DEVOUT: Synonyms and Related Words. What is Another Word for DEVOUT?

Need another word that means the same as “devout”? Find 40 synonyms and 30 related words for “devout” in this overview.

The synonyms of “Devout” are: god-fearing, dear, earnest, heartfelt, pious, religious, devoted, dedicated, reverent, spiritual, prayerful, holy, godly, saintly, faithful, dutiful, righteous, churchgoing, orthodox, committed, loyal, staunch, genuine, firm, steadfast, resolute, unwavering, sincere, wholehearted, keen, enthusiastic, zealous, passionate, ardent, fervent, intense, vehement, active, sworn, pledged

Devout as an Adjective

Definitions of "Devout" as an adjective

According to the Oxford Dictionary of English, “devout” as an adjective can have the following definitions:

  • Having or showing deep religious feeling or commitment.
  • Sincerely earnest.
  • Deeply religious H.L.Mencken.
  • Earnest.
  • Totally committed to a cause or belief.
  • Deeply religious.

Synonyms of "Devout" as an adjective (40 Words)

activeParticipating or engaged in a particular sphere or activity in a positive or spontaneous rather than a passive way.
An active member of the club.
ardentGlowing or shining like fire.
Ardent revolutionaries.
churchgoingActively practicing a religion.
committedAssociated in an exclusive sexual relationship.
Esther has a committed boyfriend.
dearDearly loved.
Five pounds that s a bit dear.
dedicatedSolemnly dedicated to or set apart for a high or sacred purpose.
A dedicated dancer.
devotedZealous in devotion or affection.
He was a devoted husband.
dutifulConscientiously or obediently fulfilling one’s duty.
A dutiful child.
earnestSincerely earnest.
An earnest student.
enthusiasticHaving or showing great excitement and interest.
Was enthusiastic about taking ballet lessons.
faithfulMarked by fidelity to an original.
Faithful employees.
ferventHot, burning, or glowing.
A fervent supporter of the revolution.
firmMarked by firm determination or resolution not shakable.
His voice was firm and confident.
genuineBeing or reflecting the essential or genuine character of something G K Chesterton.
A genuine attempt to put things right.
god-fearingDeeply religious H.L.Mencken.
godlyEmanating from God.
Everything is black or white satanic or godly.
heartfeltSincerely earnest.
Heartfelt condolences.
holyDedicated or consecrated to God or a religious purpose; sacred.
The holy month of Ramadan.
intenseExtremely sharp or intense.
Intense pain.
Keen winds.
loyalUnwavering in devotion to friend or vow or cause.
Loyal service.
orthodox(of a person) not independent-minded; conventional and unoriginal.
Orthodox Hindus.
passionateHaving or expressing strong emotions.
Passionate pleas for help.
piousDevoutly religious.
Pious readings.
pledgedBound by or as if by an oath.
prayerful(of a person) given to praying; devout.
The church has a prayerful atmosphere.
religiousRelating to or believing in a religion.
Religious texts.
resoluteAdmirably purposeful, determined, and unwavering.
Faced with a resolute opposition.
reverentShowing great reverence for god.
Maintained a reverent silence.
righteousMorally justified.
Righteous eggs man.
saintlyRelating to a saint.
A saintly concern for his fellow men.
sincereCharacterized by a firm and humorless belief in the validity of your opinions.
Felt sincere regret that they were leaving.
spiritualRelating to or affecting the human spirit or soul as opposed to material or physical things.
Spiritual fulfillment.
staunchVery loyal and committed in attitude.
A staunch Catholic.
steadfastMarked by firm determination or resolution; not shakable.
A steadfast ally.
swornDetermined to remain in the role or condition specified.
According to an early tradition became his sworn brother.
unwaveringMarked by firm determination or resolution; not shakable.
She fixed him with an unwavering stare.
vehementCharacterized by great force or energy.
Vehement clapping.
wholeheartedWith unconditional and enthusiastic devotion.
Wholehearted commitment.
zealousMarked by active interest and enthusiasm.
The council was extremely zealous in the application of the regulations.

Usage Examples of "Devout" as an adjective

  • She was a devout Catholic.
  • Devout wishes for their success.
  • The most devout environmentalist.
  • A rabbi's devout prayers.

Associations of "Devout" (30 Words)

angelicMarked by utter benignity; resembling or befitting an angel or saint.
An angelic smile.
beatificFeeling or expressing blissful happiness.
Beatific peace.
bibleA book regarded as authoritative in its field.
blessedRoman Catholic proclaimed one of the blessed and thus worthy of veneration.
He felt blessed fortunate to be in her company.
buddhistOne who follows the teachings of Buddha.
dedicatedSolemnly dedicated to or set apart for a high purpose.
Dedicated teachers.
deistOf or relating to deism.
divineResulting from divine providence.
Divine judgment.
ecclesiasticOf or associated with a church (especially a Christian Church.
Ecclesiastic history.
fanaticallyIn a passionately fanatic manner.
godlyEmanating from God.
Everything is black or white satanic or godly.
hallowedWorthy of religious veneration.
The band will be in some hallowed and historic surroundings.
heresyBelief or opinion contrary to orthodox religious (especially Christian) doctrine.
The doctrine was denounced as a heresy by the Pope.
holyMorally and spiritually excellent.
I do not lead a holy life.
liturgyA religious service conducted according to a liturgy.
The Church of England liturgy.
pharisaicExcessively or hypocritically pious.
pilgrimTravel or wander like a pilgrim.
We should recognize our status as mere pilgrims in this world.
pilgrimageGo on a pilgrimage.
He wanted to go on a pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela.
piousDutiful or loyal, especially towards one’s parents.
Pious readings.
reverentShowing great reverence for god.
A reverent silence.
riteAn established ceremony prescribed by a religion.
Pagan fertility rites.
sacramentA formal religious ceremony conferring a specific grace on those who receive it; the two Protestant ceremonies are baptism and the Lord’s Supper; in the Roman Catholic Church and the Eastern Orthodox Church there are seven traditional r.
He heard Mass and received the sacrament.
sacredReligious rather than secular.
The sacred name of Jesus.
sacrilegeBlasphemous behavior; the act of depriving something of its sacred character.
Putting ecclesiastical vestments to secular use was considered sacrilege.
saintlyRelating to a saint.
A truly saintly woman.
sanctityThe state or quality of being holy, sacred, or saintly.
The sanctity of human life.
scriptureThe sacred writings of the Christian religions.
Passages of scripture.
shrineEnclose in a shrine.
A Hindu shrine at which offerings are placed twice a day.
synagogue(Judaism) the place of worship for a Jewish congregation.
votiveDedicated in fulfillment of a vow.
Votive offerings.

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