SWIFT: Synonyms and Related Words. What is Another Word for SWIFT?

Need another word that means the same as “swift”? Find 28 synonyms and 30 related words for “swift” in this overview.

The synonyms of “Swift” are: fleet, prompt, rapid, sudden, immediate, instant, instantaneous, ready, punctual, quick, brisk, lively, speedy, fast, high-speed, expeditious, express, breakneck, meteoric, swift as an arrow, like the wind, like lightning, blue-belly, sceloporus occidentalis, western fence lizard, gustavus franklin swift, dean swift, jonathan swift

Swift as a Noun

Definitions of "Swift" as a noun

According to the Oxford Dictionary of English, “swift” as a noun can have the following definitions:

  • A swift-flying insectivorous bird with long, slender wings and a superficial resemblance to a swallow, spending most of its life on the wing.
  • A moth, typically yellow-brown in colour, with fast darting flight. The eggs are scattered in flight and the larvae live underground feeding on roots, where they can be a serious pest.
  • A small bird that resembles a swallow and is noted for its rapid flight.
  • An English satirist born in Ireland (1667-1745.
  • Common western lizard; seen on logs or rocks.
  • United States meat-packer who began the use of refrigerated railroad cars (1839-1903.
  • A light, adjustable reel for holding a skein of silk or wool.

Synonyms of "Swift" as a noun (6 Words)

blue-bellyCommon western lizard; seen on logs or rocks.
dean swiftUnited States film actor whose moody rebellious roles made him a cult figure (1931-1955.
gustavus franklin swiftAn English satirist born in Ireland (1667-1745.
jonathan swiftAn English satirist born in Ireland (1667-1745.
sceloporus occidentalisCommon western lizard; seen on logs or rocks.
western fence lizardA sandwich made from a western omelet.

Swift as an Adjective

Definitions of "Swift" as an adjective

According to the Oxford Dictionary of English, “swift” as an adjective can have the following definitions:

  • Moving or capable of moving at high speed.
  • Moving very fast.
  • Happening quickly or promptly.

Synonyms of "Swift" as an adjective (22 Words)

breakneckDangerously or extremely fast.
A breakneck pace.
briskShowing a wish to deal with things quickly; slightly brusque.
A good brisk walk.
expeditiousMarked by speed and efficiency.
An expeditious investigation.
expressNot tacit or implied.
Her express wish.
fastSecurely fixed in place.
A 35 mm colour film which is ten times faster than Kodacolor II.
fleetMoving very fast.
The fleet scurrying of squirrels.
high-speedOperating at high speed.
immediateImmediately before or after as in a chain of cause and effect.
The book s success was immediate.
instantDemanding attention.
Your letter of the 6th instant.
instantaneousOccurring or done instantly.
Relief was instantaneous.
like lightningConforming in every respect.
like the windHaving the same or similar characteristics.
livelyQuick and energetic.
Her lively mind.
meteoric(of the development of something) very rapid.
Leaching is thought to have been caused by meteoric water during uplift and exposure.
promptAccording to schedule or without delay; on time.
She is always prompt to help her friends.
punctualDenoting or relating to an action that takes place at a particular point in time.
Punctual payment.
quickMoving quickly and lightly.
We went to the pub for a quick drink.
rapidDone or occurring in a brief period of time.
A rapid rise through the ranks.
readyWilling or eager to do something.
A ready wit.
speedyCharacterized by speed; moving with or capable of moving with high speed.
A speedy car.
suddenHappening without warning or in a short space of time.
A sudden storm.
swift as an arrowMoving very fast.

Usage Examples of "Swift" as an adjective

  • A remarkably swift recovery.
  • A swift runner.
  • A swift current.
  • Swift flight of an arrow.
  • The water was very swift.
  • The swiftest horse in his stable.

Associations of "Swift" (30 Words)

abruptExtremely steep.
An abrupt canyon.
acceleration(physics) a rate of increase of velocity.
The three litre model has spectacular acceleration.
airspeedThe speed of an aircraft relative to the air in which it is flying.
brisknessLiveliness and eagerness.
dashA punctuation mark (-) used between parts of a compound word or between the syllables of a word when the word is divided at the end of a line of text.
Dashed ambitions and hopes.
fastConducive to rapid speeds.
A 35 mm colour film which is ten times faster than Kodacolor II.
fastnessThe ability of a material or dye to maintain its colour without fading or washing away.
A remote Himalayan mountain fastness.
fleetA country’s navy.
The fleet scurrying of squirrels.
hastilyWith excessive speed or urgency; hurriedly.
Hastily he scanned the headlines.
hastyActing with excessive speed or insufficient consideration.
Hasty decisions.
hurriedDone in a hurry; rushed.
I ate a hurried breakfast.
hurriedlyIn a hurried or hasty manner.
The way they buried him so hurriedly was disgraceful.
hurryA condition of urgency making it necessary to hurry.
There s no hurry to get back.
impetuousCharacterized by undue haste and lack of thought or deliberation; (`brainish’ is archaic.
An impetuous but controlled flow of water.
overhastyExcessively hasty.
Rejected what was regarded as an overhasty plan for reconversion.
overrunAn instance of something exceeding an expected or allowed time or cost.
The Mediterranean has been overrun by tourists.
promptThe time limit for the payment of an account stated on a prompt note.
She is always prompt to help her friends.
promptitudeThe characteristic of doing things without delay.
He arranges everything with extraordinary promptitude and foresight.
promptlyUsed to express surprise, and slight disapproval, when someone does something shortly after something else.
He did his homework promptly.
quickMoving quickly and lightly.
The quick and the dead.
quicklyAt a fast speed; rapidly.
We moved quickly to deal with our auditor s questions.
rapidHappening in a short time or at a great rate.
A rapid rise through the ranks.
rapidlyVery quickly; at a great rate.
The problem is rapidly worsening.
rushCause to move fast or to rush or race.
Users experience a rush.
rushedDone under pressure.
I m too rushed to do it.
scrambleStir vigorously.
As the jet headed towards Italian airspace two F104 fighters scrambled from a base in Sicily to intercept it.
speedilyQuickly or promptly.
Your claim will be dealt with as speedily as possible.
speedyMoving quickly.
A speedy car.
suddenlyOn impulse; without premeditation.
George II died suddenly.
swiftlyAt high speed; quickly.
This comment was swiftly followed by an apology for such a poor choice of words.

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