INDIVIDUALITY: Synonyms and Related Words. What is Another Word for INDIVIDUALITY?

Need another word that means the same as “individuality”? Find 12 synonyms and 30 related words for “individuality” in this overview.

The synonyms of “Individuality” are: individualism, individuation, identity, personal identity, uniqueness, originality, singularity, particularity, peculiarity, distinctiveness, distinction, separateness

Individuality as a Noun

Definitions of "Individuality" as a noun

According to the Oxford Dictionary of English, “individuality” as a noun can have the following definitions:

  • Individual characteristics.
  • Separate existence.
  • The quality of being individual.
  • The distinct personality of an individual regarded as a persisting entity.
  • The quality or character of a particular person or thing that distinguishes them from others of the same kind, especially when strongly marked.

Synonyms of "Individuality" as a noun (12 Words)

distinctionAn honor awarded to someone in recognition of achievement or superiority.
He learned the distinction between gold and lead.
distinctivenessUtter dissimilarity.
Communities are keen to maintain cultural distinctiveness.
identityThe characteristics determining who or what a person or thing is.
They shared an identity of interests.
individualismSelf-centred feeling or conduct; egoism.
Encouragement has been given to individualism free enterprise and the pursuit of profit.
individuationThe quality of being individual.
originalityThe ability to think and act independently.
She s a writer of great originality.
particularityFullness or minuteness of detail in the treatment of something.
The central figures of his novels are stripped of their particularity.
peculiarityAn odd or unusual characteristic.
His essays characterized decency as a British peculiarity.
personal identityA short newspaper article about a particular person or group.
separatenessPolitical independence.
Seeking complete political separateness for Taiwan.
singularityA hypothetical moment in time when artificial intelligence and other technologies have become so advanced that humanity undergoes a dramatic and irreversible change.
Maybe the singularity just happened and we didn t notice.
uniquenessThe quality of being particularly remarkable, special, or unusual.
Genetic uniqueness.

Usage Examples of "Individuality" as a noun

  • Clothes with real style and individuality.
  • Individualities and personal tastes had been sacrificed in a common urge.
  • So absorbed by the movement that she lost all sense of individuality.
  • Anything but individuality, anything but aloneness.

Associations of "Individuality" (30 Words)

characteristicThe integer part positive or negative of the representation of a logarithm in the expression log 643 2 808 the characteristic is 2.
He began with a characteristic attack on extremism.
characterizeBe characteristic of.
The disease is characterized by weakening of the immune system.
distinctiveCapable of being classified.
Jerusalem has a distinctive Middle East flavor.
hallmarkStamp with a hallmark.
He was reprimanded for not hallmarking his work.
identityThe characteristics determining who or what a person or thing is.
It was too dark to determine his identity.
idiosyncraticPeculiar to the individual.
We all have our own idiosyncratic gestures.
individualCharacteristic of a particular person or thing.
Please mark the individual pages.
individualismThe habit or principle of being independent and self-reliant.
Encouragement has been given to individualism free enterprise and the pursuit of profit.
individualistRelating to or characterized by the habit or principle of being independent and self-reliant.
Individualist capitalism.
individualisticWith minimally restricted freedom in commerce.
Individualistic cultures where individuals strive for self realization.
individuationDiscriminating the individual from the generic group or species.
indivisibleUnable to be divided or separated.
An indivisible union of states.
loneCharacterized by or preferring solitude.
A lonely fisherman stood on a tuft of gravel.
lonely(of a place) unfrequented and remote.
A lonely crossroads.
onceAs soon as.
Once two is two.
onlyBeing the only one single and isolated from others.
It s simply the only place to be seen these days.
particularA detail.
He always reasons from the particular to the general.
personalOf or arising from personality.
I have something personal to tell you.
purelyRestricted to something.
Act nobly speak purely and think charitably.
respectivelyIn the order given.
They received sentences of one year and eight months respectively.
secludeKeep (someone) away from other people.
I secluded myself up here for a life of study and meditation.
secluded(of a place) not seen or visited by many people; sheltered and private.
The gardens are quiet and secluded.
singleA single measure of spirits.
The individual blooms can be single semi double or fully double.
singularThe singular number.
A singular example.
solePut a new sole on to a shoe.
Sole rights of publication.
solelyNot involving anyone or anything else; only.
He is solely responsible for any debts the company may incur.
solitaryLacking companions or companionship.
I live a pretty solitary life.
uniqueA unique person or thing.
A unique opportunity to see the spectacular Bolshoi Ballet.
uniquelyIn a very special or unusual way.
Uniquely shaped buildings.
unsharedNot shared.
Most of those placed in hostels would prefer unshared independent accommodation.

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