WIDTH: Synonyms and Related Words. What is Another Word for WIDTH?

Need another word that means the same as “width”? Find 20 synonyms and 30 related words for “width” in this overview.

The synonyms of “Width” are: breadth, wideness, broadness, thickness, spread, span, diameter, girth, range, compass, scope, scale, sweep, extent, extensiveness, vastness, immensity, immenseness, expansiveness, comprehensiveness

Width as a Noun

Definitions of "Width" as a noun

According to the Oxford Dictionary of English, “width” as a noun can have the following definitions:

  • The measurement or extent of something from side to side; the lesser of two or the least of three dimensions of a body.
  • The sideways extent of a swimming pool as a measure of the distance swum.
  • The extent of something from side to side.
  • A piece of something at its full extent from side to side.
  • Wide range or extent.

Synonyms of "Width" as a noun (20 Words)

breadthWide range or extent.
The boat measured 27 feet in breadth.
broadnessThe property of being wide; having great width.
compassAn instrument containing a magnetized pointer which shows the direction of magnetic north and bearings from it.
Within the compass of education.
comprehensivenessThe capacity to understand a broad range of topics.
The depth and comprehensiveness of his knowledge is simply breathtaking.
diameterA straight line connecting the center of a circle with two points on its perimeter (or the center of a sphere with two points on its surface.
expansivenessA friendly open trait of a talkative person.
The expansiveness of their extravagant life style was soon curtailed.
extensivenessLarge or extensive in breadth or importance or comprehensiveness.
The very extensiveness of his power was a temptation to abuse it.
extentThe area covered by something.
Decision making was to a large extent outside his control.
girthThe distance around a person’s body.
An ivy clad tree of immense girth.
immensenessUnusual largeness in size or extent or number.
immensityThe extremely large size, scale, or extent of something.
I have no illusions about the immensity of this task.
rangeA series of hills or mountains.
Grand hotels were outside my price range.
scaleA white deposit formed in a kettle, boiler, etc. by the evaporation of water containing lime.
The scale of the map.
scopeA telescope microscope or other device having a name ending in scope.
Within the scope of an investigation.
spanThe wingspan of an aircraft or a bird.
The gannets had black tipped wings with a six foot span.
spreadThe fact or process of spreading over an area.
They put out quite a spread.
sweepA sweepstake.
The police finished their sweep through the woods.
thicknessA broad or deep part of a specified thing.
He gave his eyes time to adjust to the thickness of the fog.
vastnessUnusual largeness in size or extent or number.
The vastness of the Atlantic Ocean.
widenessUnusual largeness in size or extent or number.

Usage Examples of "Width" as a noun

  • The width of experience required for these positions.
  • A single width of hardboard.
  • The yard was about seven feet in width.

Associations of "Width" (30 Words)

bottleneckThe style of playing that uses a bottleneck.
Animated films are still stymied by a technological bottleneck.
breadthA piece of cloth of standard or full width.
The boat measured 27 feet in breadth.
constrictedDrawn together or squeezed physically or by extension psychologically.
A constricted blood vessel.
cramped(of handwriting) small and difficult to read.
Cramped quarters.
denseHard to pass through because of dense growth.
Dense as lead.
diaphanous(especially of fabric) light, delicate, and translucent.
A hat with a diaphanous veil.
elongatedLong in relation to width, especially unusually so.
Picasso s elongated Don Quixote.
extentThe particular degree to which something is or is believed to be the case.
The extent of the damage.
foyerAn entrance hall or other open area in a building used by the public, especially a hotel or theatre.
The foyer of the concert hall.
ganglingTall and thin and having long slender limbs.
A gangling youth with a trace of down on his cheeks.
ganglyTall and thin and having long slender limbs.
lissomMoving and bending with ease.
The kind of outfit that should be left to lissom teenagers.
membraneA thin pliable sheet of material forming a barrier or lining.
The mucous membrane.
narrowMake or become more narrow or restricted.
I cannot narrow down the rules for this game.
narrowedReduced in size as by squeezing together.
Narrowed arteries impair blood circulation.
packedFilled to capacity.
Packed snow.
pokySmall and remote and insignificant.
Passed a series of poky little one horse towns.
scopeA telescope microscope or other device having a name ending in scope.
It is important that a project is scoped correctly to ensure the budget can be accurately defined.
sizeAlter or sort in terms of size or according to size.
Average size house.
skinnyA skinny person.
I love jeans either bootcut or skinny.
slenderBeing of delicate or slender build.
People of slender means.
sliceCut something especially food into slices.
A slice of bread.
streamlinedHaving been made simpler and more efficient or effective.
Short streamlined meetings.
swathA path or strip (as cut by one course of mowing.
taperGradually lessen.
The strong taper of her back.
thickNot thin of a specific thickness or of relatively great extent from one surface to the opposite usually in the smallest of the three solid dimensions.
Thick fog.
thinRelatively thin in consistency or low in density not viscous.
Thin out the rows of peas.
underweightInvest in (a market sector, industry, etc.) to a lesser than normal degree.
We feared the hot air balloon had been underweighted.
wiryOf hair that resembles wire in stiffness.
Bernadette was a small wiry woman.
withered(used especially of vegetation) having lost all moisture.
Withered vines.

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