BRIDGE: Synonyms and Related Words. What is Another Word for BRIDGE?

Need another word that means the same as “bridge”? Find 25 synonyms and 30 related words for “bridge” in this overview.

The synonyms of “Bridge” are: nosepiece, bridgework, bridge deck, span, bridge circuit, viaduct, aqueduct, overpass, link, connection, means of uniting, bridge over, cross, cross over, go over, pass over, extend across, reach across, traverse, arch over, join, connect, unite

Bridge as a Noun

Definitions of "Bridge" as a noun

According to the Oxford Dictionary of English, “bridge” as a noun can have the following definitions:

  • Something resembling a bridge in form or function.
  • The part of a stringed instrument over which the strings are stretched.
  • The elevated, enclosed platform on a ship from which the captain and officers direct operations.
  • Any of various card games based on whist for four players.
  • A structure carrying a road, path, railway, etc. across a river, road, or other obstacle.
  • Something intended to reconcile or connect two seemingly incompatible things.
  • The link between two lenses; rests on the nose.
  • The central part of a pair of glasses, fitting over the bridge of the nose.
  • The upper bony part of a person's nose.
  • A long stick with a frame at the end which is used to support a cue for a difficult shot.
  • An electric circuit with two branches across which a detector or load is connected, used to measure resistance or other property by equalizing the potential across the two ends of a detector, or to rectify an alternating voltage or current.
  • A wooden support that holds the strings up.
  • The support for the tip of a billiard cue formed by the hand.
  • The hard ridge that forms the upper part of the nose.
  • A structure that allows people or vehicles to cross an obstacle such as a river or canal or railway etc.
  • A denture anchored to teeth on either side of missing teeth.
  • A partial denture supported by natural teeth on either side.
  • An upper deck where a ship is steered and the captain stands.
  • A circuit consisting of two branches (4 arms arranged in a diamond configuration) across which a meter is connected.
  • A bridge passage or middle eight.

Synonyms of "Bridge" as a noun (11 Words)

aqueductAn artificial channel for conveying water, typically in the form of a bridge across a valley or other gap.
bridge circuitThe link between two lenses; rests on the nose.
bridge deckThe hard ridge that forms the upper part of the nose.
bridgeworkThe component parts of a bridge.
connectionA link between two phones.
Sufferers deny that their problems have any connection with drugs.
linkThe means of connection between things linked in series.
They set up a satellite link with Tokyo.
means of unitingAn instrumentality for accomplishing some end.
nosepieceThe part of a microscope to which the objective lenses are attached.
overpassA bridge by which a road or railway line passes over another.
spanThe wingspan of an aircraft or a bird.
A warehouse with a clear span of 28 feet.
viaductA long bridge-like structure, typically a series of arches, carrying a road or railway across a valley or other low ground.

Usage Examples of "Bridge" as a noun

  • He pushed his spectacles further up the bridge of his nose.
  • A committee which was formed to create a bridge between rival party groups.
  • Her glasses left marks on the bridge of her nose.
  • A bridge across the River Thames.
  • Talbot stepped across the two gunwales and made his way up to the bridge.
  • Ebony bridges and fingerboards.
  • A railway bridge.
  • These sunglasses have a special nose bridge for comfort.
  • His letters provided a bridge across the centuries.

Bridge as a Verb

Definitions of "Bridge" as a verb

According to the Oxford Dictionary of English, “bridge” as a verb can have the following definitions:

  • Connect or reduce the distance between.
  • Make (a difference between two groups) smaller or less significant.
  • Cross over on a bridge.
  • Make a bridge across.
  • Be or make a bridge over (something.

Synonyms of "Bridge" as a verb (14 Words)

arch overForm an arch or curve.
bridge overConnect or reduce the distance between.
connectConnect fasten or put together two or more pieces.
The brick connected on her head knocking her out.
crossGo or extend across or to the other side of an area stretch of water etc.
Two paths crossed the field.
cross overTo cover or extend over an area or time period.
extend acrossOffer verbally.
go overBe the right size or shape; fit correctly or as desired.
joinCause to become joined or linked.
Our paths joined.
linkCreate a hyperlink between web pages or hypertext documents.
A network of routes linking towns and villages.
pass overPass over across or through.
reach acrossPlace into the hands or custody of.
span(of a bridge, arch, etc.) extend from side to side of.
Her waist was slender enough for him to span with his hands.
traverseDeny formally (an allegation of fact by the opposing party) in a legal suit.
Ski patrol workers traverse the slope.
uniteBe or become joined or united or linked.
Lady Midlothian united herself to a man of bad character.

Usage Examples of "Bridge" as a verb

  • A covered walkway bridged the gardens.
  • Bridge a river.
  • New initiatives were needed to bridge the great abyss of class.
  • Earlier attempts to bridge St George's Channel had failed.

Associations of "Bridge" (30 Words)

acrossUsed to express position or orientation.
He had swum across.
boulevardA wide street in a town or city, typically one lined with trees.
Sunset Boulevard.
canalizeProvide (a city) with a canal.
A narrow strait can so canalize the tide that a powerful current is developed.
constructionAn interpretation or explanation.
They put an unsympathetic construction on his conduct.
crossDraw a line or lines across mark with a cross.
Our letters crossed.
crossingThe action of crossing something.
We were thirty yards from the crossing when a man stepped off the pavement.
crosswalkA marked part of a road where pedestrians have right of way to cross; a pedestrian crossing.
drawbridgeA bridge that can be raised to block passage or to allow boats or ships to pass beneath it.
There was a rattle of chains as the drawbridge was lowered.
girderA beam made usually of steel; a main support in a structure.
The tower is made of steel girders criss crossed to make it stronger.
hallA building or large room used for meetings, concerts, or other events.
He dined in hall.
highwayA major road for any form of motor transport.
The highway to success.
intercessorA person who intervenes on behalf of another, especially by prayer.
They rejected the notion that an intercessor was needed to appeal to God.
intersectionAn act of intersecting.
His course is on a direct intersection with ours.
laneEach of a number of notional parallel strips in the gel of an electrophoresis plate, occupied by a single sample.
A bus lane.
Hands roughened from carpentry and masonry.
overpassBridge formed by the upper level of a crossing of two highways at different levels.
Did not its sublimity overpass a little the bounds of the ridiculous.
pathAn established line of travel or access.
The missile traced a fiery path in the sky.
pavementAny paved area or surface.
He fell and hit his head on the pavement.
pedestrianLacking inspiration or excitement; dull.
The road is so dangerous pedestrians avoid it.
railingA barrier consisting of a horizontal bar and supports.
Wrought iron railings.
railwayA line of track providing a runway for wheels.
The carriage of freight on the railways.
roadThe part of a road intended for vehicles especially in contrast to a verge or pavement.
He had to work in a road about six feet wide.
routeSend via a specific route.
The many routes to a healthier diet will be described.
sidewalkWalk consisting of a paved area for pedestrians; usually beside a street or roadway.
skywayA covered overhead walkway between buildings.
Skyways from 18 000 to 40 000 feet resemble a highway system.
tollboothA roadside kiosk where drivers or pedestrians must pay to use a bridge or road.
towerAnything that approximates the shape of a column or tower.
A CD tower.
traverseAn area of land surveyed with a traverse.
He would traverse a number of subjects and disciplines.
trestleEach of a pair of horizontal pieces on a sailing ship’s lower mast supporting the topmast.
walkwayA passage or path for walking along, especially a raised passageway connecting different sections of a building or a wide path in a park or garden.

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