SPECIFY: Synonyms and Related Words. What is Another Word for SPECIFY?

Need another word that means the same as “specify”? Find 42 synonyms and 30 related words for “specify” in this overview.

The synonyms of “Specify” are: define, determine, fix, limit, set, delimit, delimitate, delineate, condition, qualify, stipulate, assign, set apart, designate, destine, intend, particularise, particularize, specialise, specialize, nail down, narrow, narrow down, peg down, pin down, state, name, identify, describe, set out, set down, draw up, frame, itemize, detail, list, spell out, enumerate, catalogue, cite, instance, be specific about

Specify as a Verb

Definitions of "Specify" as a verb

According to the Oxford Dictionary of English, “specify” as a verb can have the following definitions:

  • Design or destine.
  • Identify clearly and definitely.
  • Select something or someone for a specific purpose.
  • Include in an architect's or engineer's specifications.
  • Determine the essential quality of.
  • Decide upon or fix definitely.
  • Specify as a condition or requirement in a contract or agreement; make an express demand or provision in an agreement.
  • Be specific about.
  • Define clearly.
  • State a fact or requirement clearly and precisely.

Synonyms of "Specify" as a verb (42 Words)

assignGive an assignment to a person to a post or assign a task to a person.
She has been assigned to a new job.
be specific aboutWork in a specific place, with a specific subject, or in a specific function.
catalogueEnter an item in a catalogue.
It will be some time before the collection is fully catalogued.
citeMention as an example.
He has been cited many times for his contributions in the intelligence area.
conditionApply conditioner to in order to make smooth and shiny.
Our minds are heavily conditioned and circumscribed by habit.
defineGive a definition for the meaning of a word.
The tree was clearly defined by the light.
delimitBe opposite to; of angles and sides, in geometry.
Agreements delimiting fishing zones.
delimitateDetermine the essential quality of.
delineateTrace the shape of.
His finger found a precisely outlined section delineated in red marker.
describeGive a detailed account in words of.
The man was described as tall clean shaven and with short dark hair.
designateDecree or designate beforehand.
He was designated as prime minister.
destineDesign or destine.
She was destined to become a great pianist.
detailProvide details for.
The report details proposals to improve public transport.
determineFind out learn or determine with certainty usually by making an inquiry or other effort.
It will be her mental attitude that determines her future.
draw upRemove the entrails of.
enumerateSpecify individually.
She enumerated the many obstacles she had encountered.
fixMake fixed stable or stationary.
The club attempted to fix last Thursday s league match.
frameEnclose in a frame as of a picture.
He claims he was framed.
identifyIdentify as in botany or biology for example.
A system that ensures that the pupil's real needs are identified.
instanceCite (a fact, case, etc.) as an example.
I instanced Bob as someone whose commitment had certainly got things done.
intendMean or intend to express or convey.
She was intended to become the director.
itemizePlace on a list of items.
Itemize one s tax deductions.
limitRestrict or confine within limits.
Limit the time you can spend with your friends.
listGive a building company etc listed status.
Am I listed in your register.
nail downComplete a pass.
nameMention and identify by name.
The club have asked United to name their price for the striker.
narrowMake or become more narrow or restricted.
The Victoria Embankment was built to narrow the river.
narrow downDefine clearly.
particulariseBe specific about.
particularizeTreat individually or in detail.
He was the first to particularize themes in the poetry.
peg downBring down or defeat (an opponent.
pin downAttach or fasten with pins or as if with pins.
qualifyAlter the strength or flavour of (something, especially a liquid.
A pensioner who does not qualify for income support.
setPut or set seeds seedlings or plants into the ground.
Set this poem to music.
set apartGet ready for a particular purpose or event.
set downPut into a certain state; cause to be in a certain state.
set outMake ready or suitable or equip in advance for a particular purpose or for some use, event, etc.
specialiseSuit to a special purpose.
specializeSuit to a special purpose.
He could specialize in tropical medicine.
spell outWrite or name the letters that comprise the conventionally accepted form of (a word or part of a word.
stateIndicate through a symbol, formula, etc.
A bold theme is stated at the beginning driving the entire ten minute allegro.
stipulateSpecify as a condition or requirement in a contract or agreement; make an express demand or provision in an agreement.
The will stipulates that she can live in the house for the rest of her life.

Usage Examples of "Specify" as a verb

  • Specify the parameters.
  • Naval architects specified circular portholes.
  • The agency failed to specify that the workers were not their employees.
  • Could you please specify your criticism of my paper?
  • The coup leader promised an election but did not specify a date.

Associations of "Specify" (30 Words)

aforementionedBeing the one previously mentioned or spoken of.
Works of all the aforementioned authors.
allude(of an artist or a work of art) recall (an earlier work or style) in such a way as to suggest a relationship with it.
The photographs allude to Italian Baroque painting.
allusionThe practice of making allusions.
A classical allusion.
annotateProvide interlinear explanations for words or phrases.
He annotated on what his teacher had written.
citationAn official award (as for bravery or service) usually given as formal public statement.
A Nobel citation.
citeRefer to (a passage, book, or author) as evidence for or justification of an argument or statement, especially in a scholarly work.
Authors who are highly regarded by their peers tend to be cited.
declaimSpeak against in an impassioned manner.
He declaimed against the wasteful ways of modern society.
defineDetermine the nature of.
What defines a good wine.
delineateRepresented accurately or precisely.
His finger found a precisely outlined section delineated in red marker.
depictRepresent by a drawing, painting, or other art form.
Paintings depicting Old Testament scenes.
describeIdentify as in botany or biology, for example.
Discreet Italian police described it in a manner typically continental.
dictumA formal pronouncement from an authoritative source.
The old dictum might is right.
explainBe the cause of or motivating factor for.
The committee explained their plan for fund raising to the Dean.
explanationThe act of explaining; making something plain or intelligible.
The explanation was very simple.
explicitlyIn a clear and detailed manner, leaving no room for confusion or doubt.
The essay should state explicitly how the facts support the thesis.
foregoingJust mentioned or stated; preceding.
The foregoing analysis of the economic class structure.
maximEnglish inventor (born in the United States) who invented the Maxim gun that was used in World War I (1840-1916.
The maxim that actions speak louder than words.
mentionMake mention of.
He received a special mention and a prize of 100.
mottoA short sentence or phrase chosen as encapsulating the beliefs or ideals of an individual, family, or institution.
They were developing the use of leitmotifs or mottoes that appear throughout an opera.
notationA note or annotation.
He added a short notation to the address on the envelope.
paraphraseA rewording of something written or spoken.
It is characteristic of poetic metaphors that they are not susceptible to paraphrase.
quotationA price offered by a market-maker for the sale or purchase of a stock or other security.
Ensure you receive a written quotation covering all aspects of the job.
quotePut quote marks around.
A military spokesman was quoted as saying that the border was now quiet.
referOf a word phrase or symbol describe or denote have as a referent.
There were lots of questions referring to her talk.
referenceA letter from a previous employer testifying to someone’s ability or reliability, used when applying for a new job.
References to Darwinism and evolution.
specification(patent law) a document drawn up by the applicant for a patent of invention that provides an explicit and detailed description of the nature and use of an invention.
One of the telescope s mirrors had been manufactured to incorrect specifications.
stateInvolving the ceremony associated with a head of state.
The Queen paid a state visit to Malaysia.
stipulateMake an oral contract or agreement in the verbal form of question and answer that is necessary to give it legal force.
He stipulated certain conditions before their marriage.
talkDeliver a lecture or talk.
Let s have more work and less talk around here.
tinAn airtight sealed container for preserving food made of tinplate or aluminium a can.
Albert got out the biscuit tin.

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