ADVERTISE: Synonyms and Related Words. What is Another Word for ADVERTISE?

Need another word that means the same as “advertise”? Find 18 synonyms and 30 related words for “advertise” in this overview.

The synonyms of “Advertise” are: advertize, publicise, publicize, promote, push, make public, make known, give publicity to, bill, post, announce, broadcast, proclaim, trumpet, shout from the rooftops, give notice of, call attention to, promulgate

Advertise as a Verb

Definitions of "Advertise" as a verb

According to the Oxford Dictionary of English, “advertise” as a verb can have the following definitions:

  • Describe or draw attention to (a product, service, or event) in a public medium in order to promote sales or attendance.
  • Make publicity for; try to sell (a product.
  • Publicize information about (a vacancy.
  • Make (a quality or fact) known.
  • Notify (someone) of something.
  • Call attention to.

Synonyms of "Advertise" as a verb (18 Words)

advertizeMake publicity for; try to sell (a product.
announceMake known make an announcement.
He announced his retirement from international football.
billSend a bill to someone.
We billed 400 000.
broadcastBroadcast over the airwaves as in radio or television.
They regularly broadcast on Radio 2.
call attention toAssign a specified (usually proper) proper name to.
give notice ofManifest or show.
give publicity toBring about.
make knownGive rise to; cause to happen or occur, not always intentionally.
make publicReach in time.
postAssign to a post put into a post.
She posted a photo of herself with the singer on Twitter.
proclaimState or announce.
She proclaimed that what I had said was untrue.
promoteOf an additive act as a promoter of a catalyst.
They are using famous personalities to promote the library nationally.
promulgateState or announce.
In January 1852 the new Constitution was promulgated.
publiciseCall attention to.
publicizeMake (something) widely known.
Use the magazine to publicize human rights abuses.
pushMake strenuous pushing movements during birth to expel the baby.
I m a bit pushed for time at the moment.
shout from the rooftopsUtter aloud; often with surprise, horror, or joy.
trumpetPlay or blow on the trumpet.
A jazz band trumpeted on the stage behind and the kids danced until dark.

Usage Examples of "Advertise" as a verb

  • He advertised for dancers in the trade papers.
  • Meryl coughed briefly to advertise her presence.
  • A billboard advertising beer.
  • Some prisoners advertised the French of this terrible danger.
  • Please don't advertise the fact that he has AIDS.
  • For every job we advertise we get a hundred applicants.

Associations of "Advertise" (30 Words)

adAn advertisement.
The latest television lager ad.
advertisementA person or thing regarded as a means of recommending something.
Advertisements for alcoholic drinks.
advertisingAdvertisements collectively.
Philip went into advertising.
announceMake known make an announcement.
He announced the winners of the spelling bee.
blazonThe official symbols of a family, state, etc.
Accounts of their ordeal were blazoned to the entire nation.
blurbWrite or contribute a blurb for a book film or other product.
The author got all his friends to write blurbs for his book.
blusterTalk in a loud, aggressive, or indignant way with little effect.
The flames blustered.
boastTalk with excessive pride and self-satisfaction about one’s achievements, possessions, or abilities.
She boasted about her many conquests.
boastfulShowing excessive pride and self-satisfaction in one’s achievements, possessions, or abilities.
He always seemed to be rather boastful and above himself.
bombastPompous or pretentious talk or writing.
The bombast of gung ho militarism.
bragExcellent; first-rate.
He bragged that he was sure of victory.
braggartA person who boasts about their achievements or possessions.
Braggart men.
braggingExhibiting or characterized by excessive pride or boastfulness.
We became involved in a lively bragging session.
crowExpress pleasure verbally.
To my two sons I am still just the old crow.
declareDeclare to be.
A number of interested parties who can t declare themselves openly.
enviableArousing or likely to arouse envy.
An enviable position.
flyerA person or thing that flies, especially in a particular way.
His free kick was a real flyer.
gasconadeAn instance of boastful talk.
Whenever he won we were exposed to his gasconade.
gimmickA drawback or difficulty that is not readily evident.
It s foolish to dismiss it as nothing more than a gimmick.
handbillA small printed advertisement or other notice distributed by hand.
infomercialAn advertising film which promotes a product in an informative and supposedly objective style.
newsA broadcast or published report of news.
It was news to me.
playbillA poster announcing a theatrical performance.
Her name occupied third place in the playbills.
popularizeCater to popular taste to make popular and present to the general public; bring into general or common use.
They popularized coffee in Washington State.
productA quantity obtained by multiplication.
That store offers a variety of products.
promoteOf an additive act as a promoter of a catalyst.
They are using famous personalities to promote the library nationally.
publicizeMake public.
Use the magazine to publicize human rights abuses.
throwawayThrown away.
Some people overreacted to a few throwaway lines.
vauntA boast.
He was initially vaunted by the West for his leadership of the country.
walkoutThe act of walking out (of a meeting or organization) as a sign of protest.
These decisions provoked a walkout by the Dutch delegate.

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