DISSECT: Synonyms and Related Words. What is Another Word for DISSECT?

Need another word that means the same as “dissect”? Find 20 synonyms and 30 related words for “dissect” in this overview.

The synonyms of “Dissect” are: analyse, analyze, break down, take apart, anatomize, cut up, cut open, lay open, dismember, examine, study, inspect, scrutinize, probe, explore, pore over, investigate, sift, delve into, go over with a fine-tooth comb

Dissect as a Verb

Definitions of "Dissect" as a verb

According to the Oxford Dictionary of English, “dissect” as a verb can have the following definitions:

  • Cut open or cut apart.
  • Make a mathematical, chemical, or grammatical analysis of; break down into components or essential features.
  • Analyse (a text or idea) in minute detail.
  • Methodically cut up (a body or plant) in order to study its internal parts.

Synonyms of "Dissect" as a verb (20 Words)

analysePsychoanalyse someone.
This DNA can be analysed by various methods including full base sequencing.
analyzeBreak down into components or essential features.
Analyze your real motives.
anatomizeExamine and analyse in detail.
Successful comedy is notoriously difficult to anatomize.
break downBreak down literally or metaphorically.
cut openHit (a ball) with a spin so that it turns in the opposite direction.
cut upPass through or across.
delve intoTurn up, loosen, or remove earth.
dismemberCut off the limbs of (a person or animal.
He watched a doctor dismember the body.
examineQuestion or examine thoroughly and closely.
A doctor examined me and said I might need a caesarean.
exploreSurgically examine (a wound or part of the body) in detail.
He sets out to explore fundamental questions.
go over with a fine-tooth combBe awarded; be allotted.
inspectExamine carefully for accuracy with the intent of verification.
Please inspect your father s will carefully.
investigateInvestigate scientifically.
Let s investigate the syntax of Chinese.
lay openPut in a horizontal position.
pore overDirect one’s attention on something.
probeExamine physically with or as if with a probe.
What right had he to probe into her personal life.
scrutinizeTo look at critically or searchingly, or in minute detail.
Customers were warned to scrutinize the small print.
siftPut (a fine or loose substance) through a sieve so as to remove lumps or large particles.
The fourth stage involves sifting through the data and evaluating it.
studyBe a student follow a course of study be enrolled at an institute of learning.
He spent his time listening to the radio rather than studying.
take apartDevelop a habit.

Usage Examples of "Dissect" as a verb

  • Dissect the bodies for analysis.
  • An animal's eye can be easily dissected.
  • He dissected the Prime Minister's statement and revealed the truth behind it.

Associations of "Dissect" (30 Words)

adhereBelieve in and follow the practices of.
I do not adhere to any organized religion.
analyzeBreak down into components or essential features.
Analyze a specimen.
anatomicalRelating to bodily structure.
Anatomical features.
anatomyA study of the structure or internal workings of something.
Human anatomy.
autopsyPerform an autopsy on a body or organ.
On autopsy it was established that he had suffered from a rare brain condition.
breakThe act of breaking something.
A break with the past.
cadaverThe dead body of a human being.
The cadaver was intended for dissection.
cleaveSeparate or cut with a tool, such as a sharp instrument.
Cleave the bone.
collateVerify the number and order of (the sheets of a book).
All the information obtained is being collated.
corpseThe dead body of a human being.
The corpse of a man lay there.
deconstructInterpret a text or an artwork by the method of deconstructing.
I want to deconstruct this myth that poverty breeds crime.
dismemberDivide into pieces.
The winning powers of World War I set out to dismember the Ottoman Empire.
dissatisfyFail to satisfy (someone.
What is it about these words that dissatisfies you?
dissectionThe action of dissecting a body or plant to study its internal parts.
The dissection of animals for scientific research.
evaluateEvaluate or estimate the nature quality ability extent or significance of.
How do you evaluate this grant proposal.
examineQuestion or examine thoroughly and closely.
A doctor examined me and said I might need a caesarean.
fractureA diphthong substituted by fracture.
Ground movements could cause fracture of the pipe.
inquestA judicial inquiry to ascertain the facts relating to an incident.
An inquest by New York newspapers into a subway fire.
moietyA distinct part of a large molecule.
The enzyme removes the sulphate moiety.
morgueUsed in reference to a place that is quiet, gloomy, or cold.
A full time obituaries editor in charge of the morgue.
parseAnalyse (a string or text) into logical syntactic components.
I asked a couple of students to parse these sentences for me.
partitionThe act of dividing or partitioning separation by the creation of a boundary that divides or keeps apart.
Partition a room off.
pieceTo join or unite the pieces of.
Daniel had pieced the story together from the radio.
postmortemOccurring or done after death.
Postmortem changes.
rendTear (something) into pieces.
The speculation and confusion which was rending the civilized world.
riveSplit or tear apart violently.
The wood was riven with deep cracks.
segmentation(embryology) the repeated division of a fertilised ovum.
The segmentation of society means that often we don t have arguments across the political divide.
sortArrange or order by classes or categories.
Frank was a genuinely friendly sort.
splitA thing that is divided or split.
He was winning until he got a split in the tenth frame.

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