SURVEY: Synonyms and Related Words. What is Another Word for SURVEY?

Need another word that means the same as “survey”? Find 55 synonyms and 30 related words for “survey” in this overview.

The synonyms of “Survey” are: appraise, go over, review, follow, surveil, look at, look over, take a look at, observe, view, contemplate, regard, see, gaze at, stare at, eye, get a bird's-eye view of, make a survey of, value, carry out a valuation of, estimate the value of, interview, question, canvass, poll, investigate, research, study, probe, sample, resume, sketch, sight, consideration, overview, investigation, inquiry, questionnaire, opinion poll, sampling, census, cross-examination, quiz, valuation, appraisal, assessment, estimate, estimation, pricing

Survey as a Noun

Definitions of "Survey" as a noun

According to the Oxford Dictionary of English, “survey” as a noun can have the following definitions:

  • An investigation of the opinions or experience of a group of people, based on a series of questions.
  • An act of surveying an area of land.
  • A written report detailing the findings of a building survey.
  • A map, plan, or detailed description obtained by surveying an area.
  • An act of surveying a building.
  • Short descriptive summary (of events.
  • The act of looking or seeing or observing.
  • A department carrying out the surveying of land.
  • A detailed critical inspection.
  • A general view, examination, or description of someone or something.

Synonyms of "Survey" as a noun (25 Words)

appraisalA formal assessment, typically in an interview, of the performance of an employee over a particular period.
She carried out a thorough appraisal.
assessmentThe classification of someone or something with respect to its worth.
The assessment for repairs outraged the club s membership.
censusAn official count or survey, especially of a population.
A traffic census.
considerationA fee charged in advance to retain the services of someone.
You can buy the books for a small consideration.
cross-examinationClose questioning of a hostile witness in a court of law to discredit or throw a new light on the testimony already provided in direct examination.
estimateA judgment of the qualities of something or somebody.
He got an estimate from the car repair shop.
estimationThe respect with which a person is held.
Estimations of protein concentrations.
inquiryA search for knowledge.
All lines of inquiry are open.
investigationAn inquiry into unfamiliar or questionable activities.
A murder investigation.
opinion pollThe legal document stating the reasons for a judicial decision.
overviewA general review or summary of a subject.
A brief overview of the survey.
pollThe number of votes cast in an election.
The country went to the polls on March 10.
pricingThe evaluation of something in terms of its price.
probeAn investigation conducted using a flexible surgical instrument to explore an injury or a body cavity.
There was a congressional probe into the scandal.
questionnaireA form containing a set of questions; submitted to people to gain statistical information.
quizAn act of questioning someone.
A quiz show.
researchEngaged in or intended for research.
The group carries out research in geochemistry.
resumeA summary of your academic and work history.
review(accounting) a service (less exhaustive than an audit) that provides some assurance to interested parties as to the reliability of financial data.
The Director General s end of year review.
samplingA sample.
Five random samplings collected from wild cats.
sightA person’s view or consideration.
The train was an unexpected sight.
sketchA comical or amusing person or thing.
You can see how the first movement evolved from the composer s sketches.
studyA room used for reading and writing and studying.
The third bedroom was used as a study.
valuationThe monetary worth of something, especially as estimated by a valuer.
The valuation of this property is much too high.
viewPurpose the phrase with a view to means with the intention of or for the purpose of.
They were soon out of view.

Usage Examples of "Survey" as a noun

  • The author provides a survey of the relevant literature.
  • The building society will insist that you have a survey done.
  • The British Geological Survey.
  • A survey conducted by Gardening Which?
  • The flight involved a detailed aerial survey of military bases.
  • His survey of the battlefield was limited.
  • The third type of report is a full structural survey.

Survey as a Verb

Definitions of "Survey" as a verb

According to the Oxford Dictionary of English, “survey” as a verb can have the following definitions:

  • Make a survey of; for statistical purposes.
  • Look over carefully or inspect.
  • Investigate (behaviour or opinions) by questioning a group of people.
  • Hold a review (of troops.
  • Look closely at or examine (someone or something.
  • Plot a map of (land.
  • Investigate the opinions or experience of (a group of people) by asking them questions.
  • Consider in a comprehensive way.
  • Examine and record the area and features of (an area of land) so as to construct a map, plan, or description.
  • Keep under surveillance.
  • Examine and report on the condition of (a building), especially for a prospective buyer.

Synonyms of "Survey" as a verb (30 Words)

appraiseConsider in a comprehensive way.
I will have the family jewels appraised by a professional.
canvassConsider in detail and subject to an analysis in order to discover essential features or meaning.
They promised to canvass all member clubs for their views.
carry out a valuation ofPass on a communication.
contemplateLook thoughtfully for a long time at.
Contemplate one s navel.
estimate the value ofJudge to be probable.
eyeLook at closely or with interest.
Rose eyed him warily.
followFollow in or as if in pursuit.
The orchestra could barely follow the frequent pitch changes of the soprano.
gaze atLook at with fixed eyes.
get a bird's-eye view ofEvoke an emotional response.
go overBe or continue to be in a certain condition.
interviewPerform well or badly at an interview.
We interviewed the job candidates.
investigateInvestigate scientifically.
Everyone with a possible interest in your brother s death must be thoroughly investigated.
look atHave faith or confidence in.
look overSearch or seek.
make a survey ofReach a destination, either real or abstract.
observeObserve with care or pay close attention to.
She observed that all the chairs were already occupied.
pollVote in an election at a polling station.
The network manager can also use the software to poll each Mac on the net.
probeExamine physically with or as if with a probe.
Hands probed his body from top to bottom.
questionAsk someone questions especially in an official context.
We must question your judgment in this matter.
regardPay attention to; heed.
He talk d very wisely but I regarded him not.
researchInquire into.
The student researched the history of that word.
reviewHold a review of troops.
The Attorney General asked the court to review the sentence.
sampleTake a sample or samples of something for analysis.
Riffs sampled from other musicians.
seeGo to see for a social visit.
Some guy she was seeing was messing her around.
stare atFixate one’s eyes.
studyApply oneself to study.
He is meditating in his study.
surveilKeep a person or place under surveillance closely monitor or observe.
He deployed FBI agents to surveil the offices of those companies.
take a look atExperience or feel or submit to.
valueFix or determine the value of assign a value to.
She had come to value her privacy.
viewRegard in a particular light or with a particular attitude.
She views this quite differently from me.

Usage Examples of "Survey" as a verb

  • The cottage didn't look unsafe, but he had it surveyed.
  • I surveyed the options.
  • The investigator surveyed the attitudes and beliefs held by residents.
  • He surveyed his new classmates.
  • 95 per cent of patients surveyed were satisfied with the health service.
  • He surveyed the coasts of New Zealand.
  • Her green eyes surveyed him coolly.

Associations of "Survey" (30 Words)

analystA psychoanalyst.
answerGive the correct answer or solution to.
She tried to answer his questions truthfully.
An answering glance.
appellantA person who applies to a higher court for a reversal of the decision of a lower court.
checkA textile pattern of squares or crossed lines resembling a checkerboard.
The heat checked the paint.
dataA collection of facts from which conclusions may be drawn.
Statistical data.
demographicA particular sector of a population.
The drink is popular with a young demographic.
examinationThe action or process of conducting an examination.
An examination of marketing behaviour.
inquiryAn official investigation.
He was one of the State s star witnesses in the murder inquiry.
inspectionCareful examination or scrutiny.
On closer inspection it looked like a fossil.
overseeWatch and direct.
Who is overseeing this project.
patrolMaintain the security of by carrying out a patrol.
There were two schools but no crossing patrol.
pollCut off the top of a tree or plant typically to encourage further growth pollard.
The polls have only just closed.
pollsterSomeone who conducts surveys of public opinion.
A pollster conducts public opinion polls.
questionnaireA set of printed or written questions with a choice of answers, devised for the purposes of a survey or statistical study.
reactantA substance that takes part in and undergoes change during a reaction.
reactiveParticipating readily in reactions.
Pupils are reactive to light.
reconnaissanceMilitary observation of a region to locate an enemy or ascertain strategic features.
An excellent aircraft for low level reconnaissance.
reconnoiterExplore, often with the goal of finding something or somebody.
reexamination(law) questioning of a witness by the party that called the witness after that witness has been subject to cross-examination.
reexamineLook at again; examine again.
replyA statement either spoken or written that is made to reply to a question or request or criticism or accusation.
I am writing in reply to your letter.
respondentThe codefendant especially in a divorce proceeding who is accused of adultery with the corespondent.
Most respondents to our questionnaire considered their practices to be in accordance with current medical guidelines.
responsiveDenoting or relating to a website whose page design changes automatically according to the size of the screen on which it is viewed.
Responsive reading.
reviewHold a review of troops.
The Home Secretary was called on to review Britain s gun laws.
statisticA datum that can be represented numerically.
He was just another statistic.
suffrageA vote given in assent to a proposal or in favour of the election of a particular person.
Universal adult suffrage.
surveillanceClose observation, especially of a suspected spy or criminal.
He found himself put under surveillance by British military intelligence.
terrainA piece of ground having specific characteristics or military potential.
A mind trying to find its way through difficult theoretical and political terrain.
voterA person who votes or has the right to vote at an election.

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