curated with an exacting and infinitely forbearing eye.
exactinglyRequiring precise accuracy. So lets not be so technically exacting about the neurofeedback page.
exaggeratedEnlarged to an abnormal degree. Adultcentrism is the exaggerated egocentrism of adults.
exaltedOf high moral or intellectual value; elevated in nature or style- oliver franks. The men exalted the landmarks of the city.
exanimateDeprived of life; no longer living.
exasperatedGreatly annoyed; out of patience. They should not have exasperated them.
exauguralOccurring at or marking the close of a term of office.
exceedingFar beyond what is usual in magnitude or degree. The icecap is typically 200 400 m thick, exceeding 800m in places.
excellentVery good;of the highest quality. The answers to the questions were excellent.
exceptionableLiable to objection or debate; used of something one might take exception to. In any case, i think it’s about as exceptionable as saying that grass is green.
exceptionalSurpassing what is common or usual or expected. The former is exceptional, the latter is trivial.
excessMore than is needed, desired, or required. The excess spilled over the dam and into the river.
excessiveBeyond normal limits. He is a a pompus, over the top, blowhard who enjoys using excessive force.
exchangeableCapable of being exchanged for or replaced by something of equal value. Fccbs were restructured into new exchangeable bonds of a series of $111.74 million and series b interest bearing bonds of $207.55 million.
excitableEasily excited. Socrates warns the excitable hippocrates that sophists are dangerous.
excitantAble to excite or stimulate. It is a sexual excitant to male cockroaches, especially at short ranges.
excitativeAble to excite or stimulate. The second stage is the excitative stage, which lasts three to four days.
excitatoryAble to excite or stimulate. Excitatory amino acid antagonist.
excitedIn an aroused state. The movie excited the couple.
excitingStimulating interest and discussion. The challenge was both exciting and daunting.
exclamatorySudden and strong. That end with question marks, number of exclamatory sentences.
exclusiveNot divided among or brought to bear on more than one object or objective. Neither is mutually exclusive of the other.
excogitativeConcerned with excogitating or having the power of excogitation.
excrescentForming an outgrowth (usually an excessive outgrowth). The excrescent note ‘a’ is a case in point.
excretoryOf or relating to the process of excretion. The excretory organs of barnacles are maxillary glands.
excruciatingExtremely painful. The attacks have been excruciating.
exculpatedFreed from any question of guilt. The release of the venona material exculpated lilia.
excursiveTending to depart from the main point or cover a wide range of subjects. Canada in 1971 called excursive, running jump ii.
excusableEasily excused or forgiven. I think the inexperience is showing, which is excusable.
excusatoryOffering or expressing apology.
execrableOf very poor quality or condition. The worst case i saw was that execrable european union medals count.
executableCapable of being done with means at hand and circumstances as they are. But clearly such an algorithm isn’t executable.
executiveHaving the function of carrying out plans or orders etc.. Bransgrove relinquished chief executive role.
exegeticRelating to exegesis. And here is found a twofold series of exegetic expositions.
exegeticalRelating to exegesis. His works are principally exegetical.
exemplaryWorthy of imitation. The collection of tapestry passes the 70 exemplary ones.
exemptNot subject to taxation. The westway is the other exempt route.
exergonicOf a process accompanied by the release of energy. Many such reactions will link exergonic and endergonic processes.
exhaustedDepleted of energy, force, or strength. Both the french and dutch were exhausted and yearning for peace.
exhaustibleCapable of being used up; capable of being exhausted. The men found out the exhaustible minerals don’t work out well.
exhaustingHaving a debilitating effect. He found the business of composing quite exhausting.
exhaustivePerformed comprehensively and completely. Exhaustive lists of songs and the like are unencyclopedic.
exhibitionisticCompulsively attracting attention to yourself especially by public exposure or exaggerated behavior. They may be suspected of being more open, or exhibitionistic, or boastful.
exhilaratedMade joyful. But she was also exhilarated by the process.
exhilaratingMaking lively and cheerful. So his experience at the ashram was exhilarating for him.
exhortativeGiving strong encouragement. The exhortative is a hortative mood in english.
exhortatoryGiving strong encouragement.
exigentRequiring precise accuracy. Well, there, i’ve been rather exigent.
exiguousExtremely scanty. Parking is exiguous; the site is accessible from the roadside by footpaths.
exilicOf or relating to a period of exile (especially the exile of the jews known as the babylonian captivity). One the theory that the pre exilic jews lived in yemen.
existentHaving existence or being or actuality. Almost non existent, at this point.
existentialRelating to or dealing with existence (especially with human existence). A noun phrase alone cannot form the predicate of the existential verb.
existentialistRelating to or involving existentialism. He is widely known as an existentialist.
existingHaving existence or being or actuality. This has caused consequential changes to the existing constituencies.
exocentricNot fulfilling the same grammatical role of any of its constituents. A related concept is an exocentric compound.
exocrineOf or relating to exocrine glands or their secretions. This causes atrophy of the exocrine glands and progressive fibrosis.
exodonticOf or relating to or involving exodontics.
exoergicOccurring with evolution or releasing of energy.
exogamicPertaining to or characterized by the custom of marrying only outside the limits of a clan or tribe. Although within the clan, marriage is endogamic while sub clans are exogamic.
exogamousCharacterized by or fit for fertilization by a flower that is not closely related. They are further divided into a number of exogamous clans.
exogenicDerived or originating externally. Certain drugs or exogenic chemical compounds are known to affect inflammation.
exogenousDerived or originating externally. Exogenous is a disambig page with a brief description of exogenous factor.
exonerativeProviding absolution.
exorbitantGreatly exceeding bounds of reason or moderation. The global demand for fish is expanding at an exorbitant rate.
exotericSuitable for the general public. This is too exoteric for an overview article.
exothermalOccurring or formed with the liberation of heat.
exothermicOccurring or formed with the liberation of heat. The exothermic agent performs exothermic reaction with the open air.
exoticBeing or from or characteristic of another place or part of the world. I knew she would find this detail irresistibly exotic.
expandableAble to expand or be expanded. I’m concerned that it may not be expandable.
expandedIncreased in extent or size or bulk or scope. His interests expanded to the harpsichord.
expandibleCapable of expansion. Nicely improved and further expandible.
expansibleCapable of expansion. Trapped within the device above the liquid is an expansible gas.
expansileCapable of expansion.
expansionistOf or involving or guided by expansionism. Are there sources that acknowledge the argentine confederation as expansionist
expansiveOf behavior that is impressive and ambitious in scale or scope. This is easier and allows the expansive word capture on the end.
expectableTo be expected. This was expectable, since the city lacked the hinterland for a better defense.
expectantMarked by eager anticipation. Expectant managementthis is equivalent of zero intervention.
expectantlyIn an advanced stage of pregnancy. In time, joseph’s anger subsides, and the expectant couple marries.
expectedConsidered likely or probable to happen or arrive. Groundbreaking is expected in the spring of 2010.
expedientAppropriate to a purpose; practical. The treaty proved to be merely an expedient to end the fighting.
expeditionaryDesigned for military operations abroad. The expeditionary force invaded greece.
expeditiousMarked by speed and efficiency. There is a need to sensitize police system to take expeditious action on these issues.
expendableSuitable to be expended. Eventually the military resumed the use of expendable launch vehicles instead.
expensiveHigh in price or charging high prices. The games are the least expensive.
experiencedHaving experience; having knowledge or skill from observation or participation. The men experienced emaciation.
experientHaving experience; having knowledge or skill from observation or participation. I am not a english speaker, however i am an experient user of pt iki.
experientialRelating to or resulting from experience. This assertion was experiential and not speculative.
experimentalOf the nature of or undergoing an experiment. Is the postulate due to the overwhelming, experimental evidence
expertHaving or showing knowledge and skill and aptitude. He was a painter, an expert ornithologist and gastronome.
expiableCapable of being atoned for.
expiativeHaving power to atone for or offered by way of expiation or propitiation.
expiatoryHaving power to atone for or offered by way of expiation or propitiation. Henceforth the ceremonial, instead of placatory and expiatory, became nuptial.
expiratoryOf or relating to the breathing out phase of respiration. Positive end expiratory pressure.
expiredHaving come to an end or become void after passage of a period of time. The status of the trademark is expired.
explainableCapable of being understood. This doesn’t seem to be explainable by a typo.
explanatoryServing or intended to explain or make clear. The word described in the article is self explanatory.
explicableCapable of being explicated or accounted for. The first two issues are explicable.
explicitIn accordance with fact or the primary meaning of a term. I think it is good pedagogics to be explicit and clear in logical arguments.
explodedShowing the parts of something separated but in positions that show their correct relation to one another. A pipeline exploded with a burst of 3 kilotons.
exploitativeTending to exploit or make use of. Your actions are deceitful and exploitative.
exploitatoryTending to exploit or make use of.
exploitiveTending to exploit or make use of. There is zero commercial or exploitive content.
explosiveSudden and loud. The nature of the weapon is explosive.
exponentialOf or involving exponents. The complexity for the algorithm is exponential.
exportableSuitable for export. Salt fish could be stored and transported in barrels as an exportable commodity.
exposedWith no protection or shield. The crater is exposed to the surface.
expositiveServing to expound or set forth.
expositoryServing to expound or set forth. What i mean by preaching is expository exultation.
expressWithout unnecessary stops. The lyrics express the romantic thoughts of an innocent.
expressedNot tacit or implied. Music must become virile to express big things.
expressibleCapable of being expressed. These extensions are expressible by the primitives of the basic model.
expressionlessDeliberately impassive in manner. The book on the left is too expressionless.
expressiveCharacterized by expression. Speech codes misinform students about their expressive rights.
exquisiteLavishly elegant and refined. Exquisite harmony and refined symmetry are the keynotes of the mausoleum itself.
exsanguineDestitute of blood or apparently so- john dryden.
exsanguinousDestitute of blood or apparently so- john dryden.
extantStill in existence; not extinct or destroyed or lost- edward clodd. The remains of some of the buildings are extant.
extemporaneousWith little or no preparation or forethought. My later remarks in a live radio interview were extemporaneous.
extemporaryWith little or no preparation or forethought.
extemporeWith little or no preparation or forethought. Teonge includes several extempore verses and songs of his own.
extendableCapable of being lengthened. The actuator includes an extendable, retractable and rotatable male crank.
extendedFully extended or stretched forth. The dogfight became extended.
extendibleCapable of being lengthened. The grapher was designed to be extendible for future al plications.
extensibleCapable of being protruded or stretched or opened out. The mouth is provided with an extensible proboscis.
extensileCapable of being protruded or stretched or opened out. The usual extensile organ on the twelfth segment short.
extensionalDefining a word by listing the class of entities to which the word correctly applies. It applies an oscillating extensional stress.
extensiveOf agriculture; increasing productivity by using large areas with minimal outlay and labor. Extensive logging began at the turn of the century.
extenuatingPartially excusing or justifying. Such circumstances are extenuating, but are the only extenuating facts found.
exteriorSituated in or suitable for the outdoors or outside of a building. The exterior is finely detailed and proportioned.
exterminableCapable of being totally destroyed or wiped out.
externalHappening or arising or located outside or beyond some limits or especially surface. No external power is required to operate the recliner.
exteroceptiveOf or relating to exteroception. An exteroceptive block to pregnancy in the mouse.
exterritorialOutside territorial limits or jurisdiction.
extinctPermanently inactive. Isn’t the aurochs extinct in the wild
extinguishableCapable of being extinguished or killed.
extirpableCapable of being totally destroyed or wiped out.
extortionateGreatly exceeding bounds of reason or moderation. I agree that the cost of larger cages in north america is extortionate.
extraMore than is needed, desired, or required. The extra detail makes the claim more believable.
extracellularLocated or occurring outside a cell or cells. The predominant extracellular cation is sodium.
extractableCapable of being extracted. A process for reducing the extractable hcn content of packaging materials prepared from molten nitrile polymers which process comprises having styrene oxide in intimate contact with the molten nitrile polymer during the forming steps used to prepare the packaging materials.
extractibleCapable of being extracted.
extracurricularOutside the regular academic curriculum. The teachers would be in charge of these extracurricular activities.
extraduralOn or outside the dura mater. This is known as spinal anaesthesia in human being. 2.epi or extradural.
extragalacticOutside or beyond a galaxy. Since it’s not extragalactic something’s awry.
extrajudicialBeyond the usual course of legal proceedings; legally unwarranted. There is no real investigation of extrajudicial killings.
extralegalNot regulated or sanctioned by law. Extralegal secession convention obviously relevant.
extralinguisticNot included within the realm of language. Hence, some ambiguities may remain after extralinguistic disambiguation.
extramaritalCharacterized by adultery. Extramarital affair and fall out.
extramuralCarried on outside the bounds of an institution or community. It’s not a varsity sport, extramural sport, or official byu club.
extraneousComing from the outside. Would the writer please adjust the extraneous links to wrightstown
extraordinaireExtraordinary in a particular capacity. Beaches there are described as ‘naturally extraordinaire’.
extraordinaryServing an unusual or special function in addition to those of the regular officials. He had extraordinary powers of elocution and mimicry.
extrasensorySeemingly outside normal sensory channels. Some selected experiments in extrasensory perception.
extrasystolicOf or relating to or happening during an extrasystole.
extraterrestrialOriginating or located or occurring outside earth or its atmosphere. He reported to the monstrous slug like extraterrestrial known as the jagrafess.
extraterritorialOutside territorial limits or jurisdiction. The latter is still partly an extraterritorial entity.
extravagantUnrestrained, especially with regard to feelings. The wedding was very extravagant.
extraversiveDirected outward; marked by interest in others or concerned with external reality.
extravertBeing concerned with the social and physical environment. I came here as a reader trying to decide if i am an introvert or an extravert.
extravertedBeing concerned with the social and physical environment. Each function is used in either an extraverted or introverted way.
extravertiveBeing concerned with the social and physical environment.
extremeMost distant in any direction. He has an extreme narcissism.
extremistFar beyond the norm. This decision earned her the enmity of the hutu extremist parties.
extricableCapable of being extricated.
extrinsicNot forming an essential part of a thing or arising or originating from the outside. The author isn’t commenting on an extrinsic topic.
extropicOf or relating to extropy.
extrospectiveNot introspective; examining what is outside yourself.
extroversiveDirected outward; marked by interest in others or concerned with external reality.
extrovertBeing concerned with the social and physical environment. An avowed bisexual and extrovert, she is given to cheeky, titillating remarks.
extrovertedBeing concerned with the social and physical environment. Pokemones are livelier more extroverted than the emo and otaku stereotypes.
extrovertishBeing somewhat extroverted.
extrovertiveBeing concerned with the social and physical environment.
extrusiveOf rock material; forced out while molten through cracks in the earth’s surface. Trachyandesite is an extrusive igneous rock.
exuberantProduced or growing in extreme abundance. The village is an exuberant and flourishing place.
exultantJoyful and proud especially because of triumph or success. The finale is an exultant celebration that only balanchine could devise.
exuvialOf or relating to the cast-off skins or cuticles of various animals.

Adjectives That Begin with EY (4 Words)

eye-catchingSeizing the attention. Eye catching are the hagioscopes in the east bay of the nave.
eye-poppingAmazingly impressive; suggestive of the flashing of lightning. Eye twitch is usually in one eye or the other.
eyelessLacking sight. They are small and eyeless with a long tail like structure.
eyelikeSuggesting an eye or eyes.

Note that the list above does not include ALL English adjectives that start with E. There are many more. We only selected the ones that we think you will be most interested in. We hope that this list will help you expand your vocabulary and ultimately become a better writer.

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