CONCLAVE: Synonyms and Related Words. What is Another Word for CONCLAVE?

Need another word that means the same as “conclave”? Find 10 synonyms and 30 related words for “conclave” in this overview.

The synonyms of “Conclave” are: meeting, private meeting, gathering, assembly, conference, convention, convocation, council, session, summit

Conclave as a Noun

Definitions of "Conclave" as a noun

According to the Oxford Dictionary of English, “conclave” as a noun can have the following definitions:

  • The meeting place for a conclave.
  • A confidential or secret meeting.
  • A private meeting.
  • (in the Roman Catholic Church) the assembly of cardinals for the election of a pope.

Synonyms of "Conclave" as a noun (10 Words)

assemblyA group of people elected to make laws or decisions for a particular country or region.
An assembly of dockers and labourers.
conferenceA linking of several phones or computers, so that each user may communicate with the others simultaneously.
An international conference on the environment.
conventionOrthodoxy as a consequence of being conventional.
The convention of not naming the main character.
convocationA legislative or deliberative assembly of a university.
The arguments delayed the convocation of the first congress planned for February 1992.
councilDenoting housing provided by a local council at a subsidized rent.
A ban on school buses using the road was imposed by the county council.
gatheringThe act of gathering something.
A family gathering.
meetingAn assembly of people for a particular purpose, especially for formal discussion.
An athletics meeting.
private meetingAn enlisted man of the lowest rank in the Army or Marines.
sessionA period of recording music in a studio especially by a session musician.
Legislation to curb wildcat strikes will be introduced during the coming parliamentary session.
summitThe highest point of a hill or mountain.
The region is a few molecules wide at the summit.

Associations of "Conclave" (30 Words)

anonymityThe condition of being anonymous.
The official spoke on condition of anonymity.
assemblageThe social act of assembling.
The assemblage of electronic image and text databases.
assemblyThe conversion of instructions in low-level code to machine code.
The tail assembly of the aircraft.
associationalOf or relating to associations or associationism.
clandestineKept secret or done secretively, especially because illicit.
She deserved better than these clandestine meetings.
classifiedA short ad in a newspaper or magazine (usually in small print) and appearing along with other ads of the same type.
Thousands of classified documents have now been declassified.
concealedHidden on any grounds for any motive.
A concealed compartment in his briefcase.
conferenceTake part in a conference or conference call.
An international conference on the environment.
confidentialGiven in confidence or in secret.
In confidential tone of voice.
confidentialityThe state of being secret.
You must respect the confidentiality of your client s communications.
convocationThe act of convoking.
The arguments delayed the convocation of the first congress planned for February 1992.
covertA thicket in which game can hide.
The brush provided a covert for game.
cumulateAn igneous rock formed by gravitational settling of particles in a magma.
Cumulate gabbro.
esotericConfined to and understandable by only an enlightened inner circle.
Esoteric philosophical debates.
esotericaEsoteric or highly specialized subjects or publications.
A professor of such esoterica as angelology and comparative shamanism.
furtiveMarked by quiet and caution and secrecy; taking pains to avoid being observed.
The look in his eyes became furtive.
gatheringThe act of gathering something.
A family gathering.
inwardDirected or moving inward or toward a center.
Move the needle further inwards.
leakageThe accidental admission or escape of liquid or gas through a hole or crack.
Suspicion as to the source of the leakage had fallen on a variety of people.
meetingA small informal social gathering.
There was no meeting of minds.
personalExisting as a self aware entity not as an abstraction or an impersonal force.
He had the cheek to make personal remarks.
privateConcerning things deeply private and personal.
Our prisoner was just a private and knew nothing of value.
rendezvousMeet at a rendezvous.
You d be welcome to use this place as a rendezvous.
secretGiven in confidence or in secret.
A state secret.
stealthyBehaving or done in a cautious and surreptitious manner, so as not to be seen or heard.
Stealthy footsteps.
surreptitiousConducted with or marked by hidden aims or methods.
Low wages were supplemented by surreptitious payments from tradesmen.
trystA secret rendezvous (especially between lovers.
A moonlight tryst.
undercoverInvolving secret work within a community or organization, especially for the purposes of police investigation or espionage.
He worked undercover in Northern Ireland.
underhandSlyly and secretly.
Oldline aristocratic diplomats underhandedly undermined the attempt to align Germany with the Western democracies.
underhandedWith hand brought forward and up from below shoulder level.
Underhanded practices.

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