PRECISE: Synonyms and Related Words. What is Another Word for PRECISE?

Need another word that means the same as “precise”? Find 25 synonyms and 30 related words for “precise” in this overview.

The synonyms of “Precise” are: accurate, exact, correct, pinpoint, specific, detailed, explicit, clear-cut, unambiguous, meticulous, close, strict, definite, particular, express, careful, scrupulous, punctilious, conscientious, exacting, methodical, rigorous, very, actual, distinct

Precise as an Adjective

Definitions of "Precise" as an adjective

According to the Oxford Dictionary of English, “precise” as an adjective can have the following definitions:

  • (of ideas, images, representations, expressions) characterized by perfect conformity to fact or truth; strictly correct.
  • Sharply exact or accurate or delimited.
  • Used to emphasize that one is referring to an exact and particular thing.
  • (of a person) exact, accurate, and careful about details.
  • Marked by exactness and accuracy of expression or detail.
  • Characterized by perfect conformity to fact or truth ; strictly correct.

Synonyms of "Precise" as an adjective (25 Words)

accurateOf an instrument or method capable of giving accurate information.
An accurate scale.
actualBeing or reflecting the essential or genuine character of something- G.K.Chesterton.
Her actual motive.
carefulAnxious to protect (something) from harm or loss; solicitous.
Careful of the rights of others.
clear-cutHaving had all the trees removed at one time.
closeFitting closely but comfortably.
The race will be a close contest.
conscientiousCharacterized by extreme care and great effort.
A conscientious man he took his duties very seriously.
correctSocially right or correct.
He was a polite man invariably correct and pleasant with Mrs Collins.
definite(of a person) certain or sure about something.
I want a definite answer.
detailedDeveloped or executed with care and in minute detail.
A detailed plan.
distinctConstituting a separate entity or part.
The word nationalism is used in at least two distinct senses.
exactNot approximated in any way; precise.
Psychomedicine isn t an exact science yet.
exactingMaking great demands on one’s skill, attention, or other resources.
The exacting standards laid down by the organic food industry.
explicitOf a person stating something in an explicit manner.
Explicit instructions.
expressNot tacit or implied.
Her express wish.
methodicalCharacterized by method and orderliness.
A methodical scholar.
meticulousMarked by extreme care in treatment of details.
Almost worryingly meticulous in his business formalities.
particularInsisting that something should be correct or suitable in every detail; fastidious.
She gets special or particular satisfaction from her volunteer work.
pinpointAbsolutely precise; to the finest degree.
This weapon fired shells with pinpoint accuracy.
punctiliousShowing great attention to detail or correct behaviour.
He was punctilious in providing every amenity for his guests.
rigorousRigidly accurate; allowing no deviation from a standard.
Rigorous controls on mergers.
scrupulousVery concerned to avoid doing wrong.
Scrupulous attention to details.
specificClearly defined or identified.
Specific dielectric strength.
strictCharacterized by strictness severity or restraint.
A strict upbringing.
unambiguousHaving or exhibiting a single clearly defined meaning.
As a horror apartheid is absolutely unambiguous.
veryReal; genuine.
He might be phoning her at this very moment.

Usage Examples of "Precise" as an adjective

  • A precise image.
  • Precise directions.
  • A precise measurement.
  • The director was precise with his camera positions.
  • Specified a precise amount.
  • At that precise moment the car stopped.
  • A precise mind.
  • I want as precise a time of death as I can get.
  • Arrived at the precise moment.

Associations of "Precise" (30 Words)

accurateOf an instrument or method capable of giving accurate information.
An accurate assessment.
alignmentThe route or course of a railway or road.
Four railways all on different alignments.
assiduousMarked by care and persistent effort.
She was assiduous in pointing out every feature.
conscientiousWishing to do one’s work or duty well and thoroughly.
Conscientious application to the work at hand.
detailProvide details for.
The ambulances were detailed to the fire station.
detailed(of a work of art) executed with many minor decorative features.
A detailed plan.
elaborationThe result of improving something.
His work led to the elaboration of a theory of evolution.
especialBetter or greater than usual; special.
Her outburst was for my especial benefit.
exactAccurate or correct in all details.
She was an exact clever manager.
exactitudeThe quality of being precise or accurate.
A man of great exactitude.
exactlyJust as it should be.
What exactly are you looking for.
exegesisCritical explanation or interpretation of a text, especially of scripture.
The task of biblical exegesis.
exhaustivePerformed comprehensively and completely.
An exhaustive study.
finicky(of a person) fussy about their needs or requirements.
A finicky eater.
meticulousShowing great attention to detail; very careful and precise.
The designs are hand glazed with meticulous care.
minuteThe distance covered in a minute by someone driving or walking.
Within five minutes the place was virtually empty.
nicetyA subtle difference in meaning or opinion or attitude.
She prided herself on her nicety of pronunciation.
painstakingCharacterized by extreme care and great effort.
Painstaking attention to detail.
painstakinglyIn a fastidious and painstaking manner.
The property has been painstakingly restored by its current owners.
particularFirst and most important.
Universals can be simultaneously exemplified by different particulars in different places.
pedanticExcessively concerned with minor details or rules; overscrupulous.
His analyses are careful and even painstaking but never pedantic.
pinpointA tiny dot or point.
It is difficult to pinpoint the source of his life s inspiration.
preciselyIndicating exactness or preciseness.
At 2 00 precisely the phone rang.
precisionThe quality of being reproducible in amount or performance.
The deal was planned and executed with military precision.
punctiliousMarked by precise accordance with details.
Punctilious in his attention to rules of etiquette.
scrupulousHaving scruples; arising from a sense of right and wrong; principled.
The research has been carried out with scrupulous attention to detail.
sedulous(of a person or action) showing dedication and diligence.
Sedulous pursuit of legal and moral principles.
specificA medicine that has a mitigating effect on a specific disease.
When ordering goods be specific.
technicalityThe state of being technical as in the use of technical terms or methods.
Their convictions were overturned on a technicality.
technicallyWith reference to the technique displayed.
Technically a nut is a single seeded fruit.

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