TIE: Synonyms and Related Words. What is Another Word for TIE?

Need another word that means the same as “tie”? Find 95 synonyms and 30 related words for “tie” in this overview.

The synonyms of “Tie” are: draw, attach, bind, bond, connect, link, link up, marry, splice, wed, tie up, tether, hitch, strap, truss, fetter, rope, chain, make fast, moor, lash, fasten, fix, secure, join, couple, do up, restrict, restrain, limit, constrain, confine, cramp, relate, be equal, be even, be neck and neck, affiliation, association, tie-up, linkup, tie-in, crosstie, railroad tie, sleeper, tie beam, standoff, necktie, lace, string, cord, ligature, wire, fastening, fastener, connection, liaison, attachment, kinship, allegiance, friendship, cords, union, relationship, relatedness, interdependence, restriction, curb, limitation, constraint, obligation, commitment, restraint, hindrance, check, obstruction, encumbrance, impediment, handicap, dead heat, deadlock, stalemate, contest, fixture, match, game, event, trial, test, test match, meeting

Tie as a Noun

Definitions of "Tie" as a noun

According to the Oxford Dictionary of English, “tie” as a noun can have the following definitions:

  • A strip of material worn round the collar and tied in a knot at the front with the ends hanging down, typically forming part of a man's smart or formal outfit.
  • The finish of a contest in which the score is tied and the winner is undecided.
  • A shoe tied with a lace.
  • A fastener that serves to join or connect.
  • Neckwear consisting of a long narrow piece of material worn (mostly by men) under a collar and tied in knot at the front.
  • A rod or beam holding parts of a structure together.
  • A horizontal beam used to prevent two other structural members from spreading apart or separating.
  • A social or business relationship.
  • A thing that unites or links people.
  • (music) a slur over two notes of the same pitch; indicates that the note is to be sustained for their combined time value.
  • A piece of string, cord, or similar used for fastening or tying something.
  • A curved line above or below two notes of the same pitch indicating that they are to be played for the combined duration of their time values.
  • A result in a game or other competitive situation in which two or more competitors or teams have the same score or ranking; a draw.
  • A cord (or string or ribbon or wire etc.) with which something is tied.
  • A thing that restricts someone's freedom of action.
  • Equality of score in a contest.
  • A game in which the scores are level and both sides have completed their innings, as distinct from a draw (a game left incomplete through lack of time).
  • A sports match between two or more players or teams in which the winners proceed to the next round of the competition.
  • A slur over two notes of the same pitch; indicates that the note is to be sustained for their combined time value.
  • One of the cross braces that support the rails on a railway track.

Synonyms of "Tie" as a noun (58 Words)

affiliationThe state or process of affiliating or being affiliated.
Welcomed the affiliation of the research center with the university.
allegianceThe loyalty that citizens owe to their country (or subjects to their sovereign.
A complex pattern of cross party allegiances.
associationA connection or cooperative link between people or organizations.
He developed a close association with the university.
attachmentA supplementary part or accessory.
She felt a sentimental attachment to the place creep over her.
bondCriminal law money that must be forfeited by the bondsman if an accused person fails to appear in court for trial.
Their friendship constitutes a powerful bond between them.
checkA textile pattern of squares or crossed lines resembling a checkerboard.
Held them in check.
commitmentThe trait of sincere and steadfast fixity of purpose.
I cannot make such a commitment at the moment.
connectionThe act of bringing two things into contact (especially for communication.
Connection to the internet.
constraintStiffness of manner and inhibition in relations between people.
Time constraints make it impossible to do everything.
contestAn occasion on which a winner is selected from among two or more contestants.
A contest between traditional and liberal views.
cordAn anatomical structure resembling a length of cord e g the spinal cord or the umbilical cord.
She began toying with the telephone cord.
cordsA unit of amount of wood cut for burning; 128 cubic feet.
crosstieOne of the cross braces that support the rails on a railway track.
curbAn edge between a sidewalk and a roadway consisting of a line of curbstones usually forming part of a gutter.
Plans to introduce tougher curbs on insider dealing.
dead heatPeople who are no longer living.
deadlockA type of lock requiring a key to open and close it, as distinct from a spring lock.
Ashton broke the deadlock with a penalty after 15 minutes.
drawAn act of drawing on a cigarette or cigar.
They re dropping Es and smoking draw.
encumbranceAn onerous or difficult concern.
Details of encumbrances on property.
eventA special set of circumstances.
The momentous political events of the late 1980s.
fastenerRestraint that attaches to something or holds something in place.
The sleeping bag is so slim that it is impossible to do up the fastener once you re inside.
fasteningThe act of fastening things together.
A fly front fastening.
fetterA restraint or check on someone’s freedom to act.
The fetters of convention.
fixtureThe quality of being fixed in place as by some firm attachment.
Plumbing fixtures.
friendshipA state of mutual trust and support between allied nations.
The foreign ministers extended to eastern Europe the hand of friendship.
gameThe equipment for a game especially a board game or a video game.
For actors memorizing lines is no game.
handicapA race or contest in which a handicap is imposed.
He was born with a significant visual handicap.
hindranceA thing that provides resistance, delay, or obstruction to something or someone.
The visitor can wander around without hindrance.
impedimentA defect in a person’s speech, such as a lisp or stammer.
A serious impediment to scientific progress.
interdependenceThe dependence of two or more people or things on each other.
The new economic interdependence of the two nations.
kinshipA sharing of characteristics or origins.
Felt a deep kinship with the other students.
laceBraid used for trimming, especially on military dress uniforms.
A dress trimmed in white lace.
liaisonA person who acts as a link to assist communication or cooperation between people.
I have been involved in an opportunistic sexual liaison with a work colleague.
ligatureA stroke that joins adjacent letters in writing or printing.
There was no sign of the ligature which strangled her.
limitationA principle that limits the extent of something.
Severe limitations on water use.
linkThe means of connection between things linked in series.
The walls are held together with metal links placed in the wet mortar during construction.
linkupA fastener that serves to join or connect.
matchThe score needed to win a match.
If you drop a match in there the whole place will explode.
meetingA gathering of people, especially Quakers, for worship.
The meeting elected a chairperson.
necktieNeckwear consisting of a long narrow piece of material worn (mostly by men) under a collar and tied in knot at the front.
He stood in front of the mirror tightening his necktie.
obligationA legal agreement specifying a payment or action and the penalty for failure to comply.
She didn t want to be under an obligation to him.
obstructionThe physical condition of blocking or filling a passage with an obstruction.
The tractor hit an obstruction.
railroad tieLine that is the commercial organization responsible for operating a system of transportation for trains that pull passengers or freight.
relatednessThe state or fact of being related or connected.
Subjects reported a significant increase in a sense of relatedness to nature.
relationshipA relation between people relationship is often used where relation would serve as in the relationship between inflation and unemployment but the preferred usage of relationship is for human relations or states of relatednes.
The landlord tenant relationship.
restraintThe state of being physically constrained.
Dogs should be kept under restraint.
restrictionThe act of keeping something within specified bounds (by force if necessary.
The restriction of local government power.
sleeperA wooden or concrete beam laid transversely under railway track to support it.
That movie was the sleeper of the summer.
stalemateA situation in which further action or progress by opposing or competing parties seems impossible.
Last time I played him it ended up in stalemate.
standoffThe finish of a contest in which the score is tied and the winner is undecided.
stringStringed instruments that are played with a bow.
The strings played superlatively well.
testThe act of testing something.
Researchers developed a test for the virus.
test matchThe act of undergoing testing.
tie beamThe finish of a contest in which the score is tied and the winner is undecided.
tie-inA fastener that serves to join or connect.
tie-upAn interruption of normal activity.
trialA sports match to test the ability of players eligible for selection to a team.
Candidates must compete in a trial of skill.
unionA trade union.
You have to join the union in order to get a job.
wireA wire stretched across and above the start and finish of a racecourse.
A wire coat hanger.

Usage Examples of "Tie" as a noun

  • He needed a tie for the packages.
  • There was a tie for first place.
  • Their record was 3 wins, 6 losses and a tie.
  • His hand went up to his collar and started to loosen his tie.
  • Swindon Town have won themselves a third round tie against Oldham.
  • It is important that we keep family ties strong.
  • He was sorry he had to sever his ties with other members of the team.
  • He wore a vest and tie.
  • He stood in front of the mirror tightening his necktie.
  • He tightened the tie of his robe.
  • The British call a railroad tie a sleeper.
  • Some cities and merchants were freed from feudal ties.
  • He nailed the rafters together with a tie beam.

Tie as a Verb

Definitions of "Tie" as a verb

According to the Oxford Dictionary of English, “tie” as a verb can have the following definitions:

  • Limit or restrict to.
  • Connect, fasten, or put together two or more pieces.
  • Create social or emotional ties.
  • Achieve the same score or ranking as another competitor or team.
  • Form (a string, ribbon, or lace) into a knot or bow.
  • Perform a marriage ceremony.
  • Form (a knot or bow) in a ribbon, lace, etc.
  • Unite (written notes) by a tie.
  • Fasten (something) to or round someone or something by means of its strings or by forming the ends into a knot or bow.
  • Make by tying pieces together.
  • Form a knot or bow in.
  • Be fastened with a knot or bow.
  • Fasten or secure with a rope, string, or cord.
  • Connect; link.
  • Unite musical notes by a tie.
  • Finish a game with an equal number of points, goals, etc.
  • Hold together by a crosspiece or tie.
  • Restrict or limit (someone) to a particular situation or place.
  • Attach or fasten with string or similar cord.
  • Perform (two notes) as one unbroken note.

Synonyms of "Tie" as a verb (37 Words)

attachBecome attached.
I attach a copy of the memo for your information.
be equalForm or compose.
be evenTo remain unmolested, undisturbed, or uninterrupted — used only in infinitive form.
be neck and neckTo remain unmolested, undisturbed, or uninterrupted — used only in infinitive form.
bindBind by an obligation cause to be indebted.
Bind the books in leather.
bondPlace dutiable goods in bond.
Press the material to bond the layers together.
chainFasten or secure with chains.
He had been chained up.
confineDeprive of freedom take into confinement.
He does not confine his message to high politics.
connectConnect fasten or put together two or more pieces.
The President of this university really connects with the faculty.
constrainBring about (something) by compulsion.
Duty constrains one to act often contrary to one s desires or inclinations.
coupleLink together.
A sense of hope is coupled with a palpable sense of loss.
crampSecure with a cramp.
In the final game Chang cramped severely.
do upGet (something) done.
drawRepresent by making a drawing of as with a pencil chalk etc on a surface.
A cart drawn by two horses.
fastenBecome fixed or fastened.
His gaze was fastened on his daughter.
fetterRestrain with fetters.
The Supervisor tossed a key to the old slave to unlock the chain that fettered the prisoners together.
fixMake fixed stable or stationary.
Specimens were fixed in buffered formalin.
hitchObtain a lift by hitch hiking.
I hitched a ride up the road.
joinBe or become joined or united or linked.
Join up the points in a different colour.
lashLash or flick about sharply.
The cat was lashing its tail back and forth.
limitPlace limits on extent or amount or access.
Try to limit the amount you drink.
linkLink with or as with a yoke.
Once outside he linked arms with her.
link upMake a logical or causal connection.
make fastMake by combining materials and parts.
marrySplice (rope ends) together without increasing their girth.
They had no plans to marry.
moorCome into or dock at a wharf.
Moor the boat.
relateBe in a relationship with.
He was related to my mother.
restrainHold back.
Security guards restrained the reporter from throwing another shoe.
restrictPlace restrictions on.
I shall restrict myself to a single example.
ropeEnclose or separate an area with a rope or tape.
The calves must be roped and led out of the stockade.
secureAssure payment of.
A loan secured on your home.
spliceJoin the ends of.
We learned how to weave and splice ropes.
strapFasten or secure in a specified place or position with a strap.
Strap a razor.
tetherTie with a tether.
Tether horses.
tie upConnect, fasten, or put together two or more pieces.
trussSupport a roof bridge or other structure with a truss or trusses.
Trussed bridges.
wedGet married.
The government was wedded to budgetary orthodoxy.

Usage Examples of "Tie" as a verb

  • Self-respect is closely tied up with the esteem in which one is held by one's fellows.
  • They tied their victim to the chair.
  • Tie a knot in one end of the cotton.
  • Her long hair was tied back in a bow.
  • The teams drew a tie.
  • More firms are realizing that their fate is tied to the community in which they operate.
  • She didn't want to be like her mother, tied to a feckless man.
  • Renwick bent to tie his shoelace.
  • Ceiling joists are used to tie the rafter feet.
  • Lewis tied on his apron.
  • Gabriel tied up his horse.
  • Norman needed a par to tie with Nicklaus.
  • I am tied to UNIX.
  • They tied Max to a chair.
  • A sarong which ties at the waist.
  • The fishermen tied their flies.
  • These big jets are tied to large airports.
  • Tie a necktie.
  • Muir tied the score at 5–5.

Associations of "Tie" (30 Words)

belayA spike of rock or other object used for belaying.
The leader may require belays to tackle more difficult sections.
bindProvide with a binding.
Eating foods that are low in fibre can bind you up.
bondMoney that must be forfeited by the bondsman if an accused person fails to appear in court for trial.
He stooped over the trussed man and tested his bonds.
boundBound by contract.
Bound to happen.
chainConnect or arrange into a chain by linking.
A chain restaurant.
concatenateCombine two strings to form a single one.
Some words may be concatenated such that certain sounds are omitted.
concatenationThe state of being linked together as in a chain; union in a linked series.
It was caused by an improbable concatenation of circumstances.
connectMake a logical or causal connection.
Employees are rewarded with bonuses connected to their firm s performance.
entwineWind or twist together; interweave.
The nations histories were closely entwined.
interlaceMingle or intersperse something with.
Discussion interlaced with esoteric mathematics.
intertwineMake lacework by knotting or looping.
Intertwined hearts.
knotTie or fasten into a knot.
The scarves were knotted loosely around their throats.
lariatA rope used as a lasso or for tethering.
lassoCatch with a lasso.
At last his father lassoed the horse.
ligatureBind or connect with a ligature.
There was no sign of the ligature which strangled her.
linkThe means of connection between things linked in series.
The cows are linked up to milking machines.
loopMove in loops.
The stunt pilot looped his plane.
nexusA connected series or group.
The nexus between industry and political power.
ropeOf a party of climbers connect each other together with a rope.
The climbers were all roped together.
snareA drum fitted with snares a side drum.
The foxes were humanely snared.
socketPlace in or fit with a socket.
By then arrowheads were normally socketed.
spliceA junction where two things (as paper or film or magnetic tape) have been joined together.
The couple got spliced on Hawaii.
stringFit a string or strings to a musical instrument a racket or a bow.
A string quartet.
strungThat is on a string.
tangleTangle or complicate.
A tangle of government regulations.
tied(of two or more notes) united by a tie and performed as one unbroken note.
Agricultural workers living in tied accommodation.
trammelA three-layered dragnet, designed so that a fish entering through one of the large-meshed outer sections will push part of the finer-meshed central section through the large meshes on the further side, forming a pocket in which the fish is trapped.
We will forge our own future free from the trammels of materialism.
trussSupport a roof bridge or other structure with a truss or trusses.
Alfred had already trussed and stuffed the geese.
tyingThe act of tying or binding things together.
undergirdSecure or fasten from the underside, especially by a rope or chain passed underneath.
Undergird the ship.

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