SOMBER: Synonyms and Related Words. What is Another Word for SOMBER?

Need another word that means the same as “somber”? Find 4 synonyms and 30 related words for “somber” in this overview.

The synonyms of “Somber” are: drab, sober, sombre, melancholy

Somber as an Adjective

Definitions of "Somber" as an adjective

According to the Oxford Dictionary of English, “somber” as an adjective can have the following definitions:

  • Grave or even gloomy in character.
  • Lacking brightness or color; dull.
Definitions of "Somber" as an adjective

Synonyms of "Somber" as an adjective (4 Words)

drabOf a dull light brown colour.
Drab faded curtains.
melancholyHaving a feeling of melancholy sad and pensive.
We acquainted him with the melancholy truth.
soberCompletely lacking in playfulness.
His expression became sober.
sombreLacking brightness or color; dull.
He looked at her with a sombre expression.
Synonyms of "Somber" as an adjective (4 Words)

Usage Examples of "Somber" as an adjective

  • A suit of somber black.
  • Children in somber brown clothes.
  • A somber mood.
Usage Examples of "Somber" as an adjective

Associations of "Somber" (30 Words)

blueThe blue ball in snooker billiards and similar games.
He s feeling blue.
cheerlessGloomy; depressing.
Something cheerless about the room.
contemplativeA person devoted to the contemplative life.
She regarded me with a contemplative eye.
dejectedSad and depressed; dispirited.
He stood in the street looking dejected.
depressed(of an object or part of an object) in a lower position, having been pushed down.
Depressed inner city areas.
depressionA state of depression and anhedonia so severe as to require clinical intervention.
Self doubt creeps in and that swiftly turns to depression.
despairThe complete loss or absence of hope.
We should not despair.
despairingArising from or marked by despair or loss of hope.
The last despairing plea of the condemned criminal.
despondentIn low spirits from loss of hope or courage.
She grew more and more despondent.
dismalPitifully or disgracefully bad.
The first dismal dispiriting days of November.
dispiritedMarked by low spirits; showing no enthusiasm.
A dispirited and divided Party.
downcastA shaft dug in a mine for extra ventilation.
A downcast glance.
drearyDepressingly dull and bleak or repetitive.
A series of dreary dinner parties.
elegiacVerses in an elegiac metre.
Haunting and elegiac poems.
gloomBe or look depressed or despondent.
A year of economic gloom for the car industry.
gloomyDepressingly dark.
A gloomy corridor badly lit by oil lamps.
grieveCause great distress to (someone.
It grieves me to think of you in that house alone.
grimDepressing or worrying to consider.
Took a grim view of the economy.
hopelessFeeling or causing despair.
He is a hopeless romantic.
joylessNot experiencing or inspiring joy.
She had to face the thought of a joyless future.
melancholyHaving a feeling of melancholy sad and pensive.
We acquainted him with the melancholy truth.
mourningThe passionate and demonstrative activity of expressing grief.
She s still in mourning after the death of her husband.
pensiveShowing pensive sadness.
A pensive mood.
sadOf things that make you feel sad.
A sad day for us all.
saddenMake unhappy.
He was greatly saddened by the death of his only son.
sadnessEmotions experienced when not in a state of well-being.
A source of great sadness.
sorryWithout merit; of little or no value or use.
A sorry state of affairs.
sullenShowing a brooding ill humor.
A sullen crowd.
unhappyNot happy.
Unhappy with her raise.
wistfulShowing pensive sadness.
The sensitive and wistful response of a poet to the gentler phases of beauty.
Associations of "Somber" (30 Words)

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