EXACTLY: Synonyms and Related Words. What is Another Word for EXACTLY?

Need another word that means the same as “exactly”? Find 27 synonyms and 30 related words for “exactly” in this overview.

The synonyms of “Exactly” are: just, precisely, properly, incisively, entirely, absolutely, completely, totally, quite, in every way, in every respect, to the hilt, accurately, correctly, faultlessly, perfectly, right, that's right, just so, quite so, indeed, truly, certainly, definitely, assuredly, undoubtedly, indubitably

Exactly as an Adverb

Definitions of "Exactly" as an adverb

According to the Oxford Dictionary of English, “exactly” as an adverb can have the following definitions:

  • In a precise manner.
  • Just as it should be.
  • In exact terms; without vagueness.
  • Used as a reply to confirm or agree with what has just been said.
  • Used to emphasize the accuracy of a figure or description.
  • Indicating exactness or preciseness.

Synonyms of "Exactly" as an adverb (27 Words)

absolutelyNone whatsoever.
An absolutely magnificent painting.
accuratelyWith few mistakes.
Every single vote was accurately counted.
assuredlyUsed to express the speaker’s certainty that something is true.
Potted roses will most assuredly not survive winter without protection.
certainlyUsed to express complete agreement with something that has just been said.
She certainly is a hard worker.
completelySo as to be complete; with everything necessary.
You must be completely mad.
correctlyIn an accurate manner.
She had acted correctly.
definitelyIn a definite manner; clearly.
I shall definitely be at the airport to meet you.
entirelyWithout any others being included or involved.
We have an entirely different outlook.
faultlesslyWithout a fault; in a faultless manner.
in every respectTo or toward the inside of.
in every wayTo or toward the inside of.
incisivelyIn a precise manner.
indeedUsed to emphasize a statement or response confirming something already suggested.
The idea is attractive to many men and indeed to many women.
indubitablyIn a manner or to a degree that could not be doubted.
It was immediately and indubitably apparent that I had interrupted a scene of lovers.
justPossibly (used to indicate a slight chance of something happening or being true.
That s just what I need.
just soOnly a very short time before.
perfectlyCompletely and without qualification; used informally as intensifiers.
The ring fitted perfectly.
preciselyExactly (used to emphasize the complete accuracy or truth of a statement.
She always expressed herself precisely.
properlyIn the strict sense; exactly.
I m trying to get my mother to behave properly.
quiteActually or truly or to an extreme.
Are you quite certain about this.
quite soActually or truly or to an extreme.
rightOn or to the right side.
The car spun right off the track.
that's rightVery; to a great degree.
to the hiltIn full.
totallyUsed to emphasize a clause or statement.
I m sorry I totally didn t mean it.
trulyLoyally or faithfully.
This is truly a miracle.
undoubtedlyWithout doubt; certainly.
They are undoubtedly guilty.

Usage Examples of "Exactly" as an adverb

  • ‘You mean that you're going to tell me the truth?’ ‘Exactly.
  • They met in 1989 and got married exactly two years later.
  • What exactly are you looking for?
  • He was doing precisely (or exactly) what she had told him to do.

Associations of "Exactly" (30 Words)

accuracyThe number of significant figures given in a number.
The accuracy of radiocarbon dating.
accurateOf an instrument or method capable of giving accurate information.
Accurate information about the illness is essential.
accuratelyIn a way that is correct in all details; exactly.
We are simply unable to predict long term trends accurately.
correctCorrect in opinion or judgment.
Cut the top and bottom tracks to the correct length with a hacksaw.
correctlyIn a way that is true, factual or appropriate; accurately.
She had acted correctly.
correspondCommunicate by exchanging letters, emails, or other messages.
The doctor and I corresponded for more than two decades.
definedClearly characterized or delimited.
A number of clearly defined aims.
detailProvide details for.
A detail on Charlemagne s tomb.
detailedDeveloped or executed with care and in minute detail- John Buchan.
An exquisitely detailed carving.
exact(of a person) accurate and careful about minor details.
She was an exact clever manager.
exactitudeThe quality of being exact.
He writes with exactitude and precision.
factuallyAs a fact or based on fact.
The evidence is legally and factually insufficient.
justlyIn accordance with moral or social standards.
We can justly be proud of our achievements.
justnessThe quality of being just or fair.
It was performed with justness and beauty.
literallyUsed for emphasis while not being literally true.
Our eyes were literally pinned to TV during the Gulf War.
markedStrongly marked easily noticeable.
The word drake is semantically marked as masculine.
meticulousMarked by precise accordance with details.
Meticulous research.
perusalThe action of reading or examining something.
I continued my perusal of the instructions.
pinpointA very brief moment.
One flare had pinpointed the target.
preciseCharacterized by perfect conformity to fact or truth ; strictly correct.
The director was precise with his camera positions.
preciselyExactly (used to emphasize the complete accuracy or truth of a statement.
She always expressed herself precisely.
precisionRefinement in a measurement, calculation, or specification, especially as represented by the number of digits given.
Note the meticulous precision of his measurements.
reliablyIn a faithful manner.
Few of these paintings can be reliably dated.
rightnessAppropriate conduct; doing the right thing.
The rightness of that move for me.
scrupulousHaving scruples; arising from a sense of right and wrong; principled.
Scrupulous attention to details.
solvableCapable of being solved.
Such problems are perfectly solvable.
trulyLoyally or faithfully.
He speaks truly.
veraciousPrecisely accurate.
A veracious account.
verbatimIn exactly the same words as were used originally.
Your quotations must be verbatim.
wordingThe manner in which something is expressed in words.
The standard form of wording for a consent letter.

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