ENMITY: Synonyms and Related Words. What is Another Word for ENMITY?

Need another word that means the same as “enmity”? Find 14 synonyms and 30 related words for “enmity” in this overview.

The synonyms of “Enmity” are: hostility, ill will, antagonism, animosity, friction, antipathy, animus, opposition, dissension, rivalry, feud, conflict, discord, contention

Enmity as a Noun

Definitions of "Enmity" as a noun

According to the Oxford Dictionary of English, “enmity” as a noun can have the following definitions:

  • A state or feeling of active opposition or hostility.
  • A state of deep-seated ill-will.
  • The feeling of a hostile person.

Synonyms of "Enmity" as a noun (14 Words)

animosityStrong hostility.
He no longer felt any animosity towards her.
animusA feeling of ill will arousing active hostility.
The author s animus towards her.
antagonismThe relation between opposing principles or forces or factors.
The antagonism between them.
antipathyA feeling of intense dislike.
His fundamental antipathy to capitalism.
conflictA serious incompatibility between two or more opinions, principles, or interests.
A conflict of loyalties.
contentionThe act of competing as for profit or a prize.
The teams were in fierce contention for first place.
discordLack of agreement or harmony.
A prosperous family who showed no signs of discord.
dissensionDisagreement among those expected to cooperate.
The mill was the cause of a dissension in 1620.
feudA state of prolonged mutual hostility, typically between two families or communities, characterized by murderous assaults in revenge for previous injuries.
His long standing feud with Universal Pictures.
frictionThe resistance that one surface or object encounters when moving over another.
The friction of braking.
hostilityViolent action that is hostile and usually unprovoked.
Their hostility to all outsiders.
ill willAn often persistent bodily disorder or disease; a cause for complaining.
oppositionThe principal parliamentary party opposed to that in office.
Despite opposition from the newspapers he went ahead.
rivalryCompetition for the same objective or for superiority in the same field.
There always has been intense rivalry between the clubs.

Usage Examples of "Enmity" as a noun

  • Decades of enmity between the two countries.
  • Family feuds and enmities.

Associations of "Enmity" (30 Words)

abhorFind repugnant.
He abhorred sexism in every form.
acrimonyBitterness or ill feeling.
The AGM dissolved into acrimony.
aggressionDeliberately unfriendly behavior.
The sheer volume and aggression of his playing.
animosityA feeling of ill will arousing active hostility.
He no longer felt any animosity towards her.
antagonismThe relation between opposing principles or forces or factors.
His antagonism towards the local people.
antipathyThe object of a feeling of intense aversion; something to be avoided.
Cats were his greatest antipathy.
avengeInflict harm in return for (an injury or wrong done to oneself or another.
He vowed in silent fervour to avenge their murders.
aversionA person or thing that arouses strong feelings of dislike.
They made plain their aversion to the use of force.
contemptA manner that is generally disrespectful and contemptuous.
He was held in contempt.
counteractOppose or check by a counteraction.
Should we deliberately intervene in the climate system to counteract global warming.
detestationHate coupled with disgust.
Wordsworth s detestation of aristocracy.
detestedTreated with dislike or contempt.
disaffectionA state or feeling of being dissatisfied, especially with people in authority or a system of control.
The widespread disaffection of the troops.
disgustFill with distaste.
The sight filled her with disgust.
dislikeHave or feel a dislike or distaste for.
I know all his likes and dislikes.
evilOf a force or spirit embodying or associated with the forces of the devil.
No man is so evil as to be beyond redemption.
feudCarry out a feud.
A savage feud over drugs money.
grievanceAn official statement of a complaint over something believed to be wrong or unfair.
He was nursing a grievance.
grudgeBear a grudge harbor ill feelings.
Miss Ironside seems to have had some grudge against her.
hateFeel intense dislike for.
The boys hate each other.
hatredIntense dislike; hate.
His murderous hatred of his brother.
hostilityA hostile (very unfriendly) disposition.
He could not conceal his hostility.
malevolenceWishing evil to others.
His eyes were glowing with malevolence.
maliceFeeling a need to see others suffer.
I bear no malice towards anybody.
rancorA feeling of deep and bitter anger and ill-will.
rancourA feeling of deep and bitter anger and ill-will.
He spoke without rancour.
repellingHighly offensive; arousing aversion or disgust.
spiteMalevolence by virtue of being malicious or spiteful or nasty.
It seemed as if the wind had a spite at her.
uglinessThe quality of being unpleasant or repulsive in appearance.
Helena gives a soliloquy comparing her ugliness to Hermia s beauty.
wickednessEstrangement from god.
The wickedness of the regime.

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