DIGEST: Synonyms and Related Words. What is Another Word for DIGEST?

Need another word that means the same as “digest”? Find 70 synonyms and 30 related words for “digest” in this overview.

The synonyms of “Digest” are: abide, bear, brook, endure, put up, stand, stick out, stomach, suffer, support, tolerate, concentrate, condense, break down, dissolve, assimilate, absorb, take in, take up, understand, comprehend, grasp, master, learn, familiarize oneself with, classify, catalogue, tabulate, codify, arrange, order, dispose, systematize, methodize, compilation, list, chart, diagram, figure, graph, plan, journal, publication, magazine, newspaper, paper, review, gazette, newsletter, organ, serial, annual, quarterly, monthly, bimonthly, fortnightly, weekly, biweekly, summary, synopsis, abstract, precis, résumé, outline, sketch, rundown, quick rundown, abridgement, summation, compendium

Digest as a Noun

Definitions of "Digest" as a noun

According to the Oxford Dictionary of English, “digest” as a noun can have the following definitions:

  • The compendium of Roman law compiled in the reign of Justinian.
  • A periodical that summarizes the news.
  • A substance or mixture obtained by digestion.
  • A periodical consisting of condensed versions of pieces of writing or news published elsewhere.
  • Something that is compiled (as into a single book or file.
  • A methodical summary of a body of laws.
  • A compilation or summary of material or information.

Synonyms of "Digest" as a noun (36 Words)

abridgementThe action of abridging a text.
An abridgement of Shakespeare s Henry VI.
abstractAn abstract work of art.
He loved her only in the abstract not in person.
annualAn annual plant.
Sow annuals in spring.
bimonthlyA periodical produced twice a month or every two months.
biweeklyA periodical that is published twice a week or every two weeks (either 104 or 26 issues per year.
An English language biweekly.
chartA circular map showing the positions of the planets in the twelve houses at the time of someone’s birth, from which astrologers are said to be able to deduce their character or potential.
She topped the charts for eight weeks.
compendiumA publication containing a variety of works.
A compendium of tools.
compilationThe act of compiling (as into a single book or file or list.
Great care has been taken in the compilation of this guidebook.
diagramA drawing intended to explain how something works; a drawing showing the relation between the parts.
A diagram of the living room.
figureOne of the elements that collectively form a system of numeration.
She is an important figure in modern music.
fortnightlyA magazine or other periodical issued every two weeks.
The review was launched as a fortnightly in 1957.
gazetteA journal or newspaper.
An announcement in Tuesday's London Gazette will make clear that he is being stripped of the honour.
graphA written symbol that is used to represent speech.
journal(in bookkeeping) a daily record of business transactions with a statement of the accounts to which each is to be debited and credited.
While abroad he had kept a journal.
listA formal structure analogous to a list by which items of data can be stored or processed in a definite order.
The ship developed a list to starboard.
magazineA business firm that publishes magazines.
He took the machine gun and a spare magazine.
monthlyA periodical that is published every month (or 12 issues per year.
An Anglo American monthly whose appeal was always international.
newsletterReport or open letter giving informal or confidential news of interest to a special group.
newspaperThe organization responsible for producing a particular newspaper.
All the newspapers carried the story.
outlineA schematic or preliminary plan.
An outline proposal.
paperThe physical object that is the product of a newspaper publisher.
Murdoch owns many newspapers.
planA drawing or diagram made by projection on a horizontal plane especially one showing the layout of a building or one floor of a building.
A street plan.
precisA sketchy summary of the main points of an argument or theory.
publicationThe preparation and issuing of a book, journal, or piece of music for public sale.
Scientific publications.
quarterlyA magazine or journal that is published four times a year.
quick rundownAny area of the body that is highly sensitive to pain (as the flesh underneath the skin or a fingernail or toenail.
reviewA formal or official examination.
The Director General s end of year review.
rundownA concluding summary (as in presenting a case before a law court.
A rundown in the business would be a devastating blow to the local economy.
résuméShort descriptive summary (of events.
serialA serialized set of programs.
A new three part drama serial.
sketchShort descriptive summary (of events.
A hilarious sketch for their latest BBC series.
summaryA brief statement or account of the main points of something.
He gave a summary of the conclusions.
summationThe process of adding things together.
These will need summation in a single document.
synopsisAn outline of the plot of a play, film, or book.
A synopsis of the insurance cover provided is set out below.
weeklyA newspaper or periodical issued every week.

Usage Examples of "Digest" as a noun

  • A digest of cloned DNA.
  • A digest of their findings.

Digest as a Verb

Definitions of "Digest" as a verb

According to the Oxford Dictionary of English, “digest” as a verb can have the following definitions:

  • Arrange and integrate in the mind.
  • Convert food into absorbable substances.
  • Break down (food) in the alimentary canal into substances that can be absorbed and used by the body.
  • Arrange in a systematic or convenient order, especially by reduction.
  • Understand or assimilate (information) by a period of reflection.
  • Treat (a substance) with heat, enzymes, or a solvent in order to decompose it or extract essential components.
  • Put up with something or somebody unpleasant.
  • Become assimilated into the body.
  • Soften or disintegrate, as by undergoing exposure to heat or moisture.
  • Soften or disintegrate by means of chemical action, heat, or moisture.
  • Make more concise.
  • Systematize, as by classifying and summarizing.

Synonyms of "Digest" as a verb (34 Words)

abideLive; dwell.
If there is one thing I cannot abide it is a lack of discipline.
absorbTake in or soak up (energy or a liquid or other substance) by chemical or physical action.
Arms spending absorbs roughly two per cent of the national income.
arrangeMake arrangements for.
The quarrel partly by the interference of the Crown Prince was arranged.
assimilateBecome similar.
Philosophers had assimilated thought to perception.
bearHave or display as a visible mark or feature.
It is doubtful whether either of these distinctions would bear scrutiny.
break downBreak down literally or metaphorically.
brookPut up with something or somebody unpleasant.
catalogueMake a catalogue compile a catalogue.
The report catalogues dangerous work practices in the company.
classifyAssign to a particular class or category.
How would you classify these pottery shards are they prehistoric.
codifyArrange (laws or rules) into a systematic code.
This would codify existing intergovernmental cooperation on drugs.
comprehendInclude in scope; include as part of something broader; have as one’s sphere or territory.
A divine order comprehending all men.
concentrateCompress or concentrate.
Luke wants to concentrate on his film career.
condenseUndergo condensation; change from a gaseous to a liquid state and fall in drops.
Condense the contents of a book into a summary.
disposeThrow or cast away.
She disposed of her parents possessions.
dissolveClose down or dismiss (an assembly or official body.
Glucose dissolves easily in water.
endurePut up with something or somebody unpleasant.
These cities have endured through time.
familiarize oneself withMake familiar or conversant with.
graspSeize and hold firmly.
Many companies grasped the opportunity to expand.
learnFind out learn or determine with certainty usually by making an inquiry or other effort.
We learn from experience.
masterMake a master copy of a film or recording.
Her pain completely mastered her.
methodizeArrange in an orderly or systematic manner.
Methodize the London collections and there will be no need for a special tier of administrators.
orderPlace in a certain order.
All entries are ordered by date.
put upFormulate in a particular style or language.
standWithstand the force of something.
Standing water.
stick outPut, fix, force, or implant.
stomachEndure or accept (an obnoxious thing or person.
If you cannot stomach orange juice try apple juice.
sufferUndergo or suffer.
France will no longer suffer the existing government.
supportBe the physical support of carry the weight of.
The scholarship supported me when I was in college.
systematizeArrange according to an organized system; make systematic.
Systematize our scientific knowledge.
tabulateArrange or enter in tabular form.
The system is designed to enable users to extract analyse and tabulate data.
take inTake into consideration for exemplifying purposes.
take upBe seized or affected in a specified way.
tolerateAllow the presence of or allow (an activity) without opposing or prohibiting.
He learned to tolerate the heat.
understandBe understanding of.
You don t need to explain I understand.

Usage Examples of "Digest" as a verb

  • I cannot digest milk products.
  • The government digested the entire law into a code.
  • I cannot digest all this information.
  • Leonora digested this piece of news with mixed feelings.
  • The computer digested your labours into a form understandable by a program.
  • Protein digests in a few hours.

Associations of "Digest" (30 Words)

absorbTake up, as of debts or payments.
She sat in an armchair absorbed in a book.
alimentaryOf or providing nourishment.
calorieThe energy needed to raise the temperature of 1 kilogram of water through 1 C equal to one thousand small calories and often used to measure the energy value of foods.
consumptionA wasting disease, especially pulmonary tuberculosis.
His mother had died of consumption.
dietaryOf or relating to the diet.
Dietary restrictions.
digestionThe process of decomposing organic matter (as in sewage) by bacteria or by chemical action or heat.
He suffered with his digestion.
eatEat a meal take a meal.
What do whales eat.
edibleFit or suitable to be eaten.
The shrub has small edible berries.
excrete(of a living organism or cell) separate and expel as waste (a substance, especially a product of metabolism.
Excess bicarbonate is excreted by the kidney.
fatA kind of body tissue containing stored fat that serves as a source of energy it also cushions and insulates vital organs.
Fat tissue.
feedAn actor who gives a feed to a fellow performer.
The baby s morning feed.
gastronomeA gourmet.
Gastronomes will be fascinated by this guide to French cooking.
imbibeTake (gas, light or heat) into a solution.
If one does not imbibe the culture one cannot succeed.
ingestTake (food, drink, or another substance) into the body by swallowing or absorbing it.
He spent his days ingesting the contents of the library.
ingestionThe process of taking food into the body through the mouth (as by eating.
The quiet ingestion of information.
inhalationThe act of inhaling; the drawing in of air (or other gases) as in breathing.
With every inhalation air passes over the vocal cords.
intakeAn act of taking something into the body.
A protective factor is the intake of cereal fibre.
masticateChew (food); to bite and grind with the teeth.
Dentition affects how well food is masticated and absorbed.
metabolicRelating to or deriving from the metabolism of a living organism.
A metabolic disorder.
nourishGive nourishment to.
I was doing everything I could to nourish and protect the baby.
nutrientAny substance (such as a chemical element or inorganic compound) that can be taken in by a green plant and used in organic synthesis.
Fish is a source of many important nutrients including protein vitamins and minerals.
nutritionThe branch of science that deals with nutrients and nutrition particularly in humans.
A feeding tube gives her nutrition and water.
nutritionalOf or relating to or providing nutrition.
Genetic engineering can alter the nutritional value of food.
nutritiousOf or providing nourishment.
Home cooked burgers make a nutritious meal.
nutritiveRelating to nutrition.
Nutritive food.
phagocytosisThe ingestion of bacteria or other material by phagocytes and amoeboid protozoans.
provenderA stock or supply of foods.
To raise the prices of provender for cattle importation has been severely curtailed.
quenchAn act of quenching a very hot substance.
The cold water quenched his thirst.
vitaminA pill containing a specified amount of a particular vitamin or vitamins taken as a dietary supplement.
Vitamin deficiency.
wholesomeConducive to or characterized by moral well-being.
Good wholesome fun.

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