PREACH: Synonyms and Related Words. What is Another Word for PREACH?

Need another word that means the same as “preach”? Find 29 synonyms and 30 related words for “preach” in this overview.

The synonyms of “Preach” are: prophesy, advocate, give a sermon, deliver a sermon, sermonize, spread the gospel, evangelize, address, speak, proclaim, teach, spread, propagate, expound, explain, make known, recommend, advise, urge, exhort, counsel, champion, inculcate, instil, moralize, be moralistic, pontificate, lecture, harangue

Preach as a Verb

Definitions of "Preach" as a verb

According to the Oxford Dictionary of English, “preach” as a verb can have the following definitions:

  • Used to affirm one's approval of or support for a stated opinion, advocated course of action, etc.
  • Give moral advice to someone in a pompously self-righteous way.
  • Speak, plead, or argue in favor of.
  • Deliver a sermon or religious address to an assembled group of people, typically in church.
  • Deliver a sermon.
  • Publicly proclaim or teach (a religious message or belief.
  • Earnestly advocate (a belief or course of action.
Definitions of "Preach" as a verb

Synonyms of "Preach" as a verb (29 Words)

addressWrite the name and address of the intended recipient on an envelope letter or parcel.
Address your complaints to the Trading Standards Board.
adviseMake a proposal, declare a plan for something.
I advised him to go home.
advocateSpeak, plead, or argue in favor of.
The doctor advocated a smoking ban in the entire house.
be moralisticHappen, occur, take place.
championProtect or fight for as a champion.
He championed the rights of the working class and the poor.
counselGive professional help and advice to (someone) to resolve personal or psychological problems.
Careers officers should counsel young people in making their career decisions.
deliver a sermonUtter (an exclamation, noise, etc.
evangelizePreach the gospel (to.
Some small groups have been evangelized by Protestant missionaries.
exhortStrongly encourage or urge (someone) to do something.
Come on you guys exhorted Linda.
explainMake (an idea or situation) clear to someone by describing it in more detail or revealing relevant facts.
They explained that their lives centred on the religious rituals.
expoundPresent and explain (a theory or idea) in detail.
The abbess expounded the scriptures to her nuns.
give a sermonGive food to.
harangueDeliver a harangue to address forcefully.
He harangued the public on their ignorance.
inculcateTeach (someone) an attitude, idea, or habit by persistent instruction.
They will try to inculcate you with a respect for culture.
instilGradually but firmly establish (an idea or attitude) in a person’s mind.
The standards her parents had instilled into her.
lectureGive a lecture to a class or other audience.
Did you ever lecture at Harvard.
make knownUndergo fabrication or creation.
moralizeComment on issues of right and wrong, typically with an unfounded air of superiority.
Moralize a story.
pontificateAdminister a pontifical office.
The new professor always pontificates.
proclaimSay something emphatically; declare.
He had a rolling gait that proclaimed him a man of the sea.
propagateCause to propagate as by grafting or layering.
Sound and light propagate in this medium.
prophesyDeliver a sermon.
Jacques was prophesying a bumper harvest.
recommendMake attractive or acceptable.
A book I recommended to a friend of mine.
sermonizeDeliver an opinionated and dogmatic talk to someone.
This man always sermonizes.
speak(of a musical instrument or other object) make a sound when functioning.
I ll speak to him if he calls.
spreadSpread across or over.
He sighed spreading jam on a croissant.
spread the gospelCover by spreading something over.
teachWork as a teacher.
She teaches at the local high school.
urgeForce or impel in an indicated direction.
Drawing up outside the house he urged her inside.
Synonyms of "Preach" as a verb (29 Words)

Usage Examples of "Preach" as a verb

  • He preached to a large congregation.
  • Viewers want to be entertained, not preached at.
  • My parents have always preached toleration and moderation.
  • He preached the word of God.
  • The minister is not preaching this Sunday.
  • ‘All coaches in this league need to be better—it's embarrassing.’ ‘ Preach it, Michael.
  • ‘Please continue to speak up if you see bullying—it could save another's life.’ ‘Preach.
  • Our pastor will preach the sermon.
Usage Examples of "Preach" as a verb

Associations of "Preach" (30 Words)

altarThe table in Christian churches where communion is given.
apostleAn important early Christian teacher or pioneering missionary.
An apostle of revolution.
baptismalOf or relating to baptism.
We will renew our baptismal vows.
catholicOf or relating to or supporting Catholicism.
Her tastes are pretty catholic.
christianRelating to or characteristic of Christianity.
confessionalRelating to confessions of faith or doctrinal systems.
The priest leaned forward in his best confessional manner.
daisA low platform for a lectern or throne.
doctrineA stated principle of government policy, mainly in foreign or military affairs.
The doctrine of predestination.
epistleA specially long, formal letter.
Activists firing off angry epistles.
evangelistThe writer of one of the four Gospels (Matthew, Mark, Luke, or John.
A local evangelist working with a youth mission.
expositionA systematic interpretation or explanation (usually written) of a specific topic.
A systematic exposition of the idea of biodiversity.
foretellPredict (the future or a future event.
A seer had foretold that the earl would assume the throne.
homileticsThe branch of theology that deals with sermons and homilies.
homilyA tedious moralizing lecture.
She delivered her homily about the need for patience.
lecternDesk or stand with a slanted top used to hold a text at the proper height for a lecturer.
martyrTorture and torment like a martyr.
I m a martyr to migraine.
missionaryRelating to or characteristic of a missionary or a religious mission.
Our taxi driver shared a sense of missionary zeal with us.
oratory(in the Roman Catholic Church) a society of priests without vows, especially the Oratory of St Philip Neri founded in 1564.
He loved the sound of his own oratory.
ordinationThe act of ordaining; the act of conferring (or receiving) holy orders.
The ordination of women.
podiumOf a competitor in a sporting event finish first second or third so as to appear on a podium to receive an award.
I took the score out of my briefcase and put it on the podium.
priesthoodThe body of ordained religious practitioners.
There was relief among the Anglican priesthood.
prophesyPredict or reveal through, or as if through, divine inspiration.
Jacques was prophesying a bumper harvest.
prophetIn Christian use the books of Isaiah Jeremiah Ezekiel Daniel and the twelve minor prophets.
He is repeatedly hailed as a prophet of modernism.
pulpitReligious teaching as expressed in sermons.
Many ministers delivered political guidance from their pulpits.
recitationSystematic training by multiple repetitions.
The history of an organization is more important than the recitation of details like this.
rostrumA raised platform supporting a film or television camera.
These beetles are very easily recognized by the rostrum or beak.
seerAn expert who provides forecasts of the economic or political future.
Our seers have grown gloomier about prospects for growth.
seminaryA college that trains students to be priests, rabbis, or ministers.
sermonA long or tedious piece of admonition or reproof; a lecture.
I preached my first sermon on original sin.
stumpRemove tree stumps from.
Detectives are stumped for a reason for the attack.
Associations of "Preach" (30 Words)

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