SPASM: Synonyms and Related Words. What is Another Word for SPASM?

Need another word that means the same as “spasm”? Find 15 synonyms and 30 related words for “spasm” in this overview.

The synonyms of “Spasm” are: cramp, muscle spasm, convulsion, contraction, throes, fit, paroxysm, attack, burst, bout, seizure, outburst, outbreak, explosion, access

Spasm as a Noun

Definitions of "Spasm" as a noun

According to the Oxford Dictionary of English, “spasm” as a noun can have the following definitions:

  • A painful and involuntary muscular contraction.
  • Prolonged involuntary muscle contraction.
  • A sudden involuntary muscular contraction or convulsive movement.
  • (pathology) sudden constriction of a hollow organ (as a blood vessel.
  • Sudden constriction of a hollow organ (as a blood vessel.
  • A sudden and brief spell of an activity or sensation.

Synonyms of "Spasm" as a noun (15 Words)

accessThe means or opportunity to approach or enter a place.
Wheelchair access.
attackThe act of attacking.
The tissue is open to attack by fungus.
boutA division during which one team is on the offensive.
A drinking bout.
burstThe act of exploding or bursting.
The mortar bursts were further away than before.
contraction(physiology) a shortening or tensing of a part or organ (especially of a muscle or muscle fiber.
The contraction of a gas on cooling.
convulsionA sudden, violent, irregular movement of the body, caused by involuntary contraction of muscles and associated especially with brain disorders such as epilepsy, the presence of certain toxins or other agents in the blood, or fever in children.
Convulsions of laughter.
crampAbdominal pain caused by menstruation.
An attack of cramp.
explosionThe noise caused by an explosion.
The explosion was heard a mile away.
fitThe manner in which something fits.
He had a fit.
muscle spasmAnimal tissue consisting predominantly of contractile cells.
outbreakA sudden occurrence of something unwelcome, such as war or disease.
The outbreak of World War II.
outburstA sudden release of strong emotion.
A very dramatic outburst of neutrons.
paroxysmA sudden uncontrollable attack.
A paroxysm of weeping.
seizureA sudden occurrence (or recurrence) of a disease.
He suffered an epileptic seizure.
throesViolent pangs of suffering.
Death throes.

Usage Examples of "Spasm" as a noun

  • A spasm of coughing woke him.
  • Shifting heavy loads without help brought on muscular back spasms.
  • The airways in the lungs go into spasm.

Associations of "Spasm" (30 Words)

acheA dull persistent (usually moderately intense) pain.
She ached for a cigarette.
bungeeA long nylon cased rubber band used for securing luggage and in bungee jumping.
He bungeed 111 metres from the bridge over the Victoria Falls.
convalescenceGradual healing (through rest) after sickness or injury.
A period of convalescence.
convulsionUncontrollable laughter.
Febrile convulsions.
crampAffect with or as if with a cramp.
Cramp the wood.
displacementAct of taking the place of another especially using underhanded tactics.
This phobia was linked with the displacement of fear of his father.
fidgetA person who fidgets.
The audience began to fidget and whisper.
hopThe act of hopping jumping upward or forward especially on one foot.
Ex soldiers looking for work hopped freights heading west.
hurdleTake part in a hurdle race.
The last hurdle before graduation.
illnessA disease or period of sickness affecting the body or mind.
I ve never missed a day s work through illness.
impactPress or wedge together; pack together.
The animals feet do not impact and damage the soil as cows hooves do.
joltGive a surprise or shock to (someone) in order to make them act or change.
The door closed with a jolt.
jumpMove or jump suddenly as if in surprise or alarm.
Jump from one thing to another.
leapA thing to be leaped over or from.
Polly leapt to her feet.
moveHave a turn make one s move in a game.
She intends to move an amendment to the Bill.
muscleA muscle or muscles when well developed or prominently visible under the skin.
An ex marine of enormous proportions who d been brought along as muscle.
muscularHaving a robust muscular body build characterized by predominance of structures bone and muscle and connective tissue developed from the embryonic mesodermal layer.
A muscular economy.
outburstA volcanic eruption.
A very dramatic outburst of neutrons.
painCause mental or physical pain to.
Chest pains.
paroxysmA sudden uncontrollable attack.
A paroxysm of weeping.
puissanceA competitive test of a horse’s ability to jump large obstacles in showjumping.
The puissance of the labor vote.
shiftThe group of people who work during a particular shift.
The partial remainder is shifted left.
skipCause to skip over a surface.
The children used to skip the puddles.
startleA sudden involuntary movement.
The loud noise startled him awake.
Sudden there swooped an eagle downward.
turmoilA state of great disturbance, confusion, or uncertainty.
He endured years of inner turmoil.
twitchUse a twitch to subdue a horse.
He gave a twitch at his moustache.
upheaval(geology) a rise of land to a higher elevation (as in the process of mountain building.
Times of political upheaval.
variableA symbol like x or y that is used in mathematical or logical expressions to represent a variable quantity.
Variable winds.

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