TAX: Synonyms and Related Words. What is Another Word for TAX?

Need another word that means the same as “tax”? Find 45 synonyms and 30 related words for “tax” in this overview.

The synonyms of “Tax” are: revenue enhancement, taxation, levy, tariff, duty, toll, excise, impost, contribution, assessment, tribute, tithe, charge, fee, burden, load, weight, encumbrance, demand, strain, pressure, stress, drain, imposition, assess, task, levy a tax on, impose a toll on, charge duty on, exact a tax on, demand a tax on, stretch, put a strain on, make demands on, weigh heavily on, weigh down, confront, accuse, call to account, blame, censure, condemn, denounce

Tax as a Noun

Definitions of "Tax" as a noun

According to the Oxford Dictionary of English, “tax” as a noun can have the following definitions:

  • Charge against a citizen's person or property or activity for the support of government.
  • A compulsory contribution to state revenue, levied by the government on workers' income and business profits, or added to the cost of some goods, services, and transactions.
  • A strain or heavy demand.

Synonyms of "Tax" as a noun (24 Words)

assessmentThe market value set on assets.
The assessment for repairs outraged the club s membership.
burdenA ship’s carrying capacity; tonnage.
The burden of establishing that the authority had misused its powers rests upon the prosecution.
chargeThe price charged for some article or service.
The babysitter watched over her charges.
contributionA gift or payment to a common fund or collection.
The major contribution of social scientists to the understanding of political life.
demandThe act of demanding.
There were many demands on his time.
drainThe continuous loss or expenditure of a particular resource.
Nuclear power is a serious drain on the public purse.
dutyThe measure of an engine’s effectiveness in units of work done per unit of fuel.
We must instill a sense of duty in our children.
encumbranceA charge against property (as a lien or mortgage.
The horse raised its hind leg as if to rid itself of an encumbrance.
exciseA tax that is measured by the amount of business done (not on property or income from real estate.
The rate of excise duty on spirits.
feeMoney regularly paid to a school or similar institution for continuing services.
They were faced with legal fees of 3000.
impositionA particular arrangement of imposed pages.
Samples of 16 page impositions.
impostThe weight carried by a horse as a handicap.
Some of the labels are used for the purpose of collecting Customs duty or other imposts.
levyA tax raised by levying.
Edward I and Edward II had made substantial use of the feudal levy for raising an army.
loadA deposit of valuable ore occurring within definite boundaries separating it from surrounding rocks.
She was talking a load of rubbish.
pressureThe pressure exerted by the atmosphere.
The pressures of city life.
revenue enhancementGovernment income due to taxation.
strainThe general meaning or substance of an utterance.
His responsibilities were a constant strain.
stressThe relative prominence of a syllable or musical note especially with regard to stress or pitch.
He has started to lay greater stress on the government s role in industry.
tariffA list of import or export tariffs.
The reduction of trade barriers and import tariffs.
taxationGovernment income due to taxation.
A taxation system.
titheAn offering of a tenth part of some personal income.
He hadn t said a tithe of the prayers he knew.
tollA charge payable to use a bridge or road.
The toll of dead and injured mounted.
tributePayment made periodically by one state or ruler to another, especially as a sign of dependence.
A tribute show.
weightBlocks or discs of metal or other heavy material used in weightlifting or weight training.
A recommendation by the committee will carry great weight.

Usage Examples of "Tax" as a noun

  • Tax cuts.
  • They will have to pay tax on interest earned by savings.
  • A heavy tax on the reader's attention.
  • A tax on fuel.
  • Higher taxes will dampen consumer spending.
  • A tax bill.

Tax as a Verb

Definitions of "Tax" as a verb

According to the Oxford Dictionary of English, “tax” as a verb can have the following definitions:

  • Levy a tax on.
  • Use to the limit.
  • Impose a tax on (someone or something.
  • Make heavy demands on (someone's powers or resources.
  • Examine and assess (the costs of a case.
  • Make a charge against or accuse.
  • Set or determine the amount of (a payment such as a fine.
  • Confront (someone) with a fault or wrongdoing.
  • Pay tax on (something, especially a vehicle.

Synonyms of "Tax" as a verb (21 Words)

accuseClaim that (someone) has done something wrong.
He was accused of murdering his wife s lover.
assessSet or determine the amount of (a payment such as a fine.
All empty properties will be assessed at 50 per cent.
blamePut or pin the blame on.
We blamed the accident on her.
call to accountUtter a sudden loud cry.
censureRebuke formally.
Shareholders censured the bank for its extravagance.
chargeEnter a certain amount as a charge.
He charged his weapon at me.
charge duty onLie down on command, of hunting dogs.
condemnOfficially declare (something) to be unfit for use.
The building was condemned by the inspector.
confrontCome face to face with (someone) with hostile or argumentative intent.
The two enemies finally confronted each other.
demand a tax onRequest urgently and forcefully.
denouncePublicly declare to be wrong or evil.
The Assembly denounced the use of violence.
exact a tax onTake as an undesirable consequence of some event or state of affairs.
impose a toll onCompel to behave in a certain way.
levy a tax onImpose and collect.
make demands onUndergo fabrication or creation.
put a strain onCause to be in a certain state; cause to be in a certain relation.
strainRub through a strainer or process in an electric blender.
She strained the infant to her bosom again.
stretchBecome longer by being stretched and pulled.
My budget won t stretch to a weekend at a health farm.
taskAssign a task to.
It tasked his diplomatic skill to effect his departure in safety.
weigh downDetermine the weight of.
weigh heavily onTo be oppressive or burdensome.

Usage Examples of "Tax" as a verb

  • She knew that the ordeal to come must tax all her strength.
  • The State taxes alcohol heavily.
  • Why are you taxing me with these preposterous allegations?
  • The Land Rover slowly disintegrates and no one has bothered to tax it.
  • You are taxing my patience.
  • They taxed him failure to appear in court.
  • An officer taxing a bill of costs.
  • Clothing is not taxed in our state.
  • The income will be taxed at the top rate.

Associations of "Tax" (30 Words)

accountKeep an account of.
A person of considerable account.
billSend a bill to someone.
He was billed as the new Sean Connery.
buyerA person who makes a purchase.
cashExchange for cash.
South cashed the ace king and queen of clubs.
customsThe official department that administers and collects the duties levied by a government on imported goods.
From 1374 Chaucer worked as controller of customs on wool in the port of London.
deductible(taxes) an amount that can be deducted (especially for the purposes of calculating income tax.
Childcare vouchers will be deductible expenses for employers.
dutyA payment levied on the import, export, manufacture, or sale of goods.
We must instill a sense of duty in our children.
earningsIncome derived from an investment or product.
He claimed damages for loss of earnings.
emolumentA salary, fee, or profit from employment or office.
A clause in the U S constitution prevents sitting legislators from receiving emoluments from their own votes.
exemptionThe action of freeing or state of being free from an obligation or liability imposed on others.
Additional exemptions are allowed for each dependent.
expenditureThe use of energy, time, or other resources.
Work is the expenditure of energy.
incomeMoney received, especially on a regular basis, for work or through investments.
He has a nice home and an adequate income.
overpayPay too highly.
Many fans think our top players are overpaid.
overpaymentPayment in excess of what is due.
A refund for overpayment of tax.
payBring in.
The destroyer responsible for these atrocities would have to pay with his life.
purchaserA person who buys.
One of the club s prospective purchasers.
ratesA local tax on property (usually used in the plural.
receivableAwaiting payment.
Accounts receivable.
revenueThe department of the civil service collecting state revenue.
His priority was to raise government revenue and to lower expenditure.
salaryPay a salary to.
The Chinese system salary the doctor and stop his pay when you get ill.
saleA period during which a shop or dealer sells goods at reduced prices.
They had to complete the sale before the banks closed.
sequestrateSet apart from others.
The power of courts to sequestrate the assets of unions.
subsidyA grant or contribution of money.
The position is generously rewarded and benefits include a mortgage subsidy.
tariffCharge a tariff.
The reduction of trade barriers and import tariffs.
taxable(of goods or funds) subject to taxation.
Taxable employee benefits.
taxationGovernment income due to taxation.
A taxation system.
taxpayerA person who pays taxes.
A waste of taxpayers money.
tithePay one tenth of pay tithes on especially to the church.
He tithes 10 per cent of his income to the Church.
vatPlace or treat in a vat.
The grapes are vatted for between 15 and 21 days and then aged in small barrels.
wageCarry on (a war or campaign.
Disasters are the wages of sin.

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