DOWNPLAY: Synonyms and Related Words. What is Another Word for DOWNPLAY?

Need another word that means the same as “downplay”? Find 27 synonyms and 30 related words for “downplay” in this overview.

The synonyms of “Downplay” are: background, play down, minimise, minimize, understate, disparage, denigrate, belittle, diminish, deprecate, detract from, deflate, decry, discredit, cast aspersions on, downgrade, slight, run down, criticize, defame, vilify, abuse, insult, attack, speak ill of, speak evil of, pour scorn on

Downplay as a Verb

Definitions of "Downplay" as a verb

According to the Oxford Dictionary of English, “downplay” as a verb can have the following definitions:

  • Represent as less significant or important.
  • Understate the importance or quality of.
  • Make (something) appear less important than it really is.

Synonyms of "Downplay" as a verb (27 Words)

abuseUse foul or abusive language towards.
Don t abuse the system.
attackAttack someone physically or emotionally.
Crystal Palace attacked swiftly down the left.
backgroundForm a background to.
Windswept land backgrounded by the Rockies.
belittleCause to seem less serious; play down.
Don t belittle his influence.
cast aspersions onDeposit.
criticizeFind fault with; express criticism of; point out real or perceived flaws.
A literary text may be criticized on two grounds the semantic and the expressive.
decryPublicly denounce.
They decried human rights abuses.
defameCharge falsely or with malicious intent.
He claimed that the article defamed his family.
deflateBecome deflated or flaccid as by losing air.
He deflated one of the tyres.
denigrateCharge falsely or with malicious intent.
Doom and gloom merchants who denigrate their own country.
deprecateExpress strong disapproval of; deplore.
What I deprecate is persistent indulgence.
detract fromTake away a part from; diminish.
diminishCause to seem less impressive or valuable.
The trial has aged and diminished him.
discreditHarm the good reputation of.
This newspaper story discredits the politicians.
disparageRegard or represent as being of little worth.
He never missed an opportunity to disparage his competitors.
downgradeReduce to a lower grade, rank, or level of importance.
Some jobs had gradually been downgraded from skilled to semi skilled.
insultSpeak to or treat with disrespect or scornful abuse.
You re insulting the woman I love.
minimiseCause to seem less serious; play down.
minimizeReduce (something, especially something undesirable) to the smallest possible amount or degree.
The aim is to minimize costs.
play downParticipate in games or sport.
pour scorn onRain heavily.
run downBe affected by; be subjected to.
slightRaze or destroy (a fortification.
A Council determined whether the Fort should be kept or slighted.
speak evil ofUse language.
speak ill ofGive a speech to.
understateDescribe or represent (something) as being smaller or less good or important than it really is.
The press have understated the extent of the problem.
vilifySpeak or write about in an abusively disparaging manner.
He has been vilified in the press.

Usage Examples of "Downplay" as a verb

  • This report downplays the seriousness of global warming.

Associations of "Downplay" (30 Words)

compressBe squeezed or pressed together or into a smaller space.
She compressed her lips.
condoneAccept (behaviour that is considered morally wrong or offensive.
The college cannot condone any behaviour that involves illicit drugs.
conniveEncourage or assent to illegally or criminally.
She connived with a senior official to rig the results of last year s election.
contractionThe process or result of becoming smaller or pressed together.
Goodbye is a contraction of God be with you.
crassShowing no intelligence or sensitivity.
An act of crass stupidity.
decreaseDecrease in size extent or range.
The rate of decrease became greater.
disparaginglyIn a disparaging manner.
These mythological figures are described disparagingly as belonging only to a story.
disregardThe action or state of paying no attention to something.
The body of evidence is too substantial to disregard.
downgradeAn instance of reducing someone or something’s rank, status, or level of importance.
Some jobs had gradually been downgraded from skilled to semi skilled.
educationThe United States federal department that administers all federal programs dealing with education including federal aid to educational institutions and students created 1979.
Petrus is a good workman it is an education to watch him.
flattenHumiliate or depress (someone.
Flatten a road.
ignoreFail to consider (something significant.
He ignored her outraged question.
intelligenceInformation in general; news.
British intelligence has secured numerous local informers.
irrelevantNot connected with or relevant to something.
Theory can sometimes be hastily dismissed as irrelevant to the classroom.
lightheartedCarefree and happy and lighthearted.
Her lighthearted nature.
minimizeRepresent as less significant or important.
Let s minimize the risk.
neglectThe trait of neglecting responsibilities and lacking concern.
He neglected to write to her.
obscurityThe state of being indistinct or indefinite for lack of adequate illumination.
He is too good a player to slide into obscurity.
omitLeave undone or leave out.
He was omitted from the second Test.
overlookBe oriented in a certain direction.
The apartment overlooks the Hudson.
rebuffReject (someone or something) in an abrupt or ungracious manner.
I asked her to be my wife and was rebuffed in no uncertain terms.
reduceReduce in scope while retaining essential elements.
The need for businesses to reduce costs.
reducible(of a subject or problem) capable of being simplified in presentation or analysis.
Shakespeare s major soliloquies are not reducible to categories.
reductionA thick and concentrated liquid or sauce made by boiling.
The reduction of classical genetics to molecular biology.
scoffSpeak to someone or about something in a scornfully derisive or mocking way.
You a scientist he scoffed.
snubReject outright and bluntly.
She snubbed his proposal.
understateRepresent as less significant or important.
The press have understated the extent of the problem.
understatementA statement that is restrained in ironic contrast to what might have been said.
To say I am delighted is an understatement.
undervalueRate (something) insufficiently highly; fail to appreciate.
Through overfamiliarity it is easy to undervalue this concerto.
vanishPass away rapidly.
The effect vanished when day broke.

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