REFER: Synonyms and Related Words. What is Another Word for REFER?

Need another word that means the same as “refer”? Find 77 synonyms and 30 related words for “refer” in this overview.

The synonyms of “Refer” are: bear on, come to, concern, have to do with, pertain, relate, touch, touch on, consult, look up, denote, advert, bring up, cite, mention, name, make mention of, make reference to, allude to, speak about, speak of, talk about, talk of, write about, comment on, deal with, go into, treat, treat of, note, point out, call attention to, raise, broach, introduce, pass, hand on, send on, transfer, remit, direct, leave, commit, entrust, assign, hand over, apply to, be relevant to, have relevance to, relate to, belong to, be about, be connected with, have reference to, pertain to, appertain to, be pertinent to, have a bearing on, affect, involve, cover, describe, indicate, mean, depict, symbolize, signify, designate, stand for, represent, turn to, look at, look up in, seek information from, search in, have recourse to, call on

Refer as a Verb

Definitions of "Refer" as a verb

According to the Oxford Dictionary of English, “refer” as a verb can have the following definitions:

  • Have as a meaning.
  • Pass a matter to (a higher body) for a decision.
  • (of a word, phrase, or symbol) describe or denote; have as a referent.
  • Use a name to designate.
  • Think of, regard, or classify under a subsuming principle or with a general group or in relation to another.
  • Mention or allude to.
  • Regard something as belonging to (a certain period, place, or class.
  • Read or otherwise use (a source of information) in order to ascertain something; consult.
  • Send or direct for treatment, information, or a decision.
  • Fail (a candidate in an examination.
  • Direct the attention of someone to.
  • Seek information from.
  • Send or direct someone to a medical specialist.
  • Be relevant to.
  • Make reference to.
  • Trace or attribute something to (someone or something) as a cause or source.

Synonyms of "Refer" as a verb (77 Words)

advertMake a more or less disguised reference to.
affectHave an effect on; make a difference to.
The medicine affects my heart rate.
allude toMake a more or less disguised reference to.
appertain toBe a part or attribute of.
apply toApply to a surface.
assignGive an assignment to a person to a post or assign a task to a person.
We were assigned new uniforms.
be aboutBe identical to; be someone or something.
be connected withTo remain unmolested, undisturbed, or uninterrupted — used only in infinitive form.
be pertinent toBe identical to; be someone or something.
be relevant toHave life, be alive.
bear onBehave in a certain manner.
belong toBe in the right place or situation.
bring upBe accompanied by.
broachBring up a topic for discussion.
The salmon broach then fall to slap the water.
call attention toGive the calls (to the dancers) for a square dance.
call onMake a prediction about; tell in advance.
citeAdvance evidence for.
Authors who are highly regarded by their peers tend to be cited.
come toCome to pass arrive as in due course.
comment onMake or write a comment on.
commitRefer a parliamentary or legislative bill to a committee.
He composed a letter but didn t commit it to paper.
concernRegard it as important to do something.
I was mainly concerned with making something that children could enjoy.
consultAdvise professionally.
The government must consult with interested bodies.
coverCover as if with a shroud.
Other artists who have covered the song include U2.
deal withDo business; offer for sale as for one’s livelihood.
denoteMake known; make an announcement.
The level of output per firm is denoted by X.
depictPortray in words; describe.
This scene depicts country life.
describeGive a detailed account in words of.
A single light is seen to describe a circle.
designateDecree or designate beforehand.
Certain schools are designated science schools.
directGive directions to point somebody into a certain direction.
His smile was directed at Lois.
entrustPut into the care or protection of someone.
You persuade people to entrust their savings to you.
go intoGive support (to) or make a choice (of) one out of a group or number.
hand onGuide or conduct or usher somewhere.
hand overPlace into the hands or custody of.
have a bearing onGet something; come into possession of.
have recourse toAchieve a point or goal.
have reference toCause to move; cause to be in a certain position or condition.
have relevance toCause to be born.
have to do withServe oneself to, or consume regularly.
indicateIndicate a place direction person or thing either spatially or figuratively.
Treatment for shock may be indicated.
introducePut or introduce into something.
A longer more lyrical opening which introduces a courting song.
involveContain as a part.
This decision involves many changes.
leaveLeave unchanged or undisturbed or refrain from taking.
The parts he disliked he would alter and the parts he didn t dislike he d leave.
look atLook forward to the probable occurrence of.
look upHave faith or confidence in.
look up inHave a certain outward or facial expression.
make mention ofCause to do; cause to act in a specified manner.
make reference toAchieve a point or goal.
meanMean or intend to express or convey.
Coal stoves mean a lot of smoke.
mentionMake mention of.
I mentioned that my father was meeting me later.
nameGive or make a list of name individually give the names of.
Name your accomplices.
noteMake a written note of.
She noted everything the teacher said that morning.
passPass into a specified state or condition.
Smith passed.
pertainBe in effect or existence in a specified place or at a specified time.
My remark pertained to your earlier comments.
pertain toBe relevant to.
point outRepair the joints of bricks.
raiseMultiply a number by itself a specified number of times 8 is 2 raised to the power 3.
Raise the roof.
relateGive an account of.
How are these two observations related.
relate toHave or establish a relationship to.
remitSend (money) in payment or as a gift.
The taxes were remitted.
representBe representative or typical for.
We cannot represent this knowledge to our formal reason.
search inSubject to a search.
seek information fromGo to or towards.
send onTransfer.
signify(among black Americans) exchange boasts or insults as a game or ritual.
The church used this image to signify the Holy Trinity.
speak aboutExchange thoughts; talk with.
speak ofExchange thoughts; talk with.
stand forBe in some specified state or condition.
symbolizeBe a symbol of.
A tendency to symbolize the father as the sun.
talk aboutReveal information.
talk ofUse language.
touchUsed to indicate that something is avoided or rejected.
For a moment their fingers touched.
touch onPerceive via the tactile sense.
transferTransfer from one place or period to another.
Passengers have to transfer at Heathrow for onward international flights.
treatProvide treatment for.
He treated her to a slap up lunch.
treat ofInteract in a certain way.
turn toChange orientation or direction, also in the abstract sense.
write aboutWrite music.

Usage Examples of "Refer" as a verb

  • Refer a bill to a committee.
  • The prisoner may require the Secretary of State to refer his case to the Parole Board.
  • I refer my honourable friend to the reply that I gave some moments ago.
  • I always refer to a dictionary when I come upon a new word.
  • This plant can be referred to a known species.
  • The star refers to items which are intended for the advanced learner.
  • Refer a patient to a specialist.
  • Her mother never referred to him again.
  • You went wrong when you referred all legislation to a part of virtue.
  • There were lots of questions referring to her talk.
  • Christians refer to the mother of Jesus as the Virgin Mary.
  • The Royal Navy is referred to as the Senior Service.
  • Twenty-four students passed the prescribed test while four students were referred.
  • The God to whom he habitually referred his highest inspirations.
  • She was referred to a clinical psychologist for counselling.
  • Refer to your notes.

Associations of "Refer" (30 Words)

advertAn advertisement.
aforementionedBeing the one previously mentioned or spoken of.
Works of all the aforementioned authors.
aforesaidBeing the one previously mentioned or spoken of.
alludeMake a more or less disguised reference to.
The photographs allude to Italian Baroque painting.
allusionThe practice of making allusions.
An allusion to Shakespeare.
annotateProvide interlinear explanations for words or phrases.
He annotated on what his teacher had written.
annotationA note by way of explanation or comment added to a text or diagram.
Annotation of prescribed texts.
ascribeRegard a text, quotation, or work of art as being produced by or belonging to (a particular person or period.
He ascribed Jane s short temper to her upset stomach.
citationA short note recognizing a source of information or of a quoted passage.
This journal contains citations from all jurisdictions.
He has been cited many times for his contributions in the intelligence area.
consultationThe act of referring or consulting.
A consultation with a homeopathic doctor.
declaimSpeak against in an impassioned manner.
A preacher declaiming from the pulpit.
denoteHave as a meaning.
Her smile denoted that she agreed.
descriptiveOf or relating to an approach to linguistic analysis that aims at the description of a language’s forms, structures and usage.
The text contains some good descriptive passages.
enunciationThe articulation of speech regarded from the point of view of its intelligibility to the audience.
factInformation used as evidence or as part of a report or news article.
Even the most inventive journalism peters out without facts and in this case there were no facts.
foregoingJust mentioned or stated; preceding.
The foregoing analysis of the economic class structure.
implySuggest that someone is guilty.
Salesmen who use jargon to imply superior knowledge.
imputeAttribute or credit to.
Christ s righteousness has been imputed to us.
maximA short, pithy statement expressing a general truth or rule of conduct.
The maxim that actions speak louder than words.
mentionAn instance of being mentioned in dispatches.
Two other points are worthy of mention.
notationA note or annotation.
He noticed the notations in the margin.
noteA written sign representing the pitch and duration of a musical note.
She noted that someone was following her.
observeObserve with care or pay close attention to.
She observed that all the chairs were already occupied.
ostensiveDirectly demonstrative.
quotationThe action of quoting from a text, speech, piece of music, or work of art.
Ensure you receive a written quotation covering all aspects of the job.
quoteA passage or expression that is quoted or cited.
Quote prices for cars.
referenceProvide (a book or article) with citations of sources of information.
References to Darwinism and evolution.
remarkExplicit notice.
It passed without remark.
specifySpecify as a condition or requirement in a contract or agreement make an express demand or provision in an agreement.
The agency failed to specify that the workers were not their employees.

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