SELDOM: Synonyms and Related Words. What is Another Word for SELDOM?

Need another word that means the same as “seldom”? Find 12 synonyms and 30 related words for “seldom” in this overview.

The synonyms of “Seldom” are: rarely, infrequently, hardly ever, scarcely ever, hardly, scarcely, almost never, once in a while, only now and then, not often, only occasionally, sporadically

Seldom as an Adverb

Definitions of "Seldom" as an adverb

According to the Oxford Dictionary of English, “seldom” as an adverb can have the following definitions:

  • Not often; rarely.
  • Not often.

Synonyms of "Seldom" as an adverb (12 Words)

almost neverSlightly short of or not quite accomplished; all but.
hardlyNo or not (suggesting surprise at or disagreement with a statement.
She could hardly sit up.
hardly everAlmost not.
infrequentlyNot often; rarely.
A storage area for infrequently used items.
not oftenMany times at short intervals.
once in a whileOn one occasion.
only now and thenAnd nothing more.
only occasionallyNever except when.
rarelyNot often; seldom.
The rarely fine Sheraton bookcase.
scarcelyOnly a very short time before.
They could scarcely all be wrong.
scarcely everOnly a very short time before.
sporadicallyOccasionally or at irregular intervals.
He worked sporadically at part time jobs.

Usage Examples of "Seldom" as an adverb

  • Islay is seldom visited by tourists.
  • An old seldom-used church.
  • He was seldom absent.

Associations of "Seldom" (30 Words)

anymoreAt the present or from now on; usually used with a negative.
Alice doesn t live here anymore.
barelyOnly just; almost not.
Their barely furnished house.
coincidentallyAt the same time.
The three are coincidentally reunited when captured by the enemy.
curioA rare, unusual, or intriguing object.
They had such fun over the wonderful box of curios that Jack had sent from India.
frequencyThe rate at which something occurs over a particular period of time or in a given sample.
An increase in the frequency of accidents due to increased overtime.
frequentlyMany times at short intervals.
They go abroad frequently.
hardlySlowly and with difficulty.
I can hardly hear what she is saying.
infrequentNot occurring often; rare.
Her visits were so infrequent.
infrequentlyNot often; rarely.
He cooks but only infrequently.
occasionalOccurring or appearing at usually irregular intervals.
Occasional freelancer seeks full time position.
occasionallyAt infrequent or irregular intervals; now and then.
Very occasionally the condition can result in death.
odditySomething unusual — perhaps worthy of collecting.
Realizing the oddity of the remark he retracted it.
oftenFrequently or in great quantities.
He often goes for long walks by himself.
oftentimesFrequently; many times.
Sensory processing is oftentimes a challenge for someone with ASD.
rare(of an event, situation, or condition) not occurring very often.
Rare patches of green in the desert.
rarelyNot often; seldom.
The rarely fine Sheraton bookcase.
rarenessNoteworthy scarcity.
rarityNoteworthy scarcity.
To take the morning off was a rarity.
scantWork hastily or carelessly; deal with inadequately and superficially.
Companies with scant regard for the safety of future generations.
scantySmall or insufficient in quantity or amount.
The women looked cold in their scanty bodices.
As raw materials became scarce synthetics were developed.
scarcelyOnly a very short time before.
She had scarcely dismounted before the door swung open.
sometimesOccasionally, rather than all of the time.
Sometimes I want to do things on my own.
sparseNot dense.
Information on earnings is sparse.
sparselyIn a thinly dispersed manner; in small numbers.
A sparsely furnished apartment.
sporadicOccurring at irregular intervals or only in a few places; scattered or isolated.
A city subjected to sporadic bombing raids.
sporadicallyOccasionally or at irregular intervals.
He only works sporadically.
typicallyIn most cases; usually.
The quality of work is typically very high.
He is an uncommonly good talker.
unusualNot usual or common or ordinary.
The government has taken the unusual step of calling home its ambassador.

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